Studies convey that  of high school students have sleeping issues as the result of the ingestion of caffeine. The compound is found in many. caffeine on a daily basis can impact the consumers’ abiding health. The sweeping side effects of caffeine come with and migraines. The only to cease the to stop Although, about 90 of Americans caffeine in some form every single day results concerning caffeine can overall impact the future and current generations due to the deep-rooted effects of the compound. Indulging of up to four cups of coffee or tea a day can promote crippling osteoporosis, ulcers, and heart disease. Even though caffeine has a transient enhancing impact, consumers should regulate the amount of intake. If they do not, the long terms outcomes of caffeine can have a negative imprint on the consumers’ life. CaffeineCaffeine is found in prevailing drinks that are within an arm’s reach, making it effortless to consume more caffeine than intended. In America, nearly 80 percent of adults consume caffeine, while  of the world’s population  caffeine to enhance mental alertness (FDA). a person instantaneously lowers their , there  an aftermath of headaches, insomnia, and tiredness. Avoiding the downfall of decreasing intake can advance to an dependence on caffeine. Caffeine amplifies dopamine’s ability to send signals within the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that is released by the nerve cells in the brain, it sends signals to other nerve cells as a form of communion (Merriam Webster). If dopamine’s abilities are amplified, the interaction between the cells is increased, making the consumer feel more alert. This alert feeling could be the cause of the dependence on caffeine. Dependency is the reliance one builds for something, and when they suddenly stops or decrease their intake, their body will go through a period of withdrawal that comes with physical and mental symptoms While an addiction is a disease that results from taking substances regularly becoming enj


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