Since the open-up and reform policy has been implemented, particularly after the 1990s, the influence of economic globalisation has deepened and FDI come ining into China ‘s service industry has increased well. Under such circumstance, the employment of China has increased easy with features of apparent regional maldistribution and replacing.

The difference in regional employment is closely related with the choice and penchant of FDI. The gathered statistic shows that at the clip when FDI in China ‘s service industry has increased well in China, FDI in China ‘s service industry has entered into China with an unbalanced attack no affair from the position of single state or in footings of three parts.

In this thesis, the writer took advantage of the attack of empirical research, which demonstrates that FDI in China ‘s service industry has a stable quantitative relationship with the employment of China. Supposing that other conditions stay unchanged, when the figure of 100 million US dollar is absorbed into China ‘s service industry, 13,260 people would be employed straight.

In another word, when FDI in China ‘s service industry additions by 1 % , the rate of employment in China would increase 0.1 % . FDI in China ‘s service industry non merely influences the current period of employment, it besides has a deep influence on the ulterior period. The long-run consequence of FDI on China ‘s employment has been justified by the analysis of this thesis.

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When a daze is given to FDI and other conditions are supposed to keep unchanged, no affair how long it takes, the degree of employment would non retrieve its original place, which demonstrated that FDI has a long-run influence on the employment of China.


On the footing of the analysis of the aforesaid issues, following recommendations are proposed.

First, it is of great significance to absorb FDI into China ‘s service industry in a big graduated table and to make more occupation chances. At present, the figure of people who work for Foreign Service companies has witnessed a significant growing, but the figure of employees from Foreign Service companies in the entire national employed people in China histories for a really little proportion, which shows that there is a great potency for FDI in China ‘s service industry make more parts to excite China ‘s employment growing.

Therefore, for the interest of settling the employment issue in China, it makes sense for China to follow more policies and steps to absorb FDI. The issue of employment is non merely related with economic sciences, but besides concerned with political relations every bit good as societal stableness.

The cardinal attack for work outing the employment issue is to do advancement in economic system. Under the circumstance of deficiency of adequate capital in domestic market, it is really of import to pull foreign capital into China ‘s service industry. At a clip when China has experienced economic passage, due to systematic reform and structural accommodation, the figure of unemployed people has increased necessarily.

Therefore, systematic and structural unemployment is one of deep-rooted jobs confronting for China ‘s reform towards to market economic system. At the same clip, from the position of macro-economy, China has transformed from deficit economic system to otiose economic system times.

As the effect, the comparative market impregnation and increased troubles in production and gross revenues have made it more hard to increase the employment than of all time before. The troubles of making more occupation chances are generated from the passage of labour-intensive economic system towards a capital and engineering intensive economic system.

What is more, China is a thickly settled state and is lack capital accretion because of immense ingestion power. Sing the developing engineerings, China is confronted with more reverses in developing its economic system, which make the realisation of increasing employment really hard.

By and large talking, investing growing has a positive correlativity with economic advancement, and economic development has a positive relationship with employment. Therefore, employment can be increased due to the growing of investing.

Through multiplier consequence, national income has multiplied because of the increasing of investing, and national income can excite the economic growing through ingestion. This is alleged acceleration rule. And when the economic system additions by 1 % , 1000000s of people would be employed.

In recent old ages, FDI in China ‘s service industry part to the economic growing has increased steadily. Therefore, China should take more steps to pull investing and to do farther advancement in economic system for the intent of increasing employment.

Second, in visible radiation of the aforesaid influence of FDI on China ‘s employment and the great domestic employment force per unit area, it is strongly recommended to pull FDI into China ‘s labour-intensive service industry. Harmonizing to the H-O theoretical account, when a state is comparatively otiose in labour resources, the competitory advantages of a state prevarication in labour-intensive industry.

And when the state, under the counsel of competitory advantage theory, develops labour-intensive service industry, more low-priced labours and less capital would be made usage of. Therefore, services provided by the state would moo in monetary value with a high quality.

At the same clip, net income would be increased well and, doubtless, transformed into capital accretion. This procedure would do farther development in China ‘s economic system every bit good as its employment. One the most of import factors for China to pull foreign capital is its abundant labour of low monetary value ( Fang, 2008 ) .

Therefore, it is of great significance to do best usage of this advantage by foregrounding this competitory advantage. At the same clip, it is of equal significance to curtail foreign investors to do investing into concentrated market. Besides, when foreign concern airss direct challenges with domestic endeavors in service industry, this besides should be forbidden.

At the clip when foreign capital would hold a positive influence on China ‘s employment, it besides has crowded out consequence. Many grounds account for this phenomenon.

One of the most of import factors is that foreign and domestic endeavors have to vie of the finite market chances, production factors every bit good as limited market infinite.

In this competition, superior production factors are in favour of foreign endeavors because of their advantages in engineering, direction and other factors. Therefore, domestic companies are defeated, even could be squeezed out.

Consequently, 1000000s of people from these companies face the destiny of losing their occupations. Therefore, when it comes to absorbing FDI, it is of great necessity to curtail foreign investors to come in into the concentrated market or to get the better of domestic companies in the market competition.

In effect, it makes sense to promote FDI to develop new service merchandises to make full market vacancies or to work a bigger ingestion market. The enlargement of ingestion market would excite new investing and make more occupation chances.

At the same, it is of import to promote foreign invested company to buy national produced investing goods to heighten investing multiplier and spread out employment graduated table. Besides, FDI has a indirect influence on the employment of the host state through the links of upstream and downstream industries.

The upstream industries connected with FDI refer to the providers for intermediate merchandises of foreign endeavors. And the downstream industries indicate distributers, agents and other service suppliers. The occupation chances generated indirectly by FDI are even bigger than the straight created businesss. Harmonizing to a conservative estimation, the indirect employment consequence aroused from FDI in China duplicate the direct consequence.

Third, from the long-run position, the employment consequence of FDI in China ‘s service industry should be attached to better the construction of employment and to heighten the quality of employees ( Hen, 2006 ) . The occupation chances provided by FDI do the tuging factor to flux from traditional countries to service industry. This is favourable for heightening the efficiency of resources allotment every bit good as bettering the productiveness efficiency of the whole industry.

After come ining into WTO, China has seen two great alterations in FDI. First, with big companies pouring into China one after another, the engineering content of FDI has been improved and more and more R & A ; D centres have been constructed in China. Second, the construction of FDI in China ‘s service industry has been optimized when China opened its service industry in an all circular manner.

These two alterations would doubtless convey occupation chances for the gifted people in service industry. In recent old ages, graduation pupils face the great troubles to acquire employed. Take the twelvemonth of 2002 for case, there were 500,000 college pupils unemployed.

One the most of import grounds accounting for this phenomenon are that they have set excessively high outlooks for their calling and they would instead non travel to work alternatively of acquiring an unsated occupation. When it comes to foreign endeavors, they are better than domestic companies both in hardware and soft environment.

Besides, they can supply higher wages every bit good as be helpful to do realisation of dreams of university graduations. Therefore, from this position, FDI in China ‘s service industry can play an of import function in loosen uping the tenseness of the employment issue for college pupils.

In footings of industry, service industry includes traditional and modern service industry. Traditional service industry chiefly contains dining, lodging, keeping service, commercial retailing, etc ; and the modern industry refers to finance, insurance, existent estate, which is the tendency and way of the universe. Because they are the force for upgrading industrial construction and the economic growing point, it is of great significance to pull FDI in this country.


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