These days, a barded is imprinted somewhere on almost every item available for purchase. The barded is the modern symbol of a commodity available for purchase by the masses. The image of a barded is automatically associated with buying. The display of a barded upon the forehead of a baby immediately identifies the baby as a transactional commodity. The image is confronting but also ambiguous.

Is it literally suggesting that the baby is available for purchase or is it intending to convey a more complex message? Is the baby truly intended to be the transactional commodity or is it suggesting that humanity should be controlled and regulated in the same way that massed produced commodities are controlled and regulated? The expression on the baby’s face introduces an element of humor and irony, suggesting perhaps that the viewer is not to take too seriously the idea that the baby s actually available for purchase.

It was explained in the lecture that the marketing of commodities evolves from the demand. A baby is the most powerful symbol of the importance and value of human life. The image of a baby with a barded on its forehead should cause us to reflect upon the value and quality of life; it is not a commodity and should not be for sale but the image of a baby is nonetheless a powerful tool for selling all manner of other commodities.


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