( 1 ) Subject Clauses
That he has helped me is a fact.
Whether she will get in clip is non certain.
How the stealer stole in last dark remains a enigma.
What we are making today is something new and particular.
It is non certain whether she will get in clip.

( 2 ) Complement Clauses ( Predicative Clauses )
The fact is that he is truly working difficult every twenty-four hours.
This is what I am looking for.
This is who I met at the airdrome.
That is where we change from coach to develop.
That was merely when they came to see us from the USA.
China is no longer what it used to be.

( 3 ) Object Clauses
I know ( that ) China is our fatherland.
Peoples used to state ( that ) the early bird catches the worm.
He hasn’t asked why she can’t work out this job rapidly. Cipher can state whether [ if ] the manager will subscribe the papers. She reminded me that I should do some remarks at the meeting. The physician suggested to him that he should give up smoke.

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( 4 ) Attributive Clauses ( Adjective Clauses )
You can acquire the novel that [ which ] is lying on the tabular array.
Make you cognize the adult male who [ that ] is standing by the door?
This is the most utile book ( * ) I’ve of all time read. ( *that / which ) All ( * ) you have mentioned is really sensible. ( * that )
He is a really celebrated professor ( * ) many people respect. ( * whom / that ) This is the male child whose female parent is our instructor.
That adult male wore an old jacket whose arms were worn-out.
Can you see the house whose door is broad unfastened?
There are times when I miss my household really much.
Which is the section where you work?
He didn’t state me the ground why he refused our offer.

( 5 ) Adverbial Clauses ( Adverb Clauses ) .
A. Time ( ?? ) : when. whenever. as. while. before. after. since. until. boulder clay. now ( that ) . one time. as shortly as… People greet the celebrated vocalist whenever he appears.
Every forenoon he jogs a stat mi or two before he goes to work.
Where have you been working since you left school?
Don’t leave the train until [ till ] you reach Cardinal Terminus. Once I get place. I’ll be able to hold a existent remainder.

B. Place ( ?? ) : where. wherever
You can travel where you like.
I’m ready to run into her where I foremost met her.
The constabulary will happen him wheresoever he may conceal.

C. Cause or Reason ( ?? ) : because. since. as. seeing that. now that. that… We didn’t purchase the desiccant because it was excessively expensive.
Since [ As ] I’ve no clip. I can’t travel to your topographic point today. We can’t expect you to come visual perception ( that ) you’re so busy. I’m sword lily ( that ) you’ve won the award. We are proud that our fatherland is going stronger.

D. Purpose ( ?? ) : that. so that. in order that. in instance. for fright that… He worked really hard so that he would win in concern.
They are be aftering everything carefully in order that they may purchase a level in the close hereafter. We arrived early so ( that ) we wouldn’t miss anything.
Take down some notes in instance you forget.

E. Result ( ?? ) : that. so ( that ) . such… that…
He got a good book. so ( that ) he learnt English rapidly.
It rained so difficult that we shut all the Windowss.
It is such an interesting movie that I’ll ne’er bury it.

F. Comparison and Degree ( ??,?? ) : as ( so. such. as ) . than This book is non so [ as ] simple as you think.
That movie was non such an interesting one as I imagined.
He is much older than he looks.
His undertaking was more hard than mine.
She speaks English more fluently than you. a
You are stronger than me [ I ]

G. Manner ( ?? ) : every bit. as if. as though…
She is traveling to pass her vacation as she likes.
You must execute your responsibilities as the manager tells you.
Our squad will crush them as we did last fall.
He acted as if [ as though ] nil had happened.

H. Condition ( ?? ) : if. unless ( = if…not ) . so [ as ] long every bit. so far as. on status ( that ) … If anyone calls. state them to go forth a message.
You will go through the test if you study harder.
You will non go through the test unless you study harder.
( = if you do non analyze harder. )
We’ll win so [ as ] long as we make greater attempts.
They’ll give you help on status that you ask them.
They’re helpful so far as I know.

I. Concession ( ?? ) : ( Al ) though. even if. even though. as. nevertheless. no affair ( what… ) Although it’s still raining. we’ll have to go forth.
He made rapid advancement even if [ even though ] he didn’t acquire a award. No affair how [ However ] hard the exercisings are. we must complete them today. No affair what [ Whatever ] he says. I’ll non alter my head. ( No affair ) Whether they agree or non. we’ll continue our experiment.

Examples of Compound-Complex Sentences
1. You may all of a sudden necessitate money for exigencies. so it is wise to larn to salvage some when you are immature. 2. We have more and more people. therefore we need more and more nutrient and other things which can assist people in their lives. 3. There is non adequate farming area and fresh H2O in Hong Kong. therefore many people have worked difficult to do certain that we ever have nutrient to eat and H2O to imbibe. 4. A visitant can pass hebdomads in Hong Kong without holding the faintest thought of the lay-out of the metropolis if he goes everyplace by auto. coach or MTR. but a position from the Peak gives a map of Hong Kong. its lay-out and its beauty. 5. I do non frequently visit museums or exhibitions. but Beijing has long been the capital of an ancient civilisation. so when I was there last fall. I decided that I truly ought to see its legion aggregations of historic significance. 6. Though I made a error of seeing excessively many things in excessively short a clip. I visited one museum and it gave me such a deep feeling that I can ne’er bury.


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