How the Spaniard influence Philippines literature.
What are the alterations made by the Spaniard to the Filipino tradition. How Spaniard alteration Filipinos life.
Why did the Spanish mendicants burned down our ascendant records. What are the books printed during the Spaniard clip

The Pre Spanish Time period

The assortment and copiousness of Philippine literature evolved even before the colonial periods. Some parts of the Filipino literature are influenced by some Asiatic states that foremost traded with the Filipinos long clip ago. Folk narratives. heroic poems. verse forms and endurance contest chants existed in most ethno lingual groups that were passed on from coevalss to coevalss through word of oral cavity. Literary works Filipinos are unwritten because of the ground that written literature is unaccessible. Even though Filipinos had their ain system of composing. it can non be preserved in lasting stuffs. They started composing on clays. barks of trees and other natural resources available in the Pre Colonial Period.

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Belief in autochthonal religious beliefs is permeant in the olden times. This faith is besides known as animism. The term animism applies to the belief that within all animals and all objects there exists a psyche or personality. It is therefore a religious belief. and many bookmans have offered the thought that animism was the first religious construct of world. and that it underlies all farther spiritual idea. Filipinos believed that there are Gods and goddesses of everything in nature. Animism gave birth to folk narrations. conundrums. Proverbs. vocals. ritual chants and heroic poems.

Folk Narratives

Filipino folk tales ( kwentong bayan ) sprung and spread in the olden yearss. . Filipino folk tales are narratives that form portion of the unwritten tradition in the Philippines. They have been passed on coevals to coevals by word of oral cavity instead than by composing. and the narratives have been modified by uninterrupted retellings before they were written down and recorded in the modern times. Folktales in general include fables. fabrications. gags. tall narratives and fairy narratives. Many of the folk tales in the Philippines affect fabulous animals and charming transmutations. Folktales in the Philippines are thought to demo the tradition of the Philippines. Folktales can be classified into four major groups:

1. Filipino MYTHS

are about the creative activity of the existence. God ( Bathala or Maykapal ) . and the beginning of adult male. supernatural existences and native Filipino heroes. Example: How the World Began ( A popular Bukidnon Folk Tale ) 2. FILIPINO LEGENDS ( alamat )

associate the beginning of local phenomena. topographic points. workss. animate beings. things and names. Legends are narratives that tell the beginning of certain things. topographic points. etc. Myths and legends served to explicate natural phenomena and people’s belief so that the members of their communities would understand cryptic things in their environment and likely go less fearful of them Examples: How did Kanlaon Volcano came to be ; why is the Philippines made up of so many island


are narratives about animate beings and inanimate existences that are made to talk and move like rational existences. Filipino fables state moral lessons to people.


are narratives about the unobserved universe or the underworld and withodd. charming and supernatural characters


Chants besides refer to folk vocals. Folk vocals aid show the feeling and reactions of Filipinos in their day-to-day life. Folk vocals touches all facets of life. be it love. cradlesong. game. runing. hailing. seafaring. etc. The uninterrupted jubilations gave birth to these folk vocals.


Riddles besides impart in the development of literature in Pre – Spanish Period. Riddles express “talinghaga” . or Metaphor in English. It shows some resemblance between two different objects. Riddles are used to entertain people.

The usage. idea. mundane life. and native environment of the Filipinos are pictured by agencies of conundrums. Answering conundrums is a native game of the head common in the Philippines. One good illustration of a Tagalog conundrum is. “”


Defined interchangeably as “ornament to the linguistic communication. ” “words of our ascendants. ”and “wisdom of experience. ” salawikain. as is called in Tagalog. are expressions that arestepped in traditional Filipino civilization and wisdom. Here are some illustrations: Kung sino Air National Guard pumutak ay siyang nanganak. He who cackled is the guilty party Magsama-sama at malakas. magwatak-watak at babagsak. United we are strong. divided we fall. Matibay Air National Guard walis. palibhasa’y magkabigkis. A broom is hardy because its strands are tightly bound

Epic poem

The most significant of Pre-Spanish Literature is the Epic. It is one of the most of import literary plants in Pre Spanish Period. An heroic poem is a long narrative verse form stating epic workss and supernatural events that happened long clip ago. Epic poems are narratives of love and escapades of native heroes possessing powers of Gods. combating against monsters and victory over large ground forcess. Normally. an heroic poem hero is portrayed as a adult male of strength. ideal. bravery and wisdom. The legendary escapade of the heroic poem hero is full of obstructions put up by supernatural forces or by people with supernatural powers.

To be able to be master of the conflict. the heroic poem hero is aided with friendly supernatural existences. On the heroic poem hero’squest. he learns some life values. The poetries of an heroic poem were chanted or sung while being passed from coevals to coevals before being written on paper. Due to uninterrupted retells. a batch of Philippine heroic poems survived and have been recorded in topographic points least colonized by Spanish and Americans. Some of the celebrated heroic poems are: Indarapatra and Sulayman ; Handiong ; Ibalon ; Biag niLam-ang and Bantugan. To demo one illustration of an heroic poem. here is the sum-up of Biag ni Lam- Ang


Nine months before Lam-ang was born to a baronial household. his male parent Don Juan left for the mountains to get the better of an evil folk of Igorots. Unfortunately. he was beheaded. and his caput was displayed at the centre of the small town as a award. When Lam-ang’s female parent Ina Namongan gave birth to him. she was surprised that he could speak instantly after birth. He selected his ain name. take his ain patron. and asked for his father’s presence. Lam-ang promised to happen out what happened to his male parent by traveling up the mountain shim ego. There. helped by a good folk of Igorots. he encountered the evil folk and killed every one of them in retribution. utilizing merely a individual lance. When he returned place. he was so tired that he wanted to bathe. He dipped into the Amburayan River. which was immediately inundated with clay and blood. So foul was the H2O that the fish in the river crawled out and died on its shores.

The undermentioned twenty-four hours. he told his female parent Ina Namonganthat he wanted to get married. Using his supernatural abilities. he predicted he would marry a adult female named Ines Kannoyan in a topographic point called Calanutian. Accompanied by his pets. a cock and a Canis familiaris. he journeyed to run into her. On the manner. he encountered a adult male called Sumarang. with really large eyes. They fought and Lam-ang won. killing Sumarang. The beautiful Ines Kannoyan had a battalion of suers. and they crowded her house in Calanutian. So many were they that Lam-ang had to step on their caputs and walk through a window merely to come in the house. Lam-ang’s cock flapped its wings. and the long house toppled. This astonied everybody. particularly Ines. Then. Lam-ang’s Canis familiaris barked and thelong house rose once more.

Ines Kannoyan was so instantly impressed by his strength that she agreed to get married him. However. her parents were disbelieving: they needed a dowery from his parents in return for Ines Kannoyan’s manus. Lam-ang agreed to return in a hebdomad to convey his female parent every bit good as wealth and goods. Back in his town. Lam-ang prepared a aureate house filled with fruit. gems. statues. and other comfortss. When he sailed back to Calanutian. Ines Kannoyan’s household was stunned. The nuptials was held on the topographic point. After the marrying Lam-ang was tasked to catch some fish in the Amburayan River and when he dove into the H2O he went directly into the oral cavity of the Berkakan. a river monster. His married woman was profoundly anguished. The old frogman Lacay Marcos was fetched to acquire the castanetss of Lam-ang excreted by the Berkakan. When the castanetss were retrieved. the pets of Lam-ang performed charming and Lam-ang was once more brought to life.


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