Construction Procurement is doing determination on a assortment on the undertaking current needs to do certain that the undertaking can be wholly finished on clip, within budget and duplicate client expects quality. Procurement mob can assist the concerned organisation to understand their functions and relationship to accomplish the building undertaking get possible high net income and possible best quality. It can assist client to choose a suited building organisation ( chief contractor, sub-contractor etc ) . The procurance besides can assist the building organisation to supply at the best possible cost to run into the client required quality, measure and clip.

Client ‘s Profile & A ; Project demand

Now you consider to reconstruction their 3 bing hotel in the South East of UK. Even though you have a batch of experience for edifice redevelopment, you do non hold adequate experience and unable to give sufficient clip to supply effectual advice during edifice design phase.

Base on your re-open planning ( program day of the month is 1st April 2015 ) , this undertaking should hold a certainty of undertaking programme and good building planning to accomplish your concern planning. You can acquire ?12 million ( estimated ) from bank. You want acquire better design solution and can utilizing good quality stuff within undertaking budget.

When choice procurance path, you should be considered your company status that can assist you command and cut down undertaking hazard ( like clip, cost and edifice quality ) .

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You want built a better quality than their existing hotel quality. And this new hotel should be staying the design manner. But the new hotel should be increase some new design different old edifice to provide to hotel guest demand. It besides meets your concern scheme ( wants acquire long term net income from this undertaking, belongs to primary scheme ) . The new design should be include:

High Class Restaurant

Swiming pool and Children Play Garden.

Studios. The dance studios can supply nuptials and company party service. This service can acquire extra net income.

Dance & A ; Health and fittingness Centre ( like Gym room and spa room )

Conference and meeting room

Sky garden on the roof

Guest Rooms

Due to local conditions status and your Business planning, the undertaking merely have 12 months including design phase and building phase ( Plan start day of the month on 1st March 2014, Handover day of the month on 28th February 2015 ) . And all sites will necessitate the destruction of unsound constructions and reconstructing.

Propose Procurement Route

Base on Client status and demand, we will analysis and compare 4 different types of suited procurement path for this undertaking. And we will urge one best suited procurance mob.

1. Traditional Procurement Path

Traditional procurance path is suited all status of Client and all different map of edifice. Using this path, you need supply your brief and budget for this undertaking. You can name us for assisting your control undertaking design and costing. We can establish on your demand, status and concern unusual provide suited hotel design and undertaking sum ( estimated ) . After you confirm the design, we can name stamp for the building phase. We will assist you fix the contract papers for clear up the item duty between you and appointed chief contractor. The contract papers will include full set of design drawing, design specification and stamp decrease.

You will hold a fixed undertaking cost and finish day of the month. If have any fluctuation order or extension of clip, you and contractor can establish the contract papers to unclutter the duty.

This procurance routes has low cost hazard and clip hazard ( building clip ) . Using this procurance path, this undertaking can be finished within planned undertaking continuance ( within 12 months ) and budget ( below ?12 million ) . Easy define the fluctuation order and duty for undertaking hold, is major advantage of this path.

If have any design mistake, its duty will be belongs to you. But you still have more than one twelvemonth ( present to 1st April 2014 ) for the hotel design. We will supply professional sentiment on the design phase to assist you minimise the design mistake.

2. Design & A ; Build Procurement Route

Lack of building experience client, rawness client or do non desire close involvement client can see this procurance path. This mob is largely utilizing simple edifice ( like hotel, infirmary, school and so on ) .

This path non requires you involve project design phase. The chief contractor has to the full responsibility for edifice design and building. You merely supply the undertaking mercantile establishment design and demand for stamp in pre-contract phase. The contractor can supply professional advice for item proficient design. After awarded this undertaking to chief contractor, they can building at same clip with design phase. This path can cut down entire undertaking continuance ( comparison to traditional path ) . This is suited for the fast path undertaking.

But this path has high design and quality hazard. The concluding design and edifice quality may non be able to accomplish your regard. Even though this procurance contract besides is lump amount contract, you still can non acquire the surely cost and handover day of the month before the contractor coatings and build their proposed design. And utilizing this path is hard to specify the fluctuation order for non-experience client.

3. Management undertaking Procurement Route –

Management undertaking Procurement Route is suited for holding building experience client and fast trailing & A ; complex undertaking.

The design phase will bear down by adviser and chief contractor before the design has completed. But during this phase, you need give effectual advice for the buildability and O.K. design proposal. After design approved, contractor can get down the building phase instantly. The contract should be signed by direction contractor and work subcontractor, and has a footing undertaking fee. But concluding cost demand confirm after confirmed the last bundle.

Normally the undertaking will be completed on clip. The edifice quality and design can fit client demand and outlook. The Management contractor has to the full duty for undertaking hold and any defect. If this undertaking has any hold and defect, the client still can merely cover with the direction contractor to work out job.

But the undertaking will be separated by different single sub-contractor and providers. It is hard to do a good communicating environment for the sub-contractor and provider. So the quality is hard to command. And need supply a good undertaking be aftering agenda by the direction contractor.

4. Construction Management Procurement Route

This path is largely same with Management Contracting Procurement Route. But still hold some status is different. For contract amount, you should rede the appointed building director. Differently with Management undertaking Procurement Route, the Contract amount has a fee footing, but can non be negated.

You need cover with different sub-contractor, non merely cover with contract direction. Because they merely need dressed ore to the design phase and will be expected to organize the design and building coders, to guarantee the trade bundle can be considered. This mob requires you involve in whole undertaking coders ( including design and building phase ) . And you must give the building direction and sub-contractor straight determination for the undertaking.

Normally the undertaking besides will be finished on clip, and edifice quality and design can fit client demand and outlook. Due to contract mark by different sub-contractor and provider, the duty for undertaking quality and timing is belongs to single sub-contractor and provider. And if have any hold and defect, you should direct trade with different company.


Based on our professional experience and see project continuance of clip, cost, quality, constructing map and client ‘s status, we propose you choose the Traditional Procurement path for this Reconstruction undertaking. You really pay attending for the undertaking timing and budget. If choose the Traditional Procurement path, you can acquire surely cost and undertaking finished day of the month at get downing.

And for the hotel design, this path will assist your acquire a hotel to fit your demand and your company concern scheme.

We hope this proposal can fit your demand.


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