His entrepreneurial spirit drove him to go forth a stable calling and change over his parttime engine reconditioning concern into a full-time enterprise. He moved from a hovel next to his dawdler place to a little hut that he rented for one month. After leasing the hut he moved to a stall in a service station. With neither a concern name nor a concern licence. Pat had small control over parts and net income. When the chance came to lease a larger infinite from a garage proprietor Pat took it. Here his concern continued to turn and there was a demand for him to engage a assistant. Although he was in the concern of engine reconditioning. he hired a premed pupil. Finally in 1977. Pats concern got a name. He incorporated it as Bennetts Machine Shop. Inc. During that same clip he moved the concern to a rented edifice that merely he occupied.

Analysis of the instance.

The instance analysis will be done utilizing the SWOT analysis and all the facets will be analyzed strategically.

Vision & A ; Mission Statement:

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Bennett’s Machine Shop. Inc. has the vision of accomplishing variegation in the field of engine concern and makes the company a profitable organisation. The chief connotation is to maintain on happening new ways of mending and regenerating mechanical equipments and runing systems of all sorts particularly car engines with respect to quality of merchandises and services and seeking to accomplish top place in international competition.

Current Evaluation:

Need to make full in some material from the instance like the concern that the company is presently making and the undertaken loan.

Strategic SWOT Analysis:


Some of the major strength of Bennett’s Machine Shop Inc can be highlighted as

• Having service/product diverseness in the field of engine devising and rebuilding has given them a competitory advantage in the industry.

• Mr. Pat Bennett is continuously looking for enlargement as he foremost expanded his services from engine reconstructing to installings. and so once more by set abouting the tool sharpening and alterations contract with Boeing.

• Acknowledging the value of services and market portion. the organisation is actively interested market research and put in advertisement.

• Complete Engine service is available at the store which is a really typical characteristic market wise.

• Customer friendly monetary value construction


The company’s strength challenged by several failings that presently exists. The huge and turning list of failing suggests that the company has to make a complete overhauling of its concern in order to win the competitory environment. Some of the of import 1s are mentioned below:

• There is a deficiency of a clear program of action as the company is presently headed by merely one individual holding an single thought for the concern.

• It can be inferred that Pat Bennett possesses the proficient accomplishments to execute the occupation. but does non hold a functional concern program in topographic point to run the concern.

• In add-on to other elements. holding a program would hold required developing a mission. set uping ends. carry oning research for the services provided. researching funding options. and holding a clear selling program.

• There is no grounds that Pat did any research work before get downing his concern. Because of this hapless planning. his organisations construction is weak and the organisational civilization is dysfunctional.

• Bennetts weak organisational construction has lead to hapless stuffs direction. There appears to be an absence of way and control of stock list and tools. The installation has hemorrhoids of used engines scattered indoors and out.

• Pat besides allows clients to drop off engines around his belongings giving it the visual aspect of a salvage pace alternatively of a machine store. There is besides unequal infinite to hive away parts and tools. Work countries are cluttered making trouble when seeking to happen the tools to execute the occupation.

• There is no specialised HR section due to which there is copiousness of inefficient hiring. preparation. and keeping patterns.

• There are no clear work agendas in topographic point and it is presumed that the employees are satisfied with the limited benefits being offered offers ; this has contributed to the disfunction.

• There is besides the absence of a systematic program of operations. Just giving an employee a few arrows is an illustration of this. These issues have an consequence on the employees abilities to make their occupation and finally has a negative consequence on the value creative activity procedure.

• Presented issues led to the shutting of his new store after 14 months and the misdirection of the Boeing contract. Proper dialogues with Boeing may hold led to a state of affairs where Pat Bennett had more control.

• Shop has hapless fiscal direction. Almost every plus that Pat owns is financed by debt. He did non be after nor seek the advice of a professional when he began his concern ; he assumed that debt funding was the path to prosecute. He did non put any value on holding a competent house to pull off his fundss.

• The proprietor besides likes to pass money overly on high quality of life points. The attitude is that I am happy every bit long as I am doing a net income attitude. Strictly bottom line focused. but incognizant of what the stairss are to a perpetually positive underside line. in kernel lower limit concern sense.

• Another failing is the inordinate outgo on advertisement without a house cost benefit analysis before investing of financess. They have spent more on improper advertisement than on professional fees and revenue enhancements. Because of hapless planning. the house had to close down merely to take orders as a consequence of one advertisement venture.

In drumhead Bennetts Machine Shop value creative activity theoretical account has kinks in every measure. The absence of planning has led to the misdirection of the indispensable inputs of human resources. stuffs. and capital. This has resulted in a hapless transition procedure and substandard end products such as the shoddy relationship with Boeing.


The chances available to the organisation are limited because of their high debt state of affairs. It would turn out really hard for them to spread out the service base. grow. and engage new people with limited capital. If the state of affairs were different. the house could hold the chance to get new equipment to maintain up with the progressing engineering in car engines. Bennett’s could besides hold the chance to put in smaller stores located in their strategic country.

In add-on. they would be able to outbid other houses for the Boeing contract. Besides more capital would let them to concentrate on the installing occupations. which is what presently gives them the advantage over their rivals.


The high debt state of affairs makes the organisation vulnerable during economic slow periods. They can non afford to lose clients because that’s the lone beginning of their gross generaton. Besides in this industry clients are non trade name loyal. they will fluctuate from low monetary values to great service. Bennett’s failings leave them exposed to these menaces. The debt state of affairs besides makes it hard to battle the menace of new engineering.

The organisation doesn’t even have a concern licence or name when it began. There is ever the menace that a rival will offer a merchandise that they are non offering or are unable to offer because they lack the labour or capital. The menace that a new company could travel into the country and get down to execute installings besides exists. With skilled labour. necessary machinery and tools a new house could open up at anytime.


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