Radisson is a division of Carlson Hospitality Worldwide, a planetary leader in cordial reception services embracing more than 1,530 hotel, resort, eating house and sail ship operations in 80 states.

Radisson continues to spread out its presence in cardinal markets in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, making new markets and clients

Radisson Hotels & A ; Resorts, one of the universe ‘s prima, full-service planetary hotel companies, operates, manages and franchises more than 400 hotels and resorts in 66 countries.A

Radisson is focused on being the hotel of pick for today ‘s independent-minded frequent concern and leisure travellers who want more control over their hotel experience.

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“ Express yourself ” : Guests can bespeak remain penchants such as: , room penchants ( high/low floor, near an lift, smoking or no-smoking room or no penchant ) , an machine-controlled wake-up call clip ; airdrome pick up ( where available ) and other particular petitions

“ Stay your ain manner ”

“ Yes I Can! ” developing plan

Gold points plus guest trueness plan: Offer greater flexibleness and freedom to gain points faster than any other hotel trueness plan.

Honoring travel agents: Radisson is the lone hotel company to offer a patented online trueness plan for travel agents called Look To Book.A

Travel agentsA automatically earn points toward valuable ware and inducement awards in return for booking Radisson hotels. This sole extremely successful plan, which began in 1992, includes travel agents in 106 states worldwide.

Gross saless AND Selling Scheme

New selling construction to concentrate its professionals on trade name direction, regional selling and new gross bring forthing national selling plans that can besides be applied at the regional degree.

The gross revenues squad has been realigned to aim new history development, care and history growing.

Radisson Gold Rewards guest relationship plan that works to construct long-run invitee trueness and pull new clients to the trade name

Look To Book, the industry ‘s prime trueness plan for travel agents.

A new 19-person division has been created focused on client relationship direction patterns through the usage of analytics, e-commerce and plan direction.

Gram: Leela Brunch 024.jpg


Since the direction believes that growing in the five-star hotels section will come from metropoliss where information engineering ( IT ) will turn, it is spread outing into Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Delhi.

Leela trade name

Indian tradition of cordial reception

Dainties invitees as God ( ‘Atithi Devo Bhava )

Near to major airdromes

Present in about all major IT metropoliss

Bukhara Cuisine



Indian hotel concatenation, with a heavy accent on the great Indian experience ( with international criterions of luxury )

Fortune trade name, which started off as mid-segment trade name, is now being re-positioned as a excellent concern hotel.


Entire client satisfaction

Brand Value

Adequate accounting records in conformity with the commissariats of the Companies Act

hypertext transfer protocol: //tbn1.google.com/images? q=tbn: FFr94fsd_iDthM: hypertext transfer protocol: //profile.ak.facebook.com/object2/161/108/l7933762697_3482.jpg

IHG ( InterContinental Hotels Group ) is the universe ‘s largest hotel group by figure of suites.

IHG owns, 7 major hotel trade names over 160 million corsets per twelvemonth and more than 600,000 guest suites, over 4150 hotels across 100 states and districts around the universe.


Bettering the public presentation of our trade names by,

Using our penetration to do our trade names the first pick for invitees

Delivering consistent client experiences

Generating first-class returns from our hotels

Bettering hotel gross by promoting guest visits

Bettering the efficiency of our hotels and operating procedures

Puting our market graduated table and cognition to good usage

Using our worldwide graduated table and experience to change over more hotels to our trade names

Making the most of our planetary presence – invitees choose trade names they know when they travel

Strengthening our organisation

Investing in our people and our ability to make concern

Constructing strong partnerships within our ain company & A ; with our proprietors across the universe


Do the right thing

Show we care

Aim higher

Celebrate difference

Work better together

hypertext transfer protocol: //tbn1.google.com/images? q=tbn: aV-R3Kd6_dijIM: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.fascinatingrajasthan.com/images/luxury-hotels-rajasthan/hotel-taj-hari-mahal-jodhpur.jpg


Taj Hotel established on December16, 1903

Taj Hotels resorts & A ; topographic points comprise 57 hotels in 40 locations across India.

18 International Hotels in the Malaysia, Australia.UK, USA, Sri lanka, Africa.

Taj is recognised as the Prime Minister Hospitality supplier.

Pioneer in dining: – Taj was the first to present Thai, Italian, and Mexican into the state.


Taj group has used the Taj name for all its operations to leverage the trade name equity commanded by the name Taj.

Taj trade name is playing an increasing function of driving grosss

Taj group plans to add around 12 Hotels in the following 3 old ages.

Taj facilitates the enlargement to other section by backing the sub-brands with their parents ‘ trade name names.

Selling Scheme

A higher accent was placed on the concern section as the net incomes are higher ( this market being less price-sensitive ) as compared to the luxury section.

There was a proliferation of the Taj Presidency hotels non merely in new metropoliss, but besides smaller towns.

The action program is more chances, adding to and complementing the trade name


Health & A ; Fitness installation to its Guests.

Latest cardio vascular machines, strength-training equipment.

Spa besides includes steam suites & A ; sauna, specialised intervention suites.

swimming pool, Gardens, Waterfall

The beauty barroom of the Taj hotel offers a broad scope of beauty and hair intervention for work forces & A ; adult females.


Technology related: -Used of progress engineering in hotel premises.

Manufacturing- related: – High use of fixed assets.

– Quality control know-how.

– Serving client harmonizing to their specification.

Distribution-related: – Presence of hotel concatenation at assorted topographic points.

– Angstrom strong web.

Marketing related: – Breadth of merchandise line and merchandise choice.

– Personalized client services.

– A well-known and well-respected trade name name.



Incorporated in January 3 1986.

Kamat ‘s is now a big cordial reception Group with involvements in Luxury Hotels, Budget Hotels & A ; Restaurants, Family Leisure & A ; Sports Clubs, Travel Business, Catering & A ; Educational Institutions, Departmental Stores and of class Restaurants.

Asia ‘s first certified eco-friendly five-star hotel and universe ‘s lone Ecotel to be certified as ISO 14001.


They have established themselves as a ecotel

It is the largest ecotel in ASIA.

They have awarded with the ecotel certification.


Friendly service

Eco- friendly

Convenient location

Good substructure

Merely one ecotel in the universe


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