The writer has to strategically measure Accors enlargement program of adding 10,000 suites per annum in entire during two old ages ( 2007-2008 ) in both constituted market chosen as United States of America and emerging market chosen as China. The writer will besides reexamine the selling, fiscal schemes that Accor has adopted in these markets till now and so propose hereafter schemes to spread out in these markets. The writer will besides be proposing about the trade name that Accor should look frontward to spread out.

AccorA is a largeA FrenchA transnational corporation runing in about 90 states and Accor Hospitality, the Accor hotels subdivision, has more than 4,000 hotels worldwide. It starts from the most epicurean hotels to the most economic housing solution. Under its belt there are trade names like sofitel, novotel, mercure, ibis, ruddy roof hostel, etap, motel 6, studio 6 and formule 1. The group is looking to spread out its hotel concern in an established ( USA ) and set uping ( China ) market by adding 20,000 suites over the period of two old ages. The writer has to strategically measure and do suggestions to the group.

With a corporate representation throughout the universe, Accor Hotels have become one of the largest participants in the industry. It is an intricate administration with multiple trade names and makings of hotels, every bit good as auxiliary merchandises and services. Accor finds it of import to integrate the little and moderate-sized hotels in pull offing clients ‘ demands and petitions as they are the direct nexus to the clients.

AccorA is a largeA FrenchA transnational corporation runing in about 90 states. Accor is the European leader in hotels ( Accor Hospitality ) and a planetary leader in corporate services ( Accor Services ) . Accor Hospitality, the Accor hotels subdivision, has more than 4,000 hotels worldwide. It starts from the most epicurean hotels to the most economic housing solution.

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Aims & A ; Aims: This study aims to develop international enlargement programs for Accor in established and emerging market in the given span of clip during the twelvemonth 2007-2008. The aim is to supply principle for the choice of markets, and propose stigmatization, finance, and selling scheme to the Board of ACCOR to add an extra 10,000 suites per annum across both established markets ( Europe, including France and North America ) and other countries of the universe ( Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia/Pacific ) .

Research Methodology: This study is based on the instance survey for the ACCOR group of hotels which is from the faculty survey usher and is a piece of research by the “ The Centre for Hospitality Research at Cornell University ” . The assorted secondary beginnings accessed have been as following: cyberspace, diaries, professional studies, authorities studies and others to bring forth informations for the targeted markets.

In 1967 Gerard Pelisson and Paul Dubrule opened their first Novotel hotel on a wayside near Lille in northern France. Travel was dining in France in the sixtiess and the hotel industry had non yet expanded to run into the demand. Gallic hotels, in general, were either rural hostel or luxury hotels in metropolis centres. Dubrule decided to construct American-style main road hotels in the medium monetary value scope and collaborated with Pelisson, a former caput of market research at IBM-Europe. Through Pelisson ‘s connexions the spouses were able to procure a bank loan, and the Novotel house was launched. The company ‘s resulting success was in big portion due to its being first to interrupt into the undeveloped European market for main road housing. Each Novotel provided standardised suites, ample parking installations, and eating houses having local culinary art. Soon Novotels besides were established at airdromes and popular holiday sites, such as the seaboard and mountain countries.

The acquisition of the Mercure hotel concatenation in 1975 pushed the company into metropolitan countries and the concern traveller market, and these hotels varied harmonizing to regional demands in manner, character, and restaurant offerings. By the terminal of the 1970s Novotel had become the prime hotel concatenation in Europe with 240 constitutions in Europe, Africa, South America, and the Far East.

Accor ‘s trade name worldwide


Lowest rates on the market.

Functional room for one,

Two or three people.

All-you-can-eat breakfast counter.

Around-the-clock check-in.


Pleasant convenient room for one, two or three people.

Budget monetary value.

All-you-can-eat breakfast counter.

Around-the-clock check-in.

Motel 6

The lowest monetary value of any national concatenation.

Red Roof Inn

Renovated merchandise.

Low rates.

Comfortable beds.

RediCard Preferred

Member trueness plan.


Simple, dependable pricing policy.

Always really good situated, in metropolis Centres, near to airdromes or near major tourer or concern countries.

Service quality ( ISO 9001 enfranchisement and 15-minute satisfaction warrant ) .

Environmentally friendly waste, H2O and energy direction systems.

Teams on responsibility around the clock.

Breakfast served from 4:00 a.m. to midday.

Hot bites available at any clip.


Shared values, such as a strong regional focal point, a alone personality and an exceeding vino list.

For concern and leisure corsets, in metropolis Centres, at the seaboard or in the mountains.


Open infinites having modern-day design, for remainder and relaxation.

Bright, broad, pleasant suites where invitees can work or wind off in a comfy scene.

Customers can eat whatever, whenever and wherever they want.

Offers adapted to the demands of all travelers.

Suite Hotel

Innovative, modern construct.

30-square-meter modular suites.

With Boutique Gourmand, nutrient can be purchased around the clock in the hotel anteroom.

Free relaxing massage every Thursday eventide.

The longer the stay, the lower the monetary value.

Smart autos made available free-of-charge to medium-stay clients.


Prime locations in taking concern Centres and resorts.

Each hotel is alone in its design, architecture and civilization.

Sofitel ‘s sole MyBed construct, the warrant of a good dark ‘s slumber.

Restaurants offering advanced, modern-day culinary art that surprises diners, rousing their senses and stirring their emotions.

Hotel Distribution Worldwide

Accor has its 4,000 hotels in 90 states. It has its presence all seven continents and in all mojor metropoliss. ( Mention: )





North America









Fiji Islands



Burkina Faso


Gallic Polynesia




Dutch east indies

New Zealand




Norfolk Island

Czech Republic


Lao people’s democratic republic


United arab republic



Equatorial Guinea







South Korea

Irish republic




Ivory Coast












Portuguese republic

Rwandese republic



Soviet union

South Africa



Development scheme

Accor ‘s hotel concern has continued its sustained gait of development. Most significantly, they devised a new, more efficient concern theoretical account based on two foundations:

Stronger trade names those are now more seeable, more attractive and more strategically aligned.

An “ plus right ” existent estate scheme, which consists of accommodating runing constructions to the profile of each state and market section.

Pelisson and Dubrule developed their spread outing company with a decentralized direction and a alone double chairmanship. Although to follow with Gallic jurisprudence the spouses took turns keeping the official place of president, they made all determinations jointly and shared duties, plunging themselves in all facets of the concern. The company ‘s forte became assortment, supplying hotel ironss to suit every demand. In 1973 Sphere S.A. was created as a keeping company for a new concatenation of two-star, no-frills hotels, called Ibis ; the first Ibis was opened the undermentioned twelvemonth. During this clip, the company besides acquired Courte Paille, a concatenation of wayside chophouses founded in 1961, which reflected many of the same precedences as Novotel: practicality, easy parking, consistent quality, and speedy service.

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Accor expanded at a far swifter rate than its international challengers, going the largest operator in Europe. It led the market in France and West Germany, and expanded in the medium and economic system scope in Spain, Italy, and Britain with its $ 75 million investing budget. The company ‘s European base provided three-fourthss of its gross, with more than half coming from hotels and the remainder from its foodservices.

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

In 1997, Dubrule and Pelisson decided to retire from active direction and were succeeded by Jean-Marc Espalioux. Espalioux ‘s new direction squad focussed on relocating Accor ‘s hard currency. In an attempt, to deleverage themselves and free resources to supply for enlargement, Accor disposed of a‚¬3 billion of existent estate assets as portion of a sale and leaseback programme.

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Business Mix

Accor S.A. operates in hotels and services sector worldwide. It provides luxury and upscale, midscale, and economic system hotel services. It besides designs, develops, and manages prepaid solutions, including nutrient verifiers, public assistance and aid plans, household aid solutions, gift verifiers and cards, trueness plans and incentive runs, and disbursal direction services to corporate clients and public establishments. In add-on, the company operates eating houses and casinos, every bit good as provides onboard train services to the railroad sector. Accor was incorporated in 1960 and is headquartered in Evry, France.

Fiscal Performance

Net income before revenue enhancement rose to a‚¬727 million in 2005, an all-time record, and the Group ‘s balance sheet was more solid than of all time. Based on these consequences, stockholders will be asked to O.K. an ordinary dividend of a‚¬1.45 per portion, a 26.1 % addition, plus an exceeding dividend of a‚¬1.50 per portion, stand foring a entire payout of a‚¬320 million. This dividend policy is accompanied by a portion redemption plan that has had a positive consequence on net incomes per portion. ( Mention: )

Accor ‘s 2006 consequences were first-class, as can be seen in three cardinal figures:

aˆ? Revenue rose by 6.6 % , the biggest addition since 1998.

aˆ? Net income before revenue enhancement rose by 28 % to a‚¬727 million, a record.

aˆ? EBITDAR border, at 27.4 % , was our highest of all time.

These figures prove that Accor is developing fast and basking really good fiscal wellness, as illustrated by their low degree of debt. Another ground for satisfaction is that these improved consequences concern both the Services and the Hotels concerns. For the twelvemonth, gross was up 15.5 % in Services and 6.1 % in Hotels. And, if 2006 was a really good twelvemonth, the mentality for 2007 is besides really encouraging. With the two concerns ‘ growing potency, the economic turnaround ( particularly in Europe with the upturn in the hotel rhythm ) and the emerging markets of China and India, they have every ground to be optimistic. For 2007, Accor is on path to step up the gait of growing, with the end of adding 200,000 suites by 2008. ( Mention: )


Very rapidly excessively, it became evident that there was a demand for a clearer scheme that would enable the Group to more accurately place its development precedences and, more significantly, concentrate its managerial and fiscal resources. In add-on to this two-pronged strategic displacement, senior direction, under the leading of Gilles Pelisson, outlined a sustained enlargement scheme uniting acquisitions, notably in the Services concern, and stepped up organic growing in the Hotels concern with the gap of 200,000 new suites between 2006 and 2010, particularly in China, India and other aggressive parts. Redefining the market placement of the trade names besides made it necessary to shift the Sofitel trade name and make a new non-standardized streamer in the economic system section, All Seasons. The trade name scheme has led to a displacement off from the Accor corporate streamer toward the operating trade names.

Accor focuses repeatedly on a specific vision for growing and believes in sustainable, profitable growing through three pillars:

A geographically and structurally balanced portfolio

A disciplined, and results-oriented direction of resources and assets

A set of powerful, aligned trade names

( Referee: instance survey )

“ The Right Approach ” became Accor ‘s strategic vision of its Hotels division focussed on doing Accor ‘s Hotels concern more profitable, less cyclical and good appreciated by its clients:

To accomplish these ends, five levers drive the “ Right Approach ” :

Align the trade name portfolio with client outlooks ( The Right Brands )

Redefine the webs around this trade name portfolio ( The Right Network )

Improve hotel runing public presentation in the reconfigured concern base ( The Right Operating Performance )

Adapt hotel runing constructions to better return on capital employed and cut down cash-flow volatility ( The Right Asset Management ) – Switch the corporate civilization to present the best value-added services to hotel proprietors ( The Right Service Provider ) .

Ownership Structure

For the lower and mid section hotels Accor can see giving franchises or come ining in joint ventures. However, for the high terminal section hotels like sofitel and novotel, Accor should keep ownership attack as these belongingss have higher net income sensitiveness. In 2003, Accor opened 10 new belongingss under these trade names, and they owned or leased these new belongingss.

Accor should hold less capital-intensive operating constructions, which is a key to their success, particularly in economically sensitive states. While Accor owns and leases some belongingss, they besides look to direction contracts and franchising.

( Mention: instance survey )

Developed Market

For the developed market the writer has chosen three developed markets from which one will be shortlisted after the analyses. The writer has chosen UK, France and USA as its markets for analysis. Accor has great presence in all the three markets.

Accor has 125 hotels in UK chiefly in the mid-segment. The demand for mid-segment hotels in the UK is strong and most of the Accor hotels are making good. However, UK is non a large market compared to the US for Accor. Accor already has a good presence in the European market and hence there is limited range of enlargement. Similarly, in France Accor have a astonishing figure of hotels and resorts in all sections. It besides has a batch of services in France. It has its strongest presence in France sing the size of France to the UK and the US. Accor already has a really good presence in France in all the sections. Hence it has small range for growing. In the USA, Accor has motel 6 and studio 6. It is besides present in the upscale market. However, it still has a big range for enlargement in all the sections as the US market is so huge and diverse. Therefore, in the developed markets, the writer has shortlisted the US market for the add-on of 10,000 suites in the twelvemonth 2007-08.

Developing Market

Like the developed market the writer will take three developing markets and shortlist one of them for the analysis. The development markets are India, China and South Korea. South Korea is comparatively a little state and the economic growing is non impressive plenty for Accor to add 10,000 suites in this market. Accor entered the Indian market in the early 80 ‘s and failed miserably. Accor has few operational hotels in India chiefly concern hotels. However, the political system in India is slightly helter-skelter as compared to China. The 3rd market chosen is China. China is a immense state in footings of land and is the fastest turning economic system in the universe. It has a stable authorities and its foreign policies towards the cordial reception industry are really friendly. Therefore, the writer has shortlisted China as its developing market.




The United States of America ( normally referred to as the United States, the U.S. , the USA, or America ) is a federal constitutional democracy consisting 50 provinces and a federal territory. At 3.79 million square stat mis ( 9.83 million kmA? ) and with approximately 305 million people, the United States is the 3rd largest state by entire country and 3rd largest by land country and by population. The United States is one of the universe ‘s most ethnically diverse and multicultural states, the merchandise of large-scale in-migration from many states. The U.S. economic system is the largest national economic system in the universe, with an estimated gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) of US $ 14.3 trillion ( 23 % of the universe sum based on nominal GDP and about 21 % at buying power para ) . ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Geographic Location

North AmericaA is the northernA continentA of theA Americas, A situated in theA Earth’sA northern hemisphereA and about wholly in theA western hemisphere. It is bordered on the North by theA Arctic Ocean, on the E by the NorthA Atlantic Ocean, on the sou’-east by theA Caribbean Sea, and on the South and West by the NorthA Pacific Ocean ; A South AmericaA lies to the sou’-east. North America covers anA areaA of about 24,709,000A square kilometresA ( 9,540,000A square stat mis ) , approximately 4.8 % of the planet ‘s surface or about 16.5 % of its land country. As of July 2008, itsA populationA was estimated at about 529 million people. It is theA third-largestA continent in country, followingA AsiaA andA Africa, and the 4th in population after Asia, Africa, andA Europe. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

PESTLE Analysis


A seldom-stated fact of life is that without political stableness it is impossible to hold economic advancement. Until a state has a stable political system in topographic point, it is impossible for people to be after their lives, behavior concern successfully and travel about their day-to-day modus operandis with any hope for the hereafter. The United States has enjoyed 135 old ages of political stableness since the terminal of the Civil War. The United States is the oldest democratic democracy. This is an unbelievable achievement. It is astonishing that no other state has been able to copy the American system of authorities successfully. It is as if that system is unambiguously suited to that individual state. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

With mass fabrication long gone from America, hospiatality industry is one of the cardinal generators of gross. Hence the American authorities has given some grants for the development and growing of the industry:

Grant of Infrastructure Status for hotels

Concession for Convention Centres

Continuance of ConcessionsA

Depreciation rate for hotel edifices

Concession in Income Tax Act for the Hotel Industry

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


Fortunately for U.S. hotel proprietors and operators, existent RevPAR betterment through the first six months of 2004 has already reached 9.5 per centum. Most encouraging was the 3.2 per centum addition in ADR. Record-breaking growing rates for grosss and net incomes are surely welcome intelligence for U.S. hotel proprietors and operators. The industry leaders have forecasted growing in the coming old ages for cordial reception industry in the USA. Besides with backup of the US authorities the cordial reception industry is believe to demo good consequences in approaching old ages.

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


The American population is relatively immature compared to other developed states like Japan and Germany and a batch of immature immigrant work force is besides available in the state. Therefore, it is double good for the cordial reception industry, which is ever on the sentinel for immature work force and clients. The American authorities safeguards the involvements of its people through following dockets:

the societal inclusion procedure

Coordination of societal security strategies

Anti-discrimination and dealingss with civil society

Equality between adult females and work forces

Social Agenda 2005-10

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


The effectual usage of cordial reception engineering is one of the cardinal factors in supplying leading client service, since the proper execution of this engineering helps to guarantee that cardinal facets of service are non by chance forgotten or avoided.

The cordial reception sector in the US spent a sum of $ 917 million in 2006 on R & A ; D activities, compared to $ 784 million in 2005. As the President outlined in his State of the Union Address, the ACI commits $ 5.9 billion in FY 2007 and more than $ 136 billion over 10 old ages to increase investings in research and development ( R & A ; D ) , strengthen instruction, and promote entrepreneurship and invention. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


The lobour Torahs in America are really rigorous. Therefore, the hotel has to stay by the regulations to avoid mulcts and acquiring into legal differences. Some of the Torahs for the cordial reception industry are as follows:

Common Law System

Right To Privacy

American with Disabilities Act

Safety and Security

Food and Beverage Consumption




Travel and Tourism

The international reachings market for the United States has changed significantly since 2000. This end of this analysis is to supply penetrations into alterations impacting the top inbound markets to the U.S. The U.S. welcomed 56 million international visitants from 213 states during 2006, up 10 per centum from 2005. Entire reachings were besides up 9 per centum from 2000, the former record twelvemonth for entire non-resident trial to the state. Arrival records were set by 72 states, nine of which were among the top 20 inbound markets. Therefore, in 2007, the growing in reachings was driven more from the ’emerging ‘ markets than the top reaching markets.

Abroad reachings ( excepting Canada and Mexico ) totalled 23.9 million during 2006, up 10 per centum from 2005. Travel from abroad markets accounted for 43 per centum of entire reachings to the U.S. and contributed significantly to the overall growing in international reachings in 2007. Although abroad travel is bouncing from its depression in 2003 it was down eight per centum from its extremum in 2000 ( chart below ) . Fourteen of the top 20 abroad markets exceeded 2006 reachings degrees by double-digits: Germany, France, Australia, Brazil, Italy, India, PRC/HK, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Venezuela, Colombia, Sweden and Israel. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Economic Growth

In existent footings, America ‘s economic system grew by 3.7 per centum in 2006, faster than most other developed economic systems around the Earth and faster than the historical U.S. growing rate, since 1970, of 3.2 per centum.

The overall degree of GDP was $ 9.89 trillion ( in 2000 ) when Bush was elected and $ 9.87 trillion in the 3rd one-fourth of 2006. Precisely three old ages subsequently, GDP is $ 10.88 trillion, a 10 per centum existent addition. To set that in position, merely the growing of the U.S. economic system over the past three old ages is larger than half of the full Gallic economic system. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Brand Selection

Headquartered in Dallas ( Carrollton ) , Texas, Accor North America operates more than 900 upscale and economic system belongingss including countrywide economic system leaders Studio 6 and Motel 6 and the upscale Sofitel and mid-scale Novotel and Ibis hotel locations in the U.S. , Canada and Mexico. Its flagship concatenation, Motel 6, caters chiefly to holidaying households in the US and Canada with a limited bill of fare of comfortss.

Accor ‘s program for the U.S. should concentrate on Motel 6, Studio 6, Sofitel and Novotel trade names. The company should be after to turn Motel 6 and Studio 6 sharply. “ We ‘re working on new paradigms for both trade names, ” Le Mener said. “ We intend to be really aggressive with a end to develop 70 to 75 belongingss a twelvemonth ” , Mener added. Novotel should follow the growing program of Sofitel, which is to hold belongingss merely in the top 20 to 25 markets in the U.S. “ We see Novotel as an international web, ” he said.

Business travelers and households on a holiday are looking for budget hotels as they want the cheapest manner of adjustment. Accor has a great presence in the low budget section and hence, it should go on to turn its clasp in this section. However, it should besides look at turning in other sections of the market. This will assist Accor in making trade name consciousness and besides increase its market portion in the US.

Accor in USA

Brand Hotels Rooms Managed/Franchised

Motel 6 815 85,421 127

Red Roof Inns 360 39,622 101

Studio 6 37 4,714 2

Sofitel 8 2,633 1

Novotel 6 1,835 3

Entire 1,226 134,225 234

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Fiscal Strategy

Accor USA was fighting with manual history rapprochement that postponed month-end accounting for its turning figure of belongingss. Department inefficiencies and erring manual procedures caused holds with the designation of exclusions like losing and late sedimentations. High turnover at belongingss and coverage holds exposed the company to expensive losingss with one-year write-downs averaging $ 1.5 million. Accor USA had no procedure for escheatment and a 2004 audit resulted in $ 3 million dollars in punishments for unclaimed belongings that had non been filed with the appropriate provinces. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Accor USA faces a batch of fiscal jobs that can non be sorted out in a affair of clip. It has really less hard currency left to fund its operation in the USA. Although, the financess from operations increased 7 % to $ 906 million in 2005, it still struggles to maintain up. Capital outgo for redevelopment and care rose by about 15 % toA

$ 326 million during the twelvemonth, and represented 4.5 % of grosss, versus 4.2 % in 2005. Free hard currency flow amounted to $ 580 million. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

As seen above, Accor USA ‘s debt is diminishing and hard currency flows are increasing, therefore it should concentrate on the enlargement programme as the hard currency flows addition. However, it should concentrate on economic system hotels like Motel 6 and Studio 6 as they require less money. To fund these undertakings Accor can raise hard currency money from equity market and some from its operations.

With its more significant fiscal resources, Accor should step up the gait of growing and bask greater fiscal flexibleness. The initial three-year ( 2005-2007 ) enlargement budget has been increased by 39 % , to EUR 1.7 billion from EUR 1.2 billion, to fund the development of assorted hotel undertakings in the U.S. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

To better its fiscal flexibleness, Accor should set about an advanced existent estate direction scheme designed to run into two chief aims:

Reduce capital strength in upscale hotels.

Variable keeping costs in the midscale section.

In the upscale section ( Sofitel ) , Accor wants to sell the hotel belongingss while retaining the direction contract, sometimes with a minority interest, in order to cut down net incomes volatility in a section that is more sensitive to concern rhythms. The aim is for 75 % of all Sofitel units to be under direction contract in 2006, versus 62 % in 2004 and 52 % in 2000. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

In midscale hotels, fixed rentals are traveling to be transformed into variable rentals based on a per centum of grosss with no minimal guaranteed.A One of the aims is to variable a proportion of the hotels ‘ fixed costs.

Selling Scheme

Accor ‘s big-spender attack has made it the arch-collector of trade names, and some perceivers wonder whether the group can go on being all things to all people without thining its focal point. However, it ‘s an attack that has established the Gallic company as the universe ‘s third-largest hotel operator, and its coverage of multiple market sectors allows it to distribute the hazards of a downswing in any one portion of its concern.

Accor group should be concentrating on marketing its hotels through advertizements in magazines, telecasting and Accor ‘s other services operational in the U.S. It has joined custodies with assorted magazines and is actively take parting in telecasting adverts, which will assist in marketing its merchandise.

Many clients locate and book their Accor hotel adjustment through and associated brand-specific web sites, where they are offered the chance to opt-in to an on-line communications programme.

Accor ‘s online relationship selling scheme should take to change over chances into clients and construct client value through increasing the deepness of relationship and turning grosss from repetition engagements, cross-sales, up-sales and referrals.

Customer relationship and selling manager of Accor Hotels, Mathieu Staat, said, “ Online relationship selling is an of import, but complex activity for us. Accor have several hotel trade names and offer on-line communications in up to five linguistic communications to endorsers across 15 mark zones. They besides run six different trueness and subscription cards.

Strategic Evaluation

“ The scheme implemented in USA over the past three old ages has led to profound alterations for the Group:

In the concern base, with the disposal of non-strategic assets enabling it to return important financess to stockholders.

The repositioned trade names.

The revitalised squads.

The increased public presentation.

However, as economic conditions tighten and encourage the group to reevaluate their operating costs and pull off them really carefully, they need to go on driving growing in the two nucleus concerns.

To win, they need to redefine their operating public presentation depending on the hotel ownership construction, concentrate on hotel design and building, and, more than of all time, pool the eight platforms, which serve as Centres for our expertness and capablenesss.

Accor USA has to take some strategic steps to better its gross revenues:

Improve staff efficiencies

Verify sedimentations daily

Perform seasonably period-end stopping point

Reduce idle balances

Manage unclaimed belongings

Capabilities Provided

Automated history rapprochement

Seasonably month-end accounting

Exception research, coverage and declaration

Validated and aggregated informations from all Bankss




China ‘s economic system grew 10.7 per centum in 2006, the fastest gait in more than a decennary. The economic system of the People ‘s Republic of China is the 2nd largest in the universe after the US with a GDP of $ 6.9 trillion ( 2006 ) when measured on buying power para ( PPP ) footing. The stronger-than-expected growing was mostly propelled by surging exports, stronger retail gross revenues, a fabrication roar and immense investings in new edifices, roads and metropoliss. Increased international connectivity and the puting up of top of the line hotel ironss in China in front OF Beijing Olympics in 2008 would be driving the industry in the hereafter. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Geographic Location

The People ‘s Republic of China ( PRC ) , the third-largest state in the universe after the former USSR and Canada and the largest state in Asia, claims an country of 9,596,960 sq kilometer ( 3,705,406 sq myocardial infarction ) , including Taiwan, which the PRC claims as a state ; the major administrative divisions, excepting Taiwan and the offshore islands, cover 9,444,292 sq kilometer ( 3,646,448 sq myocardial infarction ) . Relatively, the country occupied by China is somewhat larger than the United States. The mainland has an extension of 4,845 kilometers ( 3,011 myocardial infarction ) ENE-WSW and 3,350 kilometer ( 2,082 myocardial infarction ) SSE-NNW. The mainland ‘s 5,774 kilometer ( 3,588 myocardial infarction ) coastline, widening from the oral cavity of the Yalu River in the nor’-east to the Gulf of Tonkin in the South. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Travel and Tourism

The China touristry industry has outpaced the GDP growing since 1990. The CAGR of entire tourer figure and touristry gross have reached 9.6 % and 16.4 % severally since 1993 when the touristry industry changed the statistic range. The SARS of 2003 and its retaliating recoil resulted in the unnatural information of touristry industry in 2003 and 2004. By 2005, entire tourer figure amounted to 1.363 billion person-times, up by 10 % yr-on-yr ; the entire gross of the touristry industry achieved RMB 768.6 billion, up by 12.4 % over the twelvemonth of 2004. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Tourists of inward travel market include foreign tourers every bit good as tourers from HK, Macao and Taiwan, of which tourers from HK, Macao and Taiwan portion about 80 % . Since 1993, the CAGR of inward tourers approaches 9.1 % , and the growing rate of China foreign exchange gross from touristry achieved 16.5 % , somewhat higher than that of domestic travel. The market graduated table of inward travel in 2005 amounted to 120 million person-times. However, in Jan-Sep of 2006, its growing rate slowed down, merely increased by 2.86 % over the same period of 2005 ; the growing rate of tourers from HK, Macao and Taiwan was merely 1.9 % while that of foreign tourers decreased to 7.76 % ; the foreign exchange gross from touristry was USD 14.68 billion, up by 4.1 % over the same period of 2005. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Driven by 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai Expo, China touristry industry will witness a rapid growing, which will assist to heighten the prestigiousness of China and host metropoliss. Besides, the keeping locales will go the hot scenic musca volitanss in rather a long clip. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Economic growing

The economic system of the People ‘s Republic of China is the 2nd largest in the universe after the US with a GDP of $ 6.9 trillion ( 2006 ) when measured on buying power para ( PPP ) footing. It is the 4th largest in the universe after the US, Japan and Germany, with a nominal GDP of US $ 3.42 trillion ( 2006 ) when measured in exchange-rate footings. China has been the fastest-growing major state for the past one-fourth of a century with an mean one-year GDP growing rate above 10 % . China ‘s per capita income has grown at an mean one-year rate of more than 8 % over the last three decennaries drastically cut downing poorness, but this rapid growing has been accompanied by lifting income inequalities. The state ‘s per capita income is classified in the lower in-between class by universe criterions, at about $ 2,000 ( nominal, 107th of 179 countries/economies ) , and $ 7,800 ( PPP, 82nd of 179 countries/economies ) in 2006, harmonizing to the IMF. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Despite China ‘s size, the copiousness of its resources, and holding approximately 20 per centum of the universe ‘s population life within its boundary lines, for the last two centuries its function in the universe economic system has been comparatively little. Since the late seventiess, nevertheless, the Chinese authorities has reformed the economic system from a Soviet-type centrally planned economic system that was mostly closed to international trade to a more market-oriented economic system that has a quickly turning private sector and is a major participant in the planetary economic system. Since being introduced, these reforms have helped raise 1000000s of its citizens out of poorness, conveying the poorness rate down from 53 % in 1981 to 8 % in 2001. This economic system has been called “ Socialism with Chinese features ” and can be considered as a type of assorted economic system. Merely about a 3rd of the economic system is now straight collectivist. As of 2005, 70 % of China ‘s GDP was in the private sector. The smaller public sector was dominated by about 200 big province endeavors concentrated largely in public-service corporations, heavy industries, and energy resources. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Brand choice

In China, Accor has been present for many old ages. Accor presently has 7 Ibis, 1 Mercure, 11 Novotel, 5 Grand Mercure and 17 Sofitel. The economic system hotel section, with Ibis, is spread outing rapidly and will go on to turn. Undertakings for 30 hotels are already underway in developing parts. The group should convey its flagship Sofitel trade name to the Chinese capital with the gap of Sofitel Wanda Beijing in 2007, and it is slated to go a signature hotel for the Sofitel trade name in China. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Although, Accor should look to spread out its trade name in China across all sections ; particular focal point should be on the economic system section hotels like Ibis. Business between China and remainder of the universe is turning and so is the demand for economic system hotels as a batch of concern travelers from abroad every bit good as from within China are going to different metropoliss in China. The focal point should be on Novotel besides, to increase its presence in midscale hotels.

Operating Hotels in China ( 40 – 12,104 suites )

Sofitel ( 18 – 5,431 suites )

Novotel ( 10 – 3,466 suites )

Grand Mercure ( 4 – 1,382 suites )

Sofitel Boao ( 437 )

Novotel Atlantis Shanghai ( 303 )

Grand Mercure on Square Xian ( 202 )

Sofitel Hyland Shanghai ( 370 )

Novotel Peace Beijing ( 337 )

Shenzhen Oriental Ginza Hotel ( 481 )

Sofitel Jin Jiang Shanghai ( 549 )

Novotel Xinqiao Beijing ( 700 )

Sofitel Silver Plaza Jinan ( 326 )

Novotel Hefei ( 245 )

Shanghai Baolong Hotel ( 372 ) ,

Sofitel Wanda Chengdu ( 262 )

Novotel Watergate Shenzhen ( 152 )

Grand Mercure in Jan 2007

Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou ( 200 )

Novotel Bauhinia Shenzhen ( 200 )

Grand Mercure Shijiazhuang ( 327 )

Sofitel Zhengzhou ( 241 )

Novotel Xinhua Wuhan ( 303 )

Sofitel Grand Park Hefei ( 261 )

Novotel Century Hong Kong ( 512 )

Sofitel Royal Lagoon Dongguan ( 268 )

Novotel Century Hong Kong ( 274 )

Sofitel Royal Executive Resort ( 133 )

Sofitel Plaza Xiamen ( 393 )

Sofitel on Renmin Square Xian ( 432 )

Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort ( 140 )

Sofitel Galaxy Nanjing ( 278 )

Sofitel Xanadu Resort Hangzhou ( 301 )

Sofitel Fizi West Coast Hainan ( 304 )

Sofitel Trilec Nanchang

Fiscal scheme

Accor posted an impressive one-year growing rate in 2006 in China, with a net net income addition of over 50 per centum, harmonizing to a imperativeness statement issued by the group. Accor ‘s amalgamate turnover increased by 6.6 per centum in consequences published in 2006, the highest growing recorded by the group since 1998, which reflects a important growing of the group. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

The group ‘s net net incomes in China reached 501 million euros ( US $ 651 million ) , an addition of 51 per centum compared to 2005. The net consequence per portion went up by 43.9 per centum to 2.23 euros, as compared to 1.55 euros in 2005. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Accor should set in topographic point a “ new fiscal theoretical account ” in the hotel sector, based on a merchandise scheme by sections and geographical zones. Accor should be after to sell and rent back hotels to raise hard currency to step up enlargement in emerging states like China. As the local governments in China are acute to pull foreign investings, hence, Accor should develop good relationship with them which will enable them to buy land from the authorities organic structures for their hotel undertakings and Accor will be able to raise hard currency easy.

Selling Scheme

Accor Judgess the market based on factors such as size, population, economic power and growing, tourers and concern invitees, and hotel competition. They so evaluate the site based on visibleness, handiness and trade country. Finally, they consider the monetary value including market value and their affordability.

Accor should prosecute an active external market scheme. Accor cordial reception should come in in relationship with other leaders to market their merchandise. Like Accor acquired Surf Gold for a‚¬12.6 million. Surf Gold is a leader in trueness and incentive solutions for company employees, spouses and clients. Present in Asia since 1999 with operations in China, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Taiwan, the company leverages expert accomplishments in marketing consulting, plan direction, engineering platform installing or wagess distribution. ( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Aligned with a certain life style, Sofitel can patronize golf events to market itself to high disbursement audiences. More sponsorship can be done to aim a specific market.

A planned, organized Internet selling run with rotary motion through a assortment of targeted sites, directories and locales should be adopted. It does non be a great trade of money and can bring forth traffic and gross revenues faster than hunt engine entries entirely. It takes a spot of research and a solid cognition of the mark client, but Accor can be after and implement a simple selling run in the infinite of a dedicated twenty-four hours.

Strategic Evaluation

The first international hotel direction company to come in China in 1985.

All Accor hotels are situated in major metropolitan countries, gateway metropoliss and popular resorts.

Operating under 5 trade names: Sofitel, Grand Mercure, Novotel, Mercure and Ibis.

Presently runing 40 hotels in 21 metropoliss, scheduled to open 57 hotels in the following 30 months.

Entire one-year grosss were 215 million USD in 2005 for China and Hong Kong parts.

Accor has four Business and Leisure trade names that are undergoing balanced development.

Sofitel / Novotel: Provincial metropoliss, major commercial centres, first-tier metropoliss, second-tier metropoliss when the belongings has possible to be the best hotel in town.

Grand Mercure / Mercure: New construct / coup d’etat of either comparatively new belongings or older hotels with sufficient redevelopment budget

Our chief rivals are the international hotel ironss.

( Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // )

Accor should follow the undermentioned attack to construct hotels in China:

Direct Development: Accor should buy the land straight and concept by their egos.

Design & A ; Build: Co-operate with local boosters in their multi-purpose undertakings including flat, retail, and hotels. Almost all the local boosters are Chinese. We discuss with them to happen the feasibleness and convert them to accept our construct by settling assorted degrees of troubles and jobs.

Accor ‘s competition in China:


Four Points will aim Novotel. Meridien taking the Gallic “ high land ” and aiming Sofitel.


New JV to develop Holiday Inn Express pitched between Ibis and Novotel. Crowne Plaza spread outing quickly. Flagship InterContinental in Hong Kong.


Courtyard aims to aim Novotel. Renaissance positioned as a “ European ” trade name.


Howard Johnson developing as a franchise theoretical account aiming 4-5 star market.


Following acquisition of Hilton International will present US based 3 and 4 star trade names to China.

Entire Revenue of China Tourism Industry, 2001-2006

( Unit of measurement: RMB Billion )


To reason, the writer would wish to state that the established and set uping markets considered in this study have great possible and promises a batch. Therefore, both these markets should be taken earnestly and the suggestions made by writer should be considered exhaustively. The writer has analyzed the trade name cleavage along with fiscal and selling scheme. The writer has given his recommendations to the group.

The writer has chosen United States of America as established market for Accor ‘s enlargement as it is the largest economic system of the universe. Accor is present in the USA for rather some clip now ; therefore it is cognizant of the market trends therefore doing it easier for the company to work in this market.

The writer has chosen China as set uping market for Accor ‘s enlargement as it is the 2nd largest economic system in the universe. It is the most thickly settled state of the universe with 4th largest country. Besides, Accor is the first international hotel concatenation to hold entered in China in 1985.


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