Broad effects of psychological treatments (Specific treatment for a disorder may fix combine disorders) What is negative reinforcement? Strengthen response (reduces emotion short term) via avoidance (teaches avoidance as effective coping) What are two common misappropriates of a situation? High probability of negative event and bad consequences (catastrophic) What is involved in cognitive reappraisal? Evidence for and against each interpretation and generating alternative appraisals Why Is It Important for patients with Emotional Disorders to be stabilized on their medication prior to receiving an Intake Interview?

So the therapist has a clear picture of actual symptoms as opposed to symptoms that may be caused by the initial addition or removal of a medication. What are three general categories of emotional avoidance strategies? Behavioral avoidance, cognitive avoidance, safety signals Why is self-monitoring important for the treatment process? Subtle The therapist is able to discuss specific situations or events that occurred over the past week and may have contributed to emotional reactions. Patients’ retrospective recall of past episodes of anxiety may be inflated.

Self monitoring forms allow for a respective, and more accurate, account of anxiety episodes. Practicing awareness of the emotions In the present moment Is believed to be an Important component of What are common components of treatment for emotional disorders? Psychoacoustics Antecedent Cognitive Reappraisal Prevention of Emotional avoidance Modifying Debs (emotion-driven behaviors) e. G. , escape for panic; hyperventilate for anxiety; withdrawal for sadness Emotional Disorders Fact Sheet Lariats Bantering , Gillian Dominant , Kristin Winooski and Jib Pillowslip Types of Emotional Disorders Anxiety disorders


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