Strawberry DNA Extraction


            To extract DNA from the fruit of a strawberry plant.


            A strawberry was placed in a zip lock bag. The strawberry was then smashed with fist for approximately 2 minutes. Then 10 ml of extraction buffer was added to the zip lock bag. The zip lock bag was mushed again for one minute. Next, the contents in the zip lock bag were filtered through a funnel into a beaker. The filtrate was then poured into a test tube 1/8 full. Next, ice-cold alcohol was slowly poured into the tube until the tube is half full. At the interface, the DNA precipitate was out of the solution and floated to the top. The DNA was extracted using either a glass rod or pipette tip.

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1.    DNA is found in the nucleus.

2.    The purpose of the soap in this lab was to break open the cell and its nuclear membranes.

3.    The purpose of the Sodium Chloride was to precipitate the proteins and the carbohydrates. The Sodium and Chloride ions are more charged and much more polar than the proteins and carbohydrates—that is why the polar molecules displaced them out of the solution.

4.    The cold ethanol was added to the soap and salt mixture to precipitate the DNA from the other cell material to form the final product.

5.    The final product appeared to be cloudy white, wet cottony, and stringy.



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