Harmonizing to Kivela and Crotts, they investigated the manner tourers comprehend and experience gastronomy while sing a finish. Their survey was to happen out if gastronomic tourers represent a distinguishable market section of an overall tourer market in Hong Kong. Their consequences showed that many tourers particularly Taiwan, Japan and Singapore and other states are jointly “ agreed that culinary arts and gastronomy are one of the premier tourer attractive forces in Hong Kong. ” On the other manus, there are another survey on tourers ‘ experiences of gastronomic merchandises was initiated by Henderson ( 2000 ) . His survey was focused on the repute of the peddlers ‘ nutrient and touristry in Singapore. Harmonizing to Henderson ( 2000 ) , peddlers ‘ nutrient was besides the most popular type of culinary art among the international tourers. He pointed that “ peddlers ‘ nutrient is indispensable in advancing the economic system of this state. ” The consequence is obvious and what it was found subsequently by the Singapore Tourism Board ( STB, 2004 ) . As the study stated, most of the Singaporeans agreed that “ nutrient was one of the attractive forces that enticed visitants to Singapore. ” As a finding of fact, the Singapore Tourism Board has included Singaporean nutrient and other related nutrient activities as the chief promotional scheme of their touristry selling program, as a portion of that Singapore has multicultural which represent the current state of affairs at that place.

Similarly, harmonizing to Mohd Hairi et Al ( 2007 ) , Malaysia is one of recognized states in South East Asia with monolithic gastronomic merchandises that can be accessible to international tourers. Malaysia is a state that rich with transnational, multicultural and besides multilingual society which consists of Malays, Chinese and Inidan and every bit good other cultural groups, besides have moulded the alone culinary art which uses combination of spices and flavour ranging from mild to spicy, kick to sweet to lure the roof of the mouth of the individual, as noted by Hutton ( 2000 ) and Mohd Hairi et Al. ( 2007 )

Harmonizing to Karim ( 2006 ) , he found that the nutrient image of a finish and its information beginnings play an of import function in pulling tourers to see a peculiar state. He identified that “ each finish has its ain alone nutrient image that differentiate each of the finish. ” As the consequence, he proposed that projecting a suited nutrient image of a finish and using an appropriate selling scheme through the distribution of information could be used in developing nutrient touristry particularly for a finish that is rich in culinary heritage.

2.2 Destination Image

Harmonizing to Hunt ( 1975 ) , he defined ‘destination image ‘ as visitants ‘ perceptual experiences about a finish. However, some research worker outlined that ‘destination image ‘ was based on cognitive facets as belief and affectional facet as feeling ( Baloglu & A ; McClearly, 1999 ; Byon & A ; Zhang, 2010 ) . Harmonizing to Baloglu and McClearly ( 1999 ) , they categorized ‘destination image ‘ into three chief factors ; cognitive factors ; i.e appraisal procedure for touristry site choice, affectional factors ; i.e belief and attitudes of the mark finish, and conative factors ; i.e the concluding pick of one ‘s finish. This theory besides was supported by Hui and Wan ( 2003 ) . They studied the tourer ‘s perceptual experiences toward Singapore ‘s image by utilizing 8 cognitive image dimensions, which it is dwelling of ; leisure and tourer comfortss, shopping and nutrient Eden, local occupants and night life, political stableness, escapade and conditions, civilization, cleanliness, and besides personal safety and convenience. Furthermore, harmonizing to Bigne, Sanchez, & A ; Sanjez ( 2001 ) , they investigated the interrelatedness among ‘destination image ‘ , perceived quality, satisfaction, purpose to return and eagerness to urge to others in the position of visitants. As the consequence, they found that ‘destination image ‘ had a consecutive consequence on the purpose to return and eagerness to urge to others as good. This is clearly showed that ‘destination image ‘ are unimpeachably influenced in touristry behavioral purposes, particularly the avidity to revisit ( Castro, Armario, & A ; Ruiz ( 2007 ) ; Chi & A ; Qu, 2008 ) .

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2.2 Importance of nutrient in a tourer finish

Harmonizing to Frochot, ( 2003 ) , nutrient has been found to be an attribute whereby tourer perceived the attraction of a finish for a ground other than clime, adjustment and capturing scenery, it is a basic component of the tourer merchandise. Food that related with touristry allows tourers to accomplish the coveted ends of relaxation, exhilaration, escape, position, instruction and life style. Harmonizing to Jones and Jenkins ( 2002 ) , nutrient has been regarded as “ a basic necessity for tourer ingestion but besides an indispensable component of regional civilization. ” A batch of research worker emphasized that nutrient is become an indispensable portion of a finish ‘s individuality and a tourer attractive force in its ain, comparatively than functioning as one of the many finish ‘s characteristics, harmonizing to Hjalager and Richards ( 2002b ) ; Boniface ( 2003 ) ; Long ( 2003 ) .

2.3 Food touristry and nutrient image

Harmonizing to Hall and Mitchell ( 2005, p.74: cited in Tikkanen ( 2007, p.725, ) nutrient touristry defined as “ a trial to primary and secondary nutrient manufacturers, nutrient festivals, eating house and specific locations for which nutrient savoring and/or sing properties of specializer nutrient production parts is the primary motivation factor for travel. ” Boniface ( 2003 ) ; Hall and Sharples ( 2003 ) ; Long ( 2004 ) besides shared a similar definitions of nutrient touristry, whichincluded culinary, epicure and gastronomic touristry.

Asides that, Hjalager & A ; Richards ( 2002 ) stated that nutrient can be a tourer attractive force. Tikkanen ( 2007 ) besides agreed that “ nutrient is an attractive force, is a merchandise constituent, an experience and besides a cultural phenomenon. ”

Harmonizing to Reynolds ( 1993 ) , he considered that nutrient and drink of a group of people can assist them to “ understanding the societal and economic life style of a finish or a state. ” However, Richards ( 2002 ) stated that culinary travelers prefer to look for a alone and different experience during their trip. The tourer ever lament looking for somewhat that is really alone and reliable, i.e lobster in Maine is good known for its popularity and go a regional icon, while New Zealand green mussels are really tender and sweet in flavour contrasting from other states. Nipponese nutrient has typical types of nutrient with a serving manner.

In other manus, harmonizing to Kim et.al ( 2011 ) , he found that there is consecutive relationship between sums of hard currency spent on nutrient at an event, satisfaction and an purpose to revisit. Furthermore, the nutrient quality can be one of the factors which make tourers to hold an purpose to return to a finish. He besides found that nutrient tourers ‘ purpose to return could be explained and predicted by the sensed value of nutrient and satisfaction. Their consequences are besides supported by research documents that conducted by Kim, Goh, and Yuan ( 2010 ) and Kim et Al. ( 2010 ) .

2.4 Food touristry as finish selling

Harmonizing to Buhalis ( 2000 ) ; Chacko ( 1997 ) ; Fyall, Callod & A ; Edwards ( 2002 ) ; Ritchie & A ; Ritchie ( 2002 ) , finish selling is a slippery undertaking since there are legion stakeholders in each finishs with different purposes, dockets and outlooks. Bessiere ( 1998 ) ; Boniface ( 2003 ) ; Long ( 2004 ) ; Quan & A ; Wang ( 2004 ) ; advises that seeking reliable nutrient can be the motivation for going and most significantly, a beginning of visitant satisfaction as Bessiere ( 1998 ) ; Ryan ( 1997 ) suggested. However, harmonizing to du Rand et Al. ( 2003 ) the manner that eating house are highlighted is an of import suggestion about how good experiences of nutrient are being promoted in a finish.

Harmonizing to Baloglu ( 2000 ) ; Getz & A ; Sailor ( 1993 ) ; Gursoy & A ; McCleary ( 2004 ) ; Sirakaya & A ; Sonmez ( 2000 ) ; they advises that effectual information and images need to be invented to convey a coveted emotional responses from clients. Neal, Quester & A ; Hawkins ( 2000 ) approved that image have recognized to be effectual ocular imagination and be given to be stored otherwise than words ( Laskey, Seaton & A ; Nicholls, 1994 ) .

The combination of finish and nutrient may heighten the overall finish image in Perak. The provinces of Perak is celebrated for a Psidium littorale which is known for their delightful mush and aromatic interim pummelo besides celebrated for largest of citrous fruit fruits. Despite of their attractive force, there is no research or any study that had being conducted on tourers ‘ experiences sing Bidor ‘s images nutrient. This survey besides is conducted to seek tourers ‘ experiences toward Bidor ‘s nutrient images as it can be used to present its merchandise as chief attractive force in Perak touristry industry.

2.5 Conceptual model

Echtner and Ritchie ( 1993 ) studied the construct of finish image and recommended a conceptual model that is consisted of three continuums ; for illustration attribute-holistic, functional-psychological and common unique axes. Despite the fact, Gartner ( 1993, 1996 ) argued that the finish images were developed by three related constituents, that is cognitive, affectional and conative. However, harmonizing to Echtner & A ; Ritchie ( 1993 ) , Fakeye & A ; Crompton ( 1991 ) and Gartner ( 1993 ) , irrespective to significance and turning involvement, finish image surveies besides had been criticized as atheoretical and losing a conceptual model. On other manus, harmonizing to Gallarza et Al ( 2002 ) , she proposed a theoretical account that based on four characteristics ; for illustration, complex, multiple, relativistic, and dynamic.

There are few issues related to nutrient in Perak touristry industry which remain ill-defined. The issues are such as how to specify on Bidor ‘s local culinary art as local tourer attractive forces in Perak. To simplify Bidor as little town which it holds tonss of tradition and histories, the image should be take advantage of its strength and potency in nutrient touristry as Echtner & A ; Ritchie ( 1993 ) suggested.

Figure 1 represent a general model of finish image formation were developed by old literature. Several researches agreed that image is chiefly caused or formed by two major forces ; stimulus factors and personal factors. Besides, the general model presented in Figure 1 that served as a model in developing the suggested theoretical account in Figure 2 for this survey.

Figure 1: A general model of Destination Image Information

Although this is qualitative survey, Fawcett & A ; Downs ( 1992 ) , Miles & A ; Huberman ( 1994 ) and Voss et Al. ( 2002 ) advised that such general construct should be presented either in in writing or narrative signifier to explicate the chief elements that need to be observed. For that ground, a conceptual model was modified to avoid the research worker from diverse off from the research aims. Figure 2 demonstrates conceptual model of this survey is shown as below:

Bidor ‘s favorite local culinary arts

Pun Chun Duck Noodles

Pun Chun Wu Kok ( yam whiff )

Seedless Psidium littorale



Bidor as Destination Images

Unique nutrient

Well – known local nutrient

Taste of local fruits


Food presentation

Accessibility convenience

Value for money

Purpose to revisit

Figure 2 shows the suggested component that contributed to the construction of Bidor ‘s finish images and favorite local culinary art as tourer attractive force for Perak nutrient touristry. Solid pointer lines estimated the relationship between both elements. The elements were expected to hold important relationship which it besides reflected on the tourer ‘s purpose to revisit Bidor once more.

2.6 Drumhead

The chief intents of this literature reviews is


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