Student Uniforms Essay, Research Paper

Student Uniforms

Students are ever kicking about the frock codifications at their school,

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and wholly rejecting the thought of school uniforms, but I feel there are

many benefits to this proposal. These yearss everyone is so concerned about

being attractive and popular that they forget the existent ground for traveling

to school. The addition in academic public presentation and school spirit, along

with the lessening in force, is more of import than looking cool for

your friends.

South Carolina school systems have the lowest trial tonss in the state.

Our pupils are non daft ; they merely do non see school assignment a top precedence.

With uniforms for every pupil, there would be less focal point on manner and

more accent on instruction. Our study cards would be posted on the iceboxs

for everyone to see, instead than stuffing them in the underside of our back packs.

The pupils would be rewarded for their attempts, therefore their ego

regard would besides lift.

Adolescent force has reached its extremum in our schools. Last twelvemonth, legion

violent deaths took topographic point at schools around the state, mostly due to teasing

amongst the pupils. Uniforms would forbid the erosion of ironss, big

pockets for concealing arms, and pack colourss worn to motivate battles. Less

pupils would be teased for their garb, and sexual torment caused

by provocative vesture

would come to an terminal. Our schools would supply

a more unafraid environment in which we all could larn.

School spirit in South Carolina is highly deficient, and it shows.

Our athletic squads have really limited support, and it affects their public presentation

greatly. A pupil could be losing on a field trip, and they would non

be located for hours because they merely? blended? with the crowds from

other schools. If we were obligated to have on uniforms, we would be more

recognizable in public milieus, and our sense of school pride would

flower. To cite Henry David Thoreau, ? take the Earth at your pess, and

paint your house that color. ? School spirit should reflect eminently in all

pupils? lives ; non taper off out like a dampened fuse.

Many pupils argue about the limitations on their personal freedom.

They do non recognize that they could still choose their ain trendy accoutrements,

and they can have on whatever they desire at place and on the weekends. I feel

besides, that with a standardised frock codification, single personalities would

radiance, and non be hidden behind the latest manner. Parents are invariably

reding their kids that if everyone appeared the same on the exterior,

people would get down to acknowledge others for what is on the interior. We are

encouraged to alter the criterions and be persons. We should all stand

out in what we achieve, and what we believe ; non in what we wear.

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