Determine where each bureau lies in the administrative construction of the federal authorities. Identify it as an executive section or an independent bureau.

The intent of U. S. Environmental Protection Agency is to protecting human wellness and the environment by composing and implementing ordinances based on Torahs passed by Congress. Harmonizing to EPA web site. Born in the aftermath of elevated concern about environmental pollution. EPA was established on December 2. 1970 to consolidate in one bureau a assortment of federal research. monitoring. standard-setting and enforcement activities to guarantee environmental protection. This bureau. US Environment Protection Agency is run by its Administrator. The current Administrator is Lisa P. Jackson. The President appoints an decision maker for U. S. Environment Protection Agency and Congress can O.K. or worsen the individual. The US Environmental Protection Agency is an independent bureau. The bureau has about 17. 000 full-time employees and engages many more people on a contractual footing.

The intent of U. S. Army of Corps of Engineer is to supply critical public technology services in peace and war to beef up the nation’s security. stimulate the economic system. and cut down hazards from catastrophes. Harmonizing to US Army of Corp Engineers web site. the history of United States Army Corps of Engineers can be traced back to June 16. 1775. when the Continental Congress organized an ground forces with a main applied scientist and two helpers. Colonel Richard Gridley became General George Washington’s foremost main applied scientist ; nevertheless. it was non until 1779 that Congress created a separate Corps of Engineers. Army applied scientists. including several Gallic officers. were instrumental in some of the hard-fought conflicts of the Revolutionary War including Bunker Hill. Saratoga. and the concluding triumph at Yorktown. The US Army Corps of Engineer is a U. S. federal bureau that is under the Department of Defense. It organisation is made of Army bid that is made up of 38. 000 civilian and military forces. It’s the world’s largest public technology. design and building direction bureau. It specializes in dikes. canals and inundation protection in the US.

The intent of the U. S. Coast Guard is to maritime homeland security. maritime jurisprudence enforcement ( MLE ) . hunt and deliverance ( SAR ) . marine environmental protection ( MEP ) and the care of river. intra-coastal. and seaward pilotage. Harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: //www. uscg. mil/history/ . the Coast Guard’s official history began on 4 August 1790 when President George Washington signed the Tariff Act that authorized the building of 10 vass. referred to as “cutters. ” to implement federal duty and trade Torahs and to forestall smuggling.

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Known diversely through the 19th and early twentieth centuries as the “revenue cutters. ” the “system of cutters. ” and eventually the Revenue Cutter Service. it expanded in size and duties as the state grew. It operates under the Department of Homeland Security during peacetime and can be transferred to the Department of the Navy by the President at any clip or by Congress during clip of war. As of August 2009 the Coast Guard had about 42. 000 work forces and adult females on active responsibility. 7. 500 reservists. 30. 000 aides and 7. 700 full-time civilian employees.

The intent of U. S Fish and Wildlife Services is for direction of fish. wildlife. and natural home grounds. In 1871. the U. S. Commission on Fish and Fisheries is created by Congress and charged with analyzing and urging solutions to the diminution in nutrient fishes and to advance fish civilization. Spencer Fullerton Baird is appointed as the first Commissioner. A twelvemonth subsequently. the Commission’s Baird Station in northern California is used to roll up. fertilise and transport salmon eggs by rail to the East Coast. Harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: //www. United States Fish and Wildlife Service. gov/director/dan-ashe/dan. cfm? reint=1. Daniel M. Ashe was confirmed on June 30. 2011 as the 16th Director of the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. the nation’s chief Federal bureau dedicated to the preservation of fish and wildlife and their home grounds.

His assignment by President Obama is the apogee of a life-time spent within the Fish and Wildlife Service household. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service ( FWS ) is a federal authorities bureau that is under US Department of the Interior. Today. the Service consists of a cardinal administrative office with eight regional offices and about 700 field offices distributed throughout the United States. Determine which of the appropriation subcommittees has legal power over agency’s budget petition.

Harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: //www. opencongress. org/wiki/Committees_and_their_jurisdiction. subcommittee of Interior. Environment and Related Agencies has legal power over US Environmental Protection Agency budget petition. The subcommittee on Energy and Water has legal power over US Army Corps of Engineers budget petition. The subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation has legal power over the US Coast Guard and Interior subcommittee has legal power over US Fish and Wildlife Service. Determine where each agency’s operations fall in the functional categorization of the federal budget.

This part was clip consuming and was research this information for a long clip. I look over and over on some many website until I got confuse. But after my interruption and harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: //budget. house. gov/budgetprocess/budgetfunctions. htm # function300. that U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. and U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service with map 300: Natural Resources and Environment includes plans concerned with environmental protection and sweetening ; diversion and wildlife countries ; and the development and direction of the nation’s land. H2O. and mineral resources. It includes plans within the undermentioned federal sections and bureaus: Agribusiness. Commerce. Interior. Transportation. the Army Corps of Engineers. and the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) .

The U. S. Coast Guard operation’s fall in map 400: Transportation system that’s consists largely of the plans administered by the Department of Transportation. including plans for main roads. mass theodolite. air power. and nautical activities. This map besides includes two constituents of the Department of Homeland Security: the Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration. In add-on. this map includes several little transportation-related bureaus and the research plan for civilian air power at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ( NASA ) .

Pick one ( 1 ) bureau from the list and. for a recent budget twelvemonth. determine: The budget authorization and spendings proposed for the bureau. and the existent spendings and budget authorization for the bureau in that twelvemonth.

The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency will be the bureau from the list to find the budget authorization and spendings. Budget authorization provided through appropriation. borrowing authorization. or contract authorization allows bureaus to come in into committedness that will consequences in immediate or future disbursement ( Mikesell. 2010 ) . I choose Protect Our Nation’s Water Supply to compare EPA budget authorization versus spending. Harmonizing to EPA web site. the EPA’s FY 2010 Budget petitions 10. 5 billion in discretional budget authorization and 17. 384. 3 Full Time Equivalents ( FTE ) to carry through EPA’s attempts to construct a greener economic system. travel into a clean energy hereafter. and protect human wellness and the environment in communities across the state. The FY 2010 Budget provides a significant addition from FY2009. reflecting an enhanced focal point in turn toing public wellness and environment challenges. Increased support will be targeted at critical countries including puting in H2O substructure. protecting our freshwater resources. making a foundation to turn to clime alteration and placing research spreads every bit good as chemical direction.

The FY 2010 Budget provides 24 million to to the full fund five Water Security Initiative ( WSI ) pilot concerted understandings and the Water Alliance for Threat Reduction Activities. The WSI was launched in 2006 to show. trial. and evaluate taint warning system at imbibing H2O public-service corporations. Adoption of effectual H2O security counsel on taint systems will be issued upon completion of these undertakings. Harmonizing to EPA web site. EPA uses 18. 6 million out of the 24 million that they requested. This projection was set up for 3 stages. Phases 1 consist of Conceptual Design. Phase 2 consists of pilots at imbibing H2O public-service corporations. and the concluding stage is Guidance and Outreach. The 2011 Water Security Imitative Pilot plan budget was cut downing from 24 million to 11. 6 million. The budget spendings plans 24 million and most of the spendings are based on the proposal in the budget.

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