Superman As A Presidential Can Essay, Research Paper

Superman is a absolutely feasible yet frequently over-looked presidential campaigner. He has protected the people of Metropolis indefatigably for over 60 old ages and saved the planet Earth legion times. He embodies the ideals of truth, justness and the American manner. As for foreign policy, Superman has traveled the universe, been to many faraway lands and met many interesting people. These are the qualities that make Superman a fantastic campaigner for president.

As the well-known expression goes, Superman is faster than a speeding slug, more powerful than a locomotor and able to jump tall edifices in a individual edge. As president, Superman would utilize his magnificent powers in the best involvement of national security. He could single-handedly destruct battalions of enemy military personnels without even interrupting a perspiration. With this power guarding our state, every American citizen would rest easier cognizing that the state would be safe. As an added fillip, the millions of dollars spent each twelvemonth on defence could be applied to other chases, such as wipe outing the national debt or heightening the infinite plan.

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Superman has an unchallenged record of honestness and unity. Anytime his hometown of Metropolis was in danger, Superman would look and salvage the twenty-four hours. He has shown through his assorted epic Acts of the Apostless of salvaging Earth and seting felons in their topographic point that his hello

gh ethical motives and righteous ideals are ne’er compromised. For illustration, when Darkseid came from the nether-realm to enslave all of the people of Earth, Superman sprung right into action because he knew it was the right thing to make. He didn t ask for money or a wages. Superman helps people for the intrinsic benefits and a adult male like this deserves to be in the White House.

Finally, Superman has old ages of experience in the foreign policy section. He has visited states topographic points like Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, Italy and many others. He has met such heads-of-state as John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton and others. Superman besides appeared in a amusing book distributed to 3rd universe states such as Bosnia warning kids of the danger of anti-personnel land mines. Traveling around the universe and meeting such people give Superman the accomplishments and experience necessary to interact with other states as president.

Superman would stand out as President of the United States due to his many endowments and abilities. Our state would be safe from the likes of super scoundrels and existent scoundrels likewise. With his ideals of honestness, unity, compassion and justness, Superman would be an first-class representative of our state. With Superman as our Chief Executive Officer, any American citizen would be proud to state, Look up in the sky! It s a bird, It s a plane no, it s our president.


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