Laboratory Final Exam Guidelines The laboratory exam will be given on Tuesday December 4th (sections 0375 and 3252) or Thursday December 6th (section 3253) and consist of an open book portion given In CAMS 105 followed by a practical portion (closed book) to be given in the lab (CAMS 002). You will not need a Cantors. For the open book test, be sure to bring any resources you may need Including your lab manual, lab notebook, safety guidelines and handouts. For the practical portion there will be 28 stations set up In the laboratory with something to observe and one r more questions at each station.

You will have 1 minute per station after which you will need to move to the next station. You may also be asked to perform various laboratory skills (see below). In preparation, be sure to understand and be able to recognize and/or Interpret the following: Lab 3-1 : Light Microscope Basic microscope parts/functioning Identify prepared slides of the following organisms: Labs 3-3: Eukaryotic Organisms Identify prepared slides of the following organisms and/or structures: Protozoa: Amoeba, Paramecium, Plasmid, Transoms Algae: Diatoms, Spirogyra, Volvo Hilliness: Tapeworm, fluke

Fungi: Methyl blue stain of yeast cells (Chromosomal expressionless of Rhizomes, considerer of Penicillin Staining Labs (3-6, 3-7, 3-8, and 3-9) – Identify and correctly interpret the following: Lab 3-6: Gram stain Lab 3-7: Acid Fast stain Lab 3-8: Capsule stain Lab


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