The original posting states: “Our [assistant managers] contributes to the success of Kong Grill through the direction and intro of restaurant operations to ensure a positive guest experience and company profitability. The assistant managers responsibility is to direct the operation of the restaurant, attain sales and profit objectives, maintain the highest standards of food quality, service, cleanliness, safety and sanitation by directing and supervising coworkers. Qualifications]: -Minimum of two (2) years prior experience in a similar Assistant Manager or Manager position for a full service, high volume restaurant -Able to work in a high energy and demanding environment Team player with strong leadership skills -Must be able to work a flexible schedule of nights, days, weekends and holidays ;Service driven with a strong passion for culinary excellence Strong work ethic. If you share our commitment to excellence, and have the qualifications listed, we invite you to be a part of our award winning restaurant group.

Please click on the [apply now] button and submit your resume today! (Restaurant Manager Position, 2013) As a business manager, monitoring our daily operations is a must and review what is needed for the business is necessary. If the restaurant operates for lunch and dinner, the managerial shift should be broken down into three separate shifts; an early person would be the opener, the middle person would work a “swing” shift, and the last person would work the closing shift. Now I see the necessity to open a new position for a manager.

To rewrite this job description, would use the following verbiage: The assistant manager ensures proper operation of the restaurant on a daily basis; responsible for monitoring staff during service to ensure that all guests are properly taken care of and support service in all areas needed. The manager ensures that all quality standards are met by supposing that all food is served to guests’ expectations as well as all the proper food handling procedures are enforced and within code according to the Southern Nevada Health Department.

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Duties of the assistant manager include: -Assist the General Manager in all Human Resources responsibilities such as interviewing, selecting recruiting, training, scheduling counseling, and terminating employees; communicating daily expectations, reviewing performance, planning compensations, and enforcing policies and reoccurred according to the employee manual. -Accomplish restaurant operational goals by providing feedback and ideas based on the daily basis experiences with the guests and the staff; promoting production, quality, and efficiency, solving guests and staff conflicts, and implementing change.

Assist the General Manager in monitoring the financial goals, preparing budgets, observing, and controlling operational costs. -Assist the Chef in creating menu items, costs, profits ability, and minimizing waste. -Assist the General Manager in publicizing the restaurant by placing advertisements; inviting food critics and writers to the restaurant; creating a solid local based clientele to ensure returned business by promoting a loyalty program that can also be extended to out-of-town guests. Assist in maintaining the overall ambiance of the restaurant before, during, and after service by controlling music levels, lighting, glassware, linen service and delivery; providing the staff with all necessary tools to perform service, including uniforms, pens, notepads, wine keys, dinnerware, and utensils. -Updates the staff knowledge by establishing an educational program and maintain Taft up to date with all price, menu, and item, changes.

Performance requirements: -This job requires the interest individual to be able to walk, stand, hear, and talk. -Individuals must be able to perform duties such as the use of hands to finger, feel and handle objects, pick up a telephone, reach with their arms, and use the sense Of smell. -The individual must be able lift, carry, and or deliver items of up to 20 pounds. Individual must be able to use close vision, distance vision, and ability to adjust focus. All requirements may be able to modify to accommodate people with certain disabilities. Able to work 50 hours a week on a salary basis compensation. Knowledge Skills: -Fully understanding of the English language, including speaking, writing, and reading. Additional languages are a plus. -Two to three years experience in a fine dining establishment. -College Degree in Hospitality or Business is a plus, but not necessary. High School Diploma or GEED is required. Self motivated, innovative, and passionate for food, wine, and five star service towards guests. These adjustments were made as I considered the original job description was somewhat vague and a lot of critical information as omitted; this is probably the major issue with hiring managers nowadays, they are not disclosing properly all the job duties and requirements; therefore, entry level managers do not know what to expect or expect to little from their new job and are nowhere mentally prepared for such heavy jobs such as restaurant managers.


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