The Qin dynasty was the First Emperor in China and he had a major ground forces. During this clip the Confucius doctrine was banded because Qin dynasty thought that it was menace to his government and destroyed all the authorship works about Confucius doctrine. During this clip he besides built the Great Wall of China.

  • Great Wall of China
  • This was built along the northern side of China during the clip of the Qin dynasty. It is 1, 500 stat mis long wall and was built by utilizing 700,000 workers. The chief intent of this wall was to protect China from outside enemies. The Great Wall of China was built during the clip of Qin dynasty.

  • Varna
  • This is a Neolithic grave site located near the Black Sea. It was discovered around 1971. In this site, around 200 Gravess were found. Some of the Gravess indicated high standing persons, and some Gravess were empty except for sedate goods. From this site, archeologist found tonss of gold artefacts.

  • Otzi
  • Otzi besides good known as the “ Ice adult male ” . He was discovered in 1991 near the Italian Alps. He was located in a glacier at 10,500 foot. He is dated around 5,300 BP. Ice adult male belongs to the early Neolithic period. Some alone events led to the saving of the organic structure. After carry oning the necropsy, archeologists found this person is around 30 old ages old and had broken ribs, cuts, contusions and an pointer lesion in the upper dorsum of the organic structure.

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    Part -2

    Ancient Egypt and China are two of the universe ‘s oldest civilisations. These two civilisations took portion in two corners of the universe and both of them are wholly different to each other. Both of the civilisations are alone, advanced and good developed, in comparing with other societal constructions of the universe. Egyptian and Chinese civilisations have some recognizable similarities, such as both these civilisations were based on a river, built celebrated memorials, believed in the hereafter, had well-developed authorship accomplishments and had a good agribusiness system.

    Ancient Chinese and Egyptian civilisations were located in two different geographical locations. Egyptian civilisation was born near the Nile Valley, which was fertile swatch of land surrounded by desert. The Nile River flows towards North and it had predictable implosion therapy. In the same manner the Chinese land was born from the Yellow River. China besides had the Gobi desert as portion of their land. These two states are still celebrated in the universe because of the monumental architecture: In Egypt the pyramids and in China, the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was built along the northern boundary lines of China to protect China from enemies outside the state. This was built during the Qin dynasty period. This wall is 1,500 stat mis long and was built by 700,000 people. This Wall has been constructed and rebuilt during the Qin, Han, and Ming dynasty periods. The building of this Wall began around 5th century and ended about 16th century. The Great Wall of China is known as the universes largest adult male made building in footings of surface and country. During the building of this wall, legion people died and most of the dead organic structures are buried under the Great Wall. During the early phases of its building, the wall was made of clay, bricks and rocks. On the other manus there are tonss of pyramids in Egypt but the Great pyramid of “ Khufu ” is the biggest one of all. This pyramid is one of the pyramids in the Giza composite which has two more pyramids. It is believed that this pyramid was built as King Khufu ‘s grave. Workers spent 20 old ages constructing it and used 2.3 million limestone blocks. It is good known as tallest adult male made construction of the universe. The technique they used to construct this is really sophisticated and advanced. Similarly ancient Chinese male monarchs besides built grave. An illustration is the Qin dynasty ‘s grave. All these graves has grave goods such as things they used in there life.

    The category system of the society in both of the civilisations has some differences. In China, there was an upper category and lower category. In the lower category there were two more subclasses such as equestrians and cattle herder. Servants in the aristocracy houses represented a higher category. The military formed as another particular category. As portion of the higher category in China and Egypt, male monarchs acted as God and King higher-up. The King and the male monarchs ‘ replacement ever came through the household. Peoples had to function the male monarch. However, Egyptian adult females had the same standing as the work forces, which was one of the cardinal characteristics in ancient Egyptian society.

    Writing in both civilisations was really advanced because they used their ain linguistic communications. In Egypt, they used Hieroglyph system, which was done in papyrus foliages. In the early yearss these hieroglyph Hagiographas were used more frequently for administrative work and spiritual intents. In China, art and literature is good developed during this clip. Get downing from Confucius, there were many celebrated authors, bookmans and poets.

    The agribusiness of the both societies was based on the fertile dirt around the river. The Chinese people grew rice and the Egyptian people grew wheat as their chief harvest. However, before agriculture, people around the Nile lived by angling and runing. Both of these civilisations had some unique and some sophisticated engineering for agribusiness. In Egypt the engineering they used to construct the pyramids and temples was astonishing. One of the greatest innovations of ancient Egypt is the calendar. They used the calendar to maintain path of the implosion therapy of the Nile River which began in mid June and lasted until mid October. The engineerings used by the Chinese people are more advanced than the Egyptian people. From their engineering, they created some great innovations such as the compass, gun pulverization and printing. These innovations changed the life of the hereafter world. ( “ Ancient Egypt ” by David P. Silverman, General Editor, “ China ” by C.P Fitzgerald, “ Chinese Civilization ” – Eichhorn )

    “ Ancient Egypt ” by David P. Silverman, General Editor, “ China ” by C.P Fitzgerald and “ Chinese Civilization ” – What is traveling on here? Eichhorn describes Ancient Egypt and China. From these books we can place the features of each civilisation. They besides describe the alone characteristics of these clip periods. The people lived through some tough times but managed to last. Both of the civilisations started without proper leading but the minute they got the proper leading these civilisations changed and developed their architecture, composing, agribusiness and engineering. The unbelievable findings in these civilisations are still one of the greatest finds of the universe. China and Egypt are two different parts of the universe that have two different civilizations, but they left so many footmarks in history that can non be replaced by any other civilisation on Earth.

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