To understand the relationship and motivations of suppliers and distributors to ensure supplies of raw materials and markets for finished goods and services. To acquire the technologies and approaches for improving a supply flow performance. ‘ELM 6046-septet 3, 2013 copyright @ QUEST 2013 proof. Stephen W. K. Eng- HUG Know your Facilitator – Proof. Stephen W. K. Eng Dry. Eng is Managing Director tot Us T Continuation Limit tort of Upon De and Associate Project Direct Cam Kaki Institute of Management, the University of Hong Kong. He headed up the Exe active Training and Development Stream for the Institute of the University in 1999 to 2002. Stephen is formerly a director at Motorola Semiconductors, Asia where he spearhead De the Change Program, pulp & pulp and Customer Responsiveness Centers for Motorola thru ought the world.

Stephen also was instrumental in helping design and deliver of Leadership, SST erratic Planning, Supply Chain Leadership, Supply, Quality, Communication and Services real Ted programs for the Corporation and Motorola University in Asia. Stephen holds a Doctor of Engineering degree and a Masters degree (distinction) in E engineering Business Management from The University of Warwick, U. K. He is a fellow member of The Institute of Purchasing & Supply (both UK and HACK), an associate of the Institute of Chaw retire Secretaries and Administrators, and a member of the Chartered Institute of Manage meet, I-J.

He is also a highly rated facilitator of leadership, process, communication, service quality and supply chain management. Stephen is currently President of Institute of Purchasing & Supply of Hong Kong, Dire actor of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (FIFES), Honorary Ad visor of the Six Sigma Institute, Member of Hong Kong Logistics Development Council, SARA Ho Eng Kong Government, and Member, Hong Kong Trade Development Council Logistics Services Advisory Committee.

Stephen is also a visiting lecturer of the University of Hong Kong and an Adjunct Proof sore of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University focusing on the teaching, consulting and develops .NET of procurement, logistics and total supply channels leadership. He is also an Adjunct Pr possessor of Beijing Citation University. Copyright @ Quest 4 1st Semester – 2013/14 Year Room LEE (7:00 P. M. To 9:30 P. M. ) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 5 Introduction & Objectives of Supply Management . Pet 3 Evolution of Purchasing and Supply Management Strategy Septet 10 Role of Purchasing and Supply Management Global Supply Chain Management Challenges The Strategic Framework and Strategic Procurement Sourcing, Outsourcing and Supplier Selection septet 24 Partnership, Negotiation and Relationship Management Institutional and Government Purchasing (Speaker invited) Business Ethics and Ethical/Professional Standard Measurement of Supply Management Performance Team Project Presentation Presentation, Revision and Next Generation of S. MGM. ? Assessment Period I. E.

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Examination (TAB) Individual Assignment Submission on Novo 5, 2013 (#) cot 8 cot 15 cot 22 octet NOVO 12 NOVO 19 NOVO 26 . Deck 3 Deck 7-23 Team Project Paper Submission and (#) Presentation Done Make up class – if any (TAB) (Marks will be deducted for late submission) R. O. septet 3, 2013 ” I am convinced that if the rate of change inside the institution is less than the rate outside, the end is in sight” J. Welch Supply Management has come a change Management where you have to partner with more people to earn an effective change. S. Eng. 6 IEEE M – Supply Management (ILL Assessment 1 .

Coursework 2. Final Examination 40% 60% Examination for Module ILLUMINE Proposed Date : TAB (Deck 7-23) Questions : Answers : 5 3 8 Coursework (Individual assignment for ‘ELM 6046) Deadline for submission: November 5, 2013 Questions: 1 . Discuss the terms: strategy, outsourcing, relationship development, and global supply management. 2. Discuss the benefits and challenges of managing effective supply management in a global organization? (Quote examples to support your answers and beliefs). . Identify the key success factors in managing strategic supply management ?

Maximum 10 pages (Submit in both hard & soft copies in class) September 3, 2013 9 Marks will be deducted for late submission Team Project (Date of submission: November 19, 2013) (Date of presentation: November 26 & Deck 3, 2013) Title Develop the Best Supply Management Strategy and Measurement Systems for an Organization (I. E. Write a proposal to your management by referring to the topics above and identify the opportunities and challenges of today and tomorrow) Or any other related topics suggested by the team on or before Cot 8, 2013 ILLUMINE – septet 3, 2013

Why People Join Groups Security Status Self-esteem Affiliation Power Goal Achievement Social Responsibility Masc.. In ‘ELM – Supply Management (ELM 6046) – 2013- There are many types of teams: copyright @ QUEST Work Improvement Teams Business strategy teams project teams CROSS- FUNCTIONAL TEAMS task-FORCE teams quality circle teams SALES TEAMS customer service teams High Performance Teams MAINTENANCE TEAMS self- managed teams self directed teams Process Improvement Teams Committees MASC.. In ‘ELM – supply Management (ELM 6046) – 2013- Trust & Respect: Keys to working together in teams Support your team members

Be open with them Share information Show your competence Look after them Be fair Have fun! “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. ” By Andrew Carnegie Characteristics of a Successful Team A shared vision, mission and clear goal A focus on achieving results, not activities A plan for reaching the goal, a goal to plan Clear roles & play

Commitment to the goal Competent team members Decision by consensus Diversity among team members Effective interpersonal skills Masc.. In ‘ELM – supply Management (ELM 6046) – 2013- Effective stakeholders’ relationships Empowerment & enrichment High standards of excellence, the 6-sigma way Informal climate Support among members Openness to new ideas Periodic self-assessment Reward & Recognition for team members’ accomplishments Shared leadership role Etc…


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