Summarizes the movie and explains the unjustness of the government of Mexico at the time. Compares to the Watergate Scandal. By hangout Oscar Roomer was a brave Catholic Bishop in El Salvador in an environment where public religious celebrations were considered rebellious, and speaking your mind meant defying the government and risking execution. Roomer saw nothing but to defend his clergy and he greatly disagreed with acts done by the government.

However, after he had seen so many of his fellow pastor brothers murdered because they preached of the injustices within El Salvador to the people in states of poverty, ho had been continually oppressed by the wealthy landowners and government, his thoughts of the role of the church changed. He felt he could no longer let the government brutality and the divisions of the social and economical injustices go on within his country.

Through preaching and nonviolent actions, Oscar Roomer made It clear that he wanted the oppression of the poor stopped, the poor liberated, and the words of God that killing should be stopped, to spread, but he wanted these social Justices to come about through the peaceful means. Oscar Roomer was not only a man of love, signified faith, valor, and hope; he was a man of social justice. Oscar knew he had to defend his people and if that meant dying, he was willing to do so. He succeeded in his attempt to bring life back into his people, and give them the will to keep fighting; however this eventually came with a price.

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After causing so much controversy with Inciting people against the military, the military took a stand. Because the government was already responsible for attempting to repress Roomer, but falling, they took the only other option and assassinated him. The symbol for his cause and his leadership was displayed during the assassination, as he was consecrating the Eucharist. An event that occurred that showed the corruption even in the society of the United States, occurred earlier than Roomer’s fight for social justice.

Nixon became President in 1968 and from the day he entered office he started a war against his other political opponents. Nixon got the IRS to look into a lot of the Democratic parties to see if they could be audited in anyway possible. This created a lot of tension between the Nixon administration and the Democratic Party. In 1970 the leaks of national security which included his spying on his rivals became a problem for Richard Nixon. (Garment, Leonard, In Search of Deep Throat, Basic Books, New York, 200, 27-54. ).

Fifteen taps were put In place but after some legal questionably only four were kept. Role as President of the United States, but the nations view on politicians in general. Rhea break-in leaked fast and some reporters at the Washington Post then began to “rite reports that the break in was linked to Nixon and his staff. This soon grew into full fledged investigation by the FBI into the burglars and the people that hired them. Richard Nixon denied that neither he nor any of his staff were involved in the scandal.

When the burglars went to trial, the story turned from a small break-in to a national scandal. These series of events brought to new light the policy behind the President’s privacy and the use of executive privileges by President Nixon. Eventually Nixon tried to keep the information leaks as isolated as possible and often broke the law in an effort to keep the information secret. However, in June 1971, The New York Times began publishing The Pentagon Papers. Rhea Pentagon Papers where photocopied documents containing secret information n the United States involvement in the Vietnam War.

These papers led to another article in the Washington Post about the United States and the Soviet Union having military relations. In the end, it was proven that even people who appeared to be on Onion’s side, knew Nat he was doing was morally wrong and unjust. They took the chance to oppose Onion’s repression and leak information to the press to show the world the his corrupt acts. Of course the opposition led to the eventual early retirement of Nixon and resignation from office, showing that over time, righteousness does prevail.


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