Superstitions Of Huck Finn Essay, Research Paper

In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Jim and Huck usage and believe in many superstitious notions. There are many illustrations from the book that show this in the characters. Most of the superstitious notions are really pathetic, but some really do a small sense.

In the first illustration, Huck seen a spider was creeping on his shoulder and he flipped it off and it landed in a lit taper. It shriveled up and died. Huck said it would bring him some atrocious bad fortune. He got up and turned around three times and crossed his chest every clip. Then he tied up a small lock of his hair with a yarn to maintain enchantresss off. He says that the ritual he did was for losing a found horseshoe and did non cognize if it would work.

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These superstitious notions and redresss seem reasonably far-fetched and it is difficult to state where they originated, but I would hold to state they originated down South. I think it originated down south because I am from up North and I have ne’er heard any one speak of those superstitious notions. Huck believes in these likely because he grew up with them and they were ever taught to him and he is so nescient he does non cognize better.

One forenoon Huck turned over the saltcellar at breakfast. He went to throw the salt- basement over his left shoulder to call off the bad fortune, but Miss Watson stopped him. All twenty-four hours he wondered when something would fall on him and what it would be. This all implies that Huck thinks something is traveling to fall on him, because of his accident. I have heard about bad fortune from sloping salt so I think this Superstition started in the North or possibly it was merely popular and dispersed rapidly. I do non believe there is barely any fact at all to this. Huck believes in this likely because of the manner he grew up.

Jim said when immature poulets flew a pace or two at a clip and illuming it was a mark that it was traveling to rain. He thought if birds did it, it would be the same. Besides Jim said if you caught one of them you would decease. He thought this because his pa caught one and got ill and his grandma said he was traveling to decease. His male parent did decease. These superstitious notions do hold a small credibleness. I think they originated because some birds do wing in forms when it is traveling to rain or ramp. The portion about his male parent deceasing might hold a small credibleness, but it is sort of stretching it. Possibly his pa caught the bird and ate it without cooking it all the manner, or possibly the bird was infected and killed Jim & # 8217 ; s

pa. Jim likely believed in the bird narrative about his dad’s decease because he experienced it first manus. Jim besides said you should non number the things you are traveling to cook for dinner, because that would convey bad fortune. The same if you shook the tabular array the table-cloth after sunset. He said if a adult male who owned a beehive died, the bees must be told before sun-up of the following forenoon or the bees will decease. These superstitious notions are all bunk and holding nil to make with anything. I think Jim believes this because he does non cognize any better. He experienced some Superstitions first manus and that is likely why he believes in them. The old superstitious notions likely originated out of narratives told incorrect, overdone, or people kept jazzing up narratives to do them interesting, until they turned into nil, but bunk.

Jim says if you have hairy weaponries and a haired thorax so you are traveling to be rich. This originated likely from a few rich work forces who were hairy. They likely told people they were rich because of their hair and since they had the money to back their thoughts people believed them. Money can purchase many things, it can besides do normal people understand and believe things they normally would non of. Jim likely believed this because possibly his former maestro or Masterss were rich and were hairy. He was besides haired and had money at one clip. At the terminal of the book he became free and Tom gave him $ 40, which supported Jim & # 8217 ; s theory.

Huck grabbed a rattler tegument, which was the worst fortune Jim and Huck of all time encountered. This superstitious notion has good size of fact to it to. It likely originated because people like Huck picked up their teguments and maintain them in their bags or played fast ones on the friends, like Jim. The couples likely came and defended their mate, by assailing the victim who had the rattle-sake tegument. The superstitious notion likely got stretched a small out of proportion, but I think a good trade of it is existent. Huck and Jim likely believe in the bad fortune caused from touching the serpents skin because they experienced it excessively. When Huck played that fast one on Jim, I am certain Huck became a truster of the bad fortune. Jim besides said he would instead look at a new Moon over his left shoulder a thousand times alternatively of touching a serpent tegument once more. This superstitious notion might hold originated from people looking over their shoulder and so they likely stumbled and fell or ran into something. Huck and Jim likely believe in this because it makes a good trade of sense to.



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