The globalisation phenomenon is seen as the global motion to convey different states and societies together, leting for greater integrating and contact. Merchandises, thoughts, minutess and information are now able to go around more freely. Consequently, this consequences in a planetary society of similar criterions, where faster communicating between societies would intend rapid betterments in the planetary economic system and living criterions as a whole.

1.1 The Advantages of Globalization

Clear advantages ensuing from globalisation are the more efficient exchange of thoughts and information between people and societies. Key cognition and information in countries of scientific discipline and engineering can be shared more rapidly, leting for the development of new merchandises and solutions to assist us better our day-to-day lives. Much betterment can besides be seen in the planetary economic system due to the greater easiness in fiscal minutess and free trade understandings between states. In add-on, more occupations are created due to the greater easiness for states to put in the underdeveloped states.

1.2 The Disadvantages of Globalization

However, there are the downsides of globalisation as good. Homogeneity and standardisation are frequently seen, go forthing small difference in the single societies. Unique civilizations of the single societies are get downing to gnaw as states strive for advancement and promotion to suit in with the remainder of the universe. One illustration is the traditions of the Masai folk in Africa, which have been scrutinized and abolished by foreigners, is now lost due to globalized interlopers of the land.

Developing states are besides in the hazard of losing their cultural individuality as they tend to encompass the inflow of thoughts and information with unfastened weaponries, and in bend, neglecting civilization heritage and traditions. An addition in consumerism and figure of activities has besides taken a toll on the environment shown by the dramatic addition in pollution degrees and clime alteration.

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Stress degrees are besides on the rise with the greater competition among people and societies as noted by urban Sociologist Georg Simmel in his bookOn Individuality and societal signifier.

2. Impact Globalization has on Tourism

The touristry industry, being an of import sector in the planetary economic system is besides affected by the progressively intense moving ridges of globalisation. It has brought about both positive and negative results and effects.

2.2 Advantages of Globalization on Tourism

One obvious advantage of globalisation on the touristry sector is the addition in the figure of travellers. As people become more cognizant of their surrounding states and the different society out at that place, wonder for the topographic points would be sparked. Fueled by fiscal and societal betterments, people ‘s disposable income would increase, leting them to go more than earlier. The addition in the figure of people going brings with them a demand for hotels, and at the same clip opening up more occupation vacancies and hiking the state ‘s economic system.

2.2 Disadvantages of Globalization on Tourism

On the other manus, there are besides disadvantaged of globalisation on the cordial reception sector. Due to the increasing demand in going adjustments, hotels are jumping up all about, particularly in the bosom of the metropolis where tourers would patronize. Such topographic points are normally busy and noisy, with a similar environing environment as they have back place, which is non ideal as people go on vacation to acquire off from their feverish life style and agenda. The busy scene decreases the quality of relaxation as tourers would non be genuinely able to allow loose and relax. Therefore, there is a demand for invitees to be in a different environmental scene for them to truly relax.

2.2 How Globalization have affected Design in General

Globalization has affected design in many different ways ; from skyscrapers, shopping promenades, franchised eating houses and Bankss are coming to a standardised construction and design. Professor Roger K. Lewis posed a inquiry on his paperArchitecture and the Global Citywhether “ When abroad, how frequently have you felt particularly comfy in a hotel room similar to others you have stayed in, felt relieved perusing a bill of fare with nutrients you recognize, or enjoyed shopping in a shop whose ware and interior design are like the shop at place? ”

2.2.1 How Globalization have affected Design in Hotel Design

The impression of luxury besides evolved, from the simplistic mentality of material ownership and wealth, to the psychological and religious facet of life. Time and experience are now seen as prized trade goods.

With the rapid decrease in infinite and land available, micro-hotels such as the capsule hotels are deriving popularity. Though capsule hotels are little in size, they serve the chief intent and map of impermanent adjustment infinite: a infinite for kiping. The limited available infinite is non merely expeditiously used ; functional comfort is besides taken into consideration. Convenience in location is besides an of import portion of the capsule hotel, where it is located chiefly in busy metropolis country. Such hotels are popular among business communities and tourers, who are looking for a inexpensive topographic point to rest for the dark.

The increased traffic in the littered and noisy urban jungle has besides led to the resurgence of infinites for retreat from the helter-skelter urban scene. As planetary competition among people and industries increases, people are passing more clip working. This consequence in higher emphasis degrees and lesser leisure clip for relaxation and amusement. High degrees of pollution in footings of noise and environment are besides the ground why the demands of such ‘escape ‘ are increasing. Retreats are situated off from urbanisation, where relaxation and repose are prized features.

Another turning tendency is the eco-friendly hotels and resorts. In head of the lifting environmental issues and concerns, these hotels aim for earth-friendly solutions to the different jobs faced, without giving luxury and comfort. One common attack that is adopted by hotels is the usage of non-toxic cleansing agents, recycling of waste from both staff and invitees and the usage of renewable energy.

3. Uniqueness amidst Standardization

Boutique hotels in general, purpose to be alone and different puting themselves apart from the bigger, chief watercourse hotels. Bing in a much smaller graduated table of 3 to 50 invitee suites, dress shop hotels are known for their individualized intervention of single invitees. Ultimately, boutique hotels aim to plan for peculiarity and diverseness. What makes the boutique hotel more ideal is that it is close to the bosom of the metropolis, yet off from the bunco and hustle of the urban jungle.

The construct for the boutique hotel is to supply an flight for people from the busy urbanised scene of mundane life. The chosen site in the Minden Cluster of Tanglin Village fits with my construct as the environing environment is placid and peaceable, different from the littered urban puting which most hotels are located in, yet still shut to the shopping territory at Orchard Road.

The procedure of cleansing one ‘s head and psyche is used in the design attack of my boutique hotel. From the noisy, busy metropolis, one goes through a ablutionary procedure of walking through the infinite to make the ultimate finish of a quiet oasis.

3.1 Cleansing of the head and psyche

It starts off in the anteroom country whereby public countries such as the response and dining countries are located near to the route where the traffic is, and private countries such as the room are placed furthest off from the route, where it is quieter. At the pool country from the anteroom, one goes through a passage country to quiet their heads and filter out distractions and emphasis ensuing from the littered urban metropolis. Ultimately, one reaches an country of peace and repose ; the suites. It is a private oasis for the single invitees, an country which is quiet and relaxed, free from distractions and the nosy eyes of the public sector.

Water is used as the chief component in my design as it brings about a calming consequence and greening of the spirit. Water characteristics are besides used as dividers to heighten the feeling of being surrounded in an oasis. This will supply tourers with a topographic point where they can truly relax and unwind from their day-to-day activities.

3.2 Epicurean comfort

The layout of infinites is non aimed at entirely to maximise net incomes, but more towards the well-being of the invitees. Wide tracts and minimum furniture are purposefully allocated for the invitees to maximise the comfort degrees of the visitants.

The usage of infinite in the anteroom is somewhat different where religious composure of the invitees is translated in footings of enclosed countries with high ceiling, and the drama of visible radiation and H2O elements.

3.3 Relaxation

The term loosen uping infinite comes in many different signifiers and differs with each individual. They can be in the signifier of an enclosed infinite with high ceiling, like those found in churches, or merely being out-of-doorss, near to nature. These are the different sorts of loosen uping infinites that are integrated in the boutique hotel design. Being located at the dorsum of the site, off from prising eyes of the populace, the usage of nature and out-of-doorss is implemented in the private country where the suites are. The suites are designed in blocks, differing from the original architecture of the anteroom block, so as to let for more efficient transverse airing of infinites. With the usage of workss as soft boundaries, changeless fresh air can be expected when remaining the suites, guaranting comfort for the staying invitees.

5. Decision

The inquiry to inquire is ‘does globalisation truly better our quality of life? ‘ Advancing engineering may hold provided us with merchandises and services to ease our jobs in life, but globalisation have besides brought approximately different sorts of jobs, such as the addition in stress degree with the of all time increasing fast-paced life styles of people. Increase in human activities and demands have besides cause a strain on the environment with the declining pollution and a alteration in the ecological system, along with a greater addition in stress degree in people. Fast-paced life styles are seen all around the universe, even when people are on vacations and being surrounded by similar feverish environments. So, have globalisation so better our life quality?


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