Peoples ever are larning and practising through their whole lives. From reading words in text book such as plaything. auto. train etc. . people have the construct and thoughts. They further understand the existent significance of these words by playing playthings and siting or driving autos. trains etc.

Education ( books ) and experience are the chief two channels for Peoples to derive their cognition. Each drama different functions for people. In my sentiment. cognition from experience is more of import than that from books.

Experience foremost can turn out if the cognition signifier books are true or false. Textbooks are really fantastic in learning people indispensable rules. how is the universe looks like? what is the basic jurisprudence of alteration of people and things? We can larn a batch through primary school. secondary school until university. However. people can merely understand the truly significance of those form books and warrant them if they are right through patterns. A few hundred old ages ago. people learnt from text book that the Earth was level. However scientists found that was incorrect through observations and measuring.

The cognition from experience can better and progress the universe and our society. As books have restriction. they merely teach us the what people found in the yesteryear. The cognition from the books are constrained to the certain conditions and environment. For illustration. mold and tools design for plastics industry. the university class merely taught me really simple instances. most cognition are obtained from assorted different and complicated instances in my calling.

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There are a batch new innovations and new merchandises which could non be found from text editions. Our society and universe are developed through uninterrupted patterns. those cognition. ne’er found in books. such as cyberspace. e-business etc. are all developed through new patterns.

“The truth comes from patterns and experience” . people are continually detecting new things and measuring the creditability of the cognition written in books. The cognition from experience aid us much more than those from books.


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