Sonja Blue inhabits the organic structure of purportedly dead inheritress Denise Thorne. In fact. Denise has been murdered. and Sonja. the lamia. a new personality with Denise’s memories. has come to deliver in her organic structure. But Sonja really portions her individuality with two other personalities instead than merely one: Denise. her original. mortal ego. and the Other. the incarnation of singleminded bloodlust. Collins creates a diabolic race known as the Pretenders. with a assortment of races that all quarry on human existences. The Pretenders are the truth behind lamias. wolfmans. incubi. and legion other legendary animals. Sonja. transformed by the blue lamia Sir Morgan. whom she wishes to track down and kill. learns the truth about her sort from an learned vampire-hunter. Ghilardi. and Morgan’s challenger. the lamia Pangloss. To the latter’s obfuscation. Sonja has no involvement in fall ining the Pretenders’ “Real World” and the lamia subculture. with its game-playing competitions. Alternatively. she pursues retribution for her Denise Thorne ego. thereby colliding with Catherine Wheele. deceitful psychic and revivalist. After being drained and abandoned by Morgan. Sonja becomes a vindictive vampire-hunter. Ghilardi. a huffy manque Van Helsing. teaches her the arcane traditional knowledge of the universe into which she has been forcibly initiated.

The “evil” wrought by a lost immature adult female transformed without her consciousness or consent pickets beside the offenses of humanity. Mundane human immorality is epitomized by Catherine Wheele. who has psychic energy-draining powers comparable to Sonja’s ain. Catherine has chosen to utilize her endowment “to bilk ill and deluded worlds. ” a squandering of resources “like utilizing a optical maser to scratch post cards. ” Pangloss insists that “no atrociousness world has perpetrated on itself” has been engineered by the nonhumans among us. At the same clip. the “supernatural” existences are far from benign. Pangloss views human existences as “myopic small animals purpose on destructing their universe. ” He wishes to forestall this devastation merely in the spirit of a “farmer” refusing to “stand lazily by and watch his herd dice of hoof-and-mouth. ” The powerful. predatory “Pretenders” are called that because “they pretend to be human. concealing their diabolic distinctness behind a mask of carefully constructed platitude. ” Yet. ironically. their kingdom is besides referred to as the Real World. a dimension to which ordinary human existences are unsighted and deaf: “The Pretenders dwell in the clefts in mankind’s perceptual experience of world. ”

Humanity knows these creatures–“vampires. wolfmans. incubi and succuba. monsters. undines. and devils excessively legion to mention”–only through “myth and fable. twisted beyond acknowledgment. ” All these entities “can base on balls for worlds. and they prey on them. ” A lamia. in Collins’ system. comes into being when a victim dies after exposure to the spit or sperm of a lamia. After decease. “the cadaver undergoes extremist physical and familial restructuring. ” a transmutation completed when “a minor devil enters the host” . “the merely thing on manus: the encephalon of the victim” as its “template. ” Unlike the typical lamia. Sonja experiences transmutation without really deceasing ; therefore. she grows into her powers with unnatural velocity. and the “Denise Thorne” ego is non rather dead. As the Other’s personality encroaches on what she thinks of as her true ego. it grows from “constant companion” and “silent. parasitic spouse. feeding on…emotions” into Sonja’s “intangible Thai twin. joined at the myelin oblongata. ” she wrestles with inquiries of humanity and individuality. eventually coming to footings with both Denise Thorne ( through her web with Catherine Wheele and Denise’s male parent. Jacob Thorne ) and the ineluctable Other.

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