Worldwide company is into the manufacturing of wire management systems, power data protection equipment and communication devices. The company sort for manufacturing strategy that could eliminate waste and gain profitability which lead to changing of managers and trials of some strategy which includes Just in Time but could not achieve its desired result. After the arrival of Byrne at Worldwide Company, the lean Implementation began with value creation of which he evaluated the value of each process and staff to the organization’s focus to satisfy customer.

This led to assignment of some aging staff with offer of huge retirement package. Again, the value creation enabled helm assign staff to where they could function effectively and also motivated staff in the form of compensation and profit sharing. However, the Toyota production system encourages respect for people and challenges them to think and assume that they can think and also make them see it themselves and however, does not encourage disengagement of staff as a means of reducing waste but rather channeling staff to his or areas of strength( Liker, 2004). Thus disengagement of staff is a flaw in the lean implementation.

Some of the disengaged staff have acquired wealth of experience and could have been in a better position to do more thinking and evaluation of the entire process to Identify and eliminate more waste. Another step taken by the CEO is to make people see it themselves as describe by Workman that lean Is the entire model that can be run by the CEO. (Workman, 2006). Having shown them the challenges, the managers were able to think, and he went further to recreate the production channels and values stream and order taking process thus turning the entire process to a flow process.

Supply chain is the entire recess and all the party involved in fulfilling a customer’s order ( Copra & Minded, 2013), thus achieving lean would not be complete without working on the suppliers. Byrne also worked closely with supplier to achieve Just in Time and quality in the products supplied to further reduced waste. This improved their performance as the right product is always received at the right time with the right specification. The company finally devised a growth strategy which includes: Rethinking on the process to ensure continuous flow buying small firms with allied products line who use batch and queue method Rapid

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Introduction of new products. One might be tempted to say that this buying of other smaller company as a growth most times bring more opportunity to companies and leads to thinking which leads to actions that leads to new thinking and thus new innovations. Impact of lean on performance The impact of lean on Worldwide Company from 1990 to 1995. Reduction of product development time to market reduced from twenty four to thirty months down to six to nine months in 1995. Reduction of order – taking, scheduling and shipping reduced from one week to less than one day. Increase operating profit index from 100 in 1990 to 600 1995.


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