Introduction Students’ sentiments about all facets of academic life are now sought by educational establishments worldwide. by and large. in the signifier of a satisfaction feedback questionnaire. It is this pupil satisfaction study. within the context of pupil satisfaction in JRU Jose Rizal University. In the Philippines. Higher Education ( HE ) pupils were considered to be the “primary customers” of a University. even before they were apt for the payment of “up-front” tuition fees. Students are the direct receivers of the service provided.

As if to corroborate this position of the “student as customer” . the Commision on Higher Education ( CHED ) has introduced a National Student Survey. This study is aimed at first twelvemonth pupils to seek their positions on a figure of facets of learning. appraisal and support provided by their university and its classs. The consequences will finally be used by the school to bring forth league tabular arraies of university public presentation. The place of a university in any conference tabular arraies will impact finally on its image.

Image has a strong impact on the keeping of current pupils and the attractive force of possible pupils. Indeed recruitment and keeping of pupils has been moved to the top of most universities’ dockets by CHED due to their desire to increase the JRU pupil population in line with Government marks. Poor keeping rates may hold inauspicious support effects for University. This paper takes the position that pupil satisfaction. keeping and enlisting are closely linked.

Therefore pupil satisfaction has become an highly of import issue for universities and their direction. The purpose is to seek to maximize pupil satisfaction. understate dissatisfaction and hence retain pupils and so better the establishments public presentation across a figure of league tabular arraies. Taking these unfavorable judgments into consideration the questionnaire used in the satisfaction study asked merely for perceptual experiences of public presentation of a scope of service facets ( every bit good as importance ) but did non take to roll up informations associated with outlooks.

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Indeed. the study questionnaire was designed around the construct of the service-product package. This construct is discussed in the following subdivision. The service-product bundle The result of service bringing is a touchable merchandise. and a “bundle” of goods and services as the merchandise offering. The service-product package refers to the inseparable offering of many goods and services including what Jose Rizal University has to offer its pupils. This bundle consists of three elements: ( 1 ) the physical or facilitating goods ;

( 2 ) the animal service provided – the expressed service ; and ( 3 ) the psychological service – the inexplicit service. For a university the facilitating goods include the talks and tutorials. presentation slides. auxiliary press release documents/materials and the recommended faculty text. It besides includes the physical installations such as the talk theaters and tutorial suites and their degree of supplying. ornament. lighting and layout every bit good as accessory services such as catering and recreational comfortss.

The expressed service includes the cognition degrees of staff. staff learning ability. the consistence of learning quality irrespective of forces. easiness of doing assignments with staff. the degree of trouble of the topic content and the work load. The inexplicit service includes the intervention of pupils by staff. including friendliness and accessibility. concern shown if the pupil has a job. regard for feelings and sentiments. handiness of staff. capableness and competency of staff.

It besides includes the ability of the university’s environment to do the pupil feel comfy. the sense of competency. assurance and professionalism conveyed by the atmosphere in talks and tutorials. feeling that the student’s best involvement is being served and a feeling that wagess are consistent with the attempt put into class works /examinations. All of the above are based on students’ perceptual experiences of the assorted parts of the service and the informations is normally collected via some signifier of feedback questionnaire.

Why cod pupil feedback? ( 1 ) to supply auditable grounds that pupils have had the chance to go through remark on their classs and that such information is used to convey about betterments ; ( 2 ) to promote student contemplation on their acquisition ; ( 3 ) to let establishments to benchmark and to supply indexs that will lend to the repute of the university in the market place ; and ( 4 ) to supply pupils with an chance to show their degree of satisfaction with their academic experience.

The last slug point as the principle behind the study undertaken for the peculiar research undertaking described in this paper. Keeping clients satisfied is what leads to client trueness. Research conducted by Jones and Sasser Jr ( 1995 ) into 30 administrations from five different markets found that where clients have picks the nexus between satisfaction and trueness is additive ; as satisfaction rises. so excessively does trueness. However. in markets where competition was intense they found a difference between the trueness of satisfied and wholly satisfied clients.

Put merely. if satisfaction is ranked on a 1-5 graduated table from wholly dissatisfied to wholly satisfied. the 4’s – though satisfied – were six times more likely to desert than the 5’s. Customer trueness manifests itself in many signifiers of client behaviour. Jones and Sasser Jr ( 1995 ) grouped ways of mensurating trueness into three chief classs: ( 1 ) purpose to re-purchase ; ( 2 ) primary behavior – administrations have entree to information on assorted minutess at the client degree and can track five classs that show existent client re-purchasing behavior ; viz. recentness. frequence. sum. keeping. and length of service ; and.

( 3 ) secondary behavior – e. g. client referrals. indorsements and distributing the word are all highly of import signifiers of consumer behavior for an administration. Translating this into university services. this covers purpose to analyze at a higher degree within the same establishment. how often and late a pupil used accessory services. such as the library. catering and IT services. and in conclusion the willingness to urge the establishment to friends. neighbors and fellow employees. Issues impacting on pupil satisfaction Price et Al.

( 2003 ) late reported on the impact of installations on undergraduate pupil pick of university. They surveyed a figure of universities over two old ages in order to find students’ grounds for choosing a peculiar university. The mean consequences for the two old ages were reasonably similar – the top eight grounds being ; it had the right class. handiness of computing machines. quality of library installations. good instruction repute. handiness of “quiet” countries. handiness of countries for self-study. quality of public conveyance in the town/city and a friendly attitude towards pupils.

Clearly. students’ perceptual experiences of a university’s installations are one of the chief influences on their determination to inscribe. Coles ( 2002 ) found that pupil satisfaction is decreased when category sizes are larger in earlier cohorts. and when pupils are taking compulsory nucleus faculties instead than optional faculties. The quality of any of the service brushs. or “moments of truth” ( Carlzon. 1989 ) experienced by clients signifiers portion of their overall feeling of the whole service provided. ( Dale. 2003 ) and by deduction. their feeling of the administration itself.

As Deming ( 1982 ) commented. most people form their sentiments based on the people that they see. and they are either disgruntled or delighted. or some other point on the continuum in between. In order to present high quality services to pupils. universities must pull off every facet of the student’s interaction with all of their service offerings and in peculiar those affecting its people. Servicess are delivered to people by people. and the minutes of truth can do or interrupt a university’s image ( Banwet and Datta. 2003 ) .

In order to present entire pupil satisfaction. all employees of a university should Ad here to the rules of quality client service. whether they be front-line contact staff involved in learning or disposal. or non-contact staff in direction or administrative functions ( Gold. 2001 ; Low. 2000. cited in Banwet and Datta. 2003 ) . In a recent study conducted with 310 all male Saudi Arabian pupils go toing the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. Sohail and Shaikh ( 2004 ) found that “contact personnel” was the most influencing factor in student’s rating of service quality.

However. physical environment. layout. illuming. schoolrooms. visual aspect of edifices and evidences and the overall cleanliness besides significantly contributed to students’ constructs of service quality. Galloway ( 1998 ) studied the function of the module disposal office in one UK University on pupil perceptual experiences of service quality. He found that it impacted straight on pupils and influenced their perceptual experiences of the quality of the whole establishment. The office public presentation besides had a direct impact on academic and proficient staff within the module.

These front-line staff in their bend had a direct impact on pupils. possible pupils and other clients. The chief forecasters of quality for pupils were found to be: . office has a professional visual aspect ; . staff frock cleverly ; . ne’er excessively busy to assist ; and. gap hours are personally convenient. Banwet and Datta ( 2003 ) believed that satisfied clients are loyal. and that satisfied pupils were likely to go to another talk delivered by the same lector or opt for another faculty or class taught by her/him.

In their study of 168 pupils who attended four talks delivered by the same lector. covering sensed service quality. importance and post-visit purposes. they found that pupils placed more importance on the result of the talk ( cognition and accomplishments gained. handiness of category notes and reading stuff. coverage and deepness of the talk and teacher’s feedback on assessed work ) than any other dimension.

This supports the findings of Schneider and Bowen ( 1995 ) who deduced that the quality of the nucleus service influences the overall quality of the service perceptual experience. For universities the nucleus service bringing method is still the talk. Overall Banwet and Datta ( 2003 ) found that students’ purposes to re-attend or urge talks was dependent on their perceptual experiences of quality and the satisfaction they got from go toing old talks. This is supported by the research of Hill et Al. ( 2003 ) who utilised focal point groups to find what quality instruction meant to pupils.

The most of import subject was the quality of the lector including schoolroom bringing. feedback to pupils during the session and on assignments. and the relationship with pupils in the schoolroom. Research by Tam ( 2002 ) to mensurate the impact of Higher Education ( HE ) on student’s academic. societal and personal growing at a Hong Kong university found that as a consequence of their university experience pupils had changed intellectually. socially. emotionally and culturally. This growing was evidenced as pupils progressed from one twelvemonth to another as their university calling developed.

Is this besides the instance with student’ perceptual experiences of service quality and satisfaction? A figure of research workers have suggested that this might so be the instance ( Hill. 1995 ; O’Neil. 2003 ) although obtaining valid and dependable informations to back up such a stance is hard. This survey aims to find if there are differences in those facets of a university service that pupils consider of import. every bit good as their satisfaction degrees. associated with their year/level of survey. i. e. foremost. 2nd and 3rd.


A quantitative study was designed to arouse student satisfaction degrees across the University’s service offerings. The questionnaire consisted of __ inquiries informed by old research surveies and subdivided into the assorted classs of the service merchandise bundle including. talk and tutorial installations. accessory installations. the facilitating goods. the expressed service and the inexplicit service. At the terminal pupils were asked for their overall satisfaction evaluation and whether they would urge the University to a prospective pupil.

The satisfaction inquiries were preceded by a series of demographic inquiries that would let the sample population to be segmented. These included. interalia. inquiries sing gender. age. degree of survey. manner of survey and state of beginning. Engagement in the study was wholly voluntary and anon. . The length and complexness of the questionnaire was influenced. in portion. by the balance between the quest for informations and acquiring pupils to finish the study. The questionnaire was piloted among 100 undergraduate voluntaries.

The length of clip it took them to finish the study was noted and at the terminal they were asked for any remarks sing the cogency and dependability of single inquiries. They were besides asked if there was anything “missing” from the questionnaire. Based on the feedback received a figure of inquiries were amended and the design of the questionnaire altered somewhat. It took on mean 12 proceedingss to finish the questionnaire. In order to acquire as big and representative a sample as possible. we conduct study inquiry in first twelvemonth pupil in all classs in were targeted.

Staff learning these faculties were approached and permission sought to use for a few minuetes of their talk clip in order to explicate the principle behind the study and to carry pupils to finish the study in category. By and large this “personal touch” was successful in arousing a good response. Over the class of the two hebdomads the study was undertaken. merely one individual refused to finish the questionnaire. Research workers are divided as to whether or non determiners of satisfaction should be weighted by their importance because different properties may be of unequal importance to different people.

In this survey both satisfaction and importance were measured. There is no such thing as the perfect evaluation graduated table. However. some produce more dependable and valid consequences than others. Devlin et Al. ( 1993 ) determined that a good evaluation graduated table should hold. inter alia. the undermentioned features: . minimum response prejudice ; . know aparting power ; . easiness of disposal ; and. easiness of usage by respondents. In order to suit these features. the evaluation graduated table contained five points with well-spaced ground tackle points stand foring the possible scope of sentiments about the service.

The graduated table contained a impersonal class and the negative classs were presented foremost ( to the left ) . Therefore. undergraduates were required to react using a 5-point Likert graduated table of 1 to 5. where 1 is really unsatisfactory. 2 is unsatisfactory. 3 is impersonal ( neither satisfactory or unsatisfactory ) . 4 is satisfactory and 5 is really satisfactory. This type of graduated table provides a common footing for responses to points concerned with different facets of the University experience.

The importance that pupils place on each standard was measured using a 5-point Likert graduated table. where 1 is really unimportant. 2 is unimportant. 3 is impersonal ( neither of import or unimportant ) 4 is of import and 5 is really of import. Respondents were asked to click the box next to the figure that represented their sentiment on each point. A sample of 865 pupils from a sum within the Faculty of 3800 was surveyed. The questionnaires were analysed utilizing SPSS v. 11 and Quadrant Analysis conducted in order to find those countries perceived as being the least satisfactory with the greatest importance evaluation.

Finally. answering focal point groups were assembled to discourse some of the issues that required more in-depth analysis and which. due to restraints of infinite and clip. were non explicitly asked about in the original study. Result A sum of — questionnaires were returned. although non all had complete informations sets. Table I inside informations the demographic mix of the respondents. Based on all pupil responses. the most of import ( i. e. list of the top 10 get downing from the highest value ) and least of import ( i. e. list of the bottom 10s get downing from the lowest value ) facets of the University service are shown in Table II. As can be seen from.

Table II the most of import countries of the University services are those associated with acquisition and instruction. Interestingly. given the recommendations of a Government White Paper ( HEFCE et al. . 2003 ) that from 2006 all freshly recruited university learning staff should obtain a instruction making that incorporates agreed professional criterions. the most of import facet of the service is the learning ability of staff. closely followed by their capable expertness.

The consistence of learning quality irrespective of the instructor is besides considered by the respondents as of import. recognizing that learning quality can be variable. The pupils besides recognise the importance of the talk and tutorial. which is non surprising given that for most universities that is still the nucleus service offering and is really much linked to the instruction ability and capable cognition of staff. Teaching and larning support stuffs were Table 1. 1 Demographic mix of respondents GenderMale Female46 54 NationalityHome ( Filipino ) .

International89 4 Mode of StudyFull-time Part-time sandwich Level of studyLevel1 Level2 Level3 Note: Sandwich pupils are those whose plan of survey includes a twelvemonth in industry Table 2. 2 Most of import and least of import facets of service RatingMost ImportantLeast of import 1Teaching ability of staffDecoration in talk installations 2Subject expertness of staffVending machines 3IT facilitiesDecoration in tutorial suites 4LecturesFurnishings in talk installations 5Supplementary talk materialsRecreational installations.

6TutorialsAvailability of parking 7Consistency of learning quality irrespective of teacherThe layout of tutorial/seminar suites 8White boardThe layout of talk installations 9The Learning Resources CentreThe on-campus catering installations 10The accessibility of learning staffThe quality of pastoral support Note: Blackboard is a practical acquisition environment that pupils can entree away and on campus besides ranked extremely. peculiarly auxiliary press release stuffs and the usage of Blackboard for heightening pupil acquisition.

These are largely associated with the expressed service delivered to the pupils and the facilitating goods. With respect to installations. pupils have ranked the importance of IT installations really extremely. reflecting the utility of connexion to the Internet for research intents and package bundles for bring forthing high quality word-processed certification for coursework assignments and thesiss. This links good with the high ranking of the Learning Resource Centre where IT installations can be accessed and books and diaries

sourced in “hard” transcript or electronic transcript. Table II besides shows those countries of the service that pupils find comparatively unimportant. These are largely associated with the talk and tutorial installations and the accessory services. for illustration. layout and ornament of talk and tutorial installations. catering installations and peddling machines. A farther analysis was undertaken to find whether different sections of the answering population had similar or different rankings of the University services’ attributes with respect to importance and humbleness.

With respect to manner of survey. Table III shows the rankings for pupils analyzing full-time with the University. Whilst admiting the fact that 80 per cent of the sample population is full clip pupils. the rankings of those service facets considered most of import are really similar to those for the sample population as a whole. the lone difference being that “supplementary tutorial materials” replaces “approachability of staff” .

Once once more the bulk of facets considered least of import are associated with the installations and accessory services When the positions of Part-time pupils are considered. a figure of interesting differences in their precedences are worthy of treatment. Table Four shows the rankings of service facets for portion clip pupils. The IT installations drops from 3rd to tenth in their importance rankings. possibly declarative of the fact that they have entree to IT installations at work and/or at place. therefore rendering it less of import relation to other facets of service.

Blackboard ( a practical acquisition environment that allows learning staff to do acquisition and other stuff available via the cyberspace ) . on the other manus rises from 10th to 7th in importance bespeaking its utility as a instruction assistance for pupils who do non go to the University on a day-to-day footing and who may lose categories due to work or household committednesss. Interestingly. the “helpfulness of proficient staff” is considered unimportant. once more reflecting their entree to such aid at work or a greater degree of expertness on their portion through working with IT on a day-to-day footing. RankingMost importantLeast of import.

1Teaching ability of staffDecoration in talk installations 2Subject expertness of staffDecoration in tutorial suites 3IT facilitiesVending machines 4LecturesFurnishing in tutorials 5TutorialsFurnishing in talks 6Supplementary lecture materialsAvailability of parking 7Consistency of learning quality irrespective of teacherRecreational installations 8The Learning Resources CentreThe layout of tutorial/seminar suites 9Supplementary tutorial materialsThe on-campus catering installations 10BlackboardThe layout of talk installations Table III. Most of import and least of import service facets for full-time pupils RatingMost importantLeast of import.

1Teaching ability of staffRecreational installations 2Subject expertness of staffVending machines 3Consistency of learning quality irrespective of teacherDecoration in talk installations 4Teaching and larning equipment in lecturesFurnishings in talk installations 5The Learning Resources CentreDecoration in tutorial suites 6LecturesQuality of pastoral support 7BlackboardThe on-campus catering installations 8Supplementary talk materialsThe layout of tutorial/seminar suites 9Supplementary tutorial materialsHelpfulness of proficient staff 10IT facilitiesThe talk installations overall.


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