Shanshan School of Hotel and Tourism Management. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University ABSTRACT The earliest recorded usage of paper for packaging day of the months back to 1035 and at that clip. a bundle had merely a simple occupation to make: protect the merchandise indoors. As clip went by. makers realized that packaging is a cardinal component in the brand’s pass oning with consumers. This is because packaging is an unreplaceable portion of the aesthetic entreaty of the merchandise and trade name and can be an effectual selling vehicle. Nowadays. under the state of affairs that the market competition is progressively ferocious. packaging of the merchandises has become an of import competitory factor and got bigger. sturdier and oilskin.

However. the big measure of packaging will make assorted environmental polluting impacts during their whole life rhythm. To undertake with the jobs caused by packaging. sustainable packaging design is bound to be a manner tendency of packaging scheme because it is environmental friendly and has positive impact on long-run trade name value. What is the precise significance of sustainable packaging? How are the brands’ responses to this new construct? In this study. the effects of packaging on the environment will be abstracted and the definition of sustainable packaging will be introduced. Specific factors for sustainable packaging design and some concrete instances be chiefly listed and discussed. In peculiar. I modified a smart sustainable bundle in the terminal of the study. Keywords: packaging. waste. impact. sustainable. environmental friendly. reuse. cut down. recycle. environmentally friendly 1. The impact of packaging on the environment Product packaging is regarded as stuffs used to present goods. contain the contents suitably and supply for safe transportation. The big measure of packaging causes assorted environmental impacts. including the consequence of fabricating the packaging and the impact of disposing of it in landfills. ( Wikipedia 2012 ) 1. 1 The consequence of fabricating the packaging Figure 1.

Boxing waste
Apart from the merchandises themselves. the creative activity of packaging besides uses natural resources. such as woods. H2O and electricity. The productive procedure comes with a big emanation of CO2 and other nursery gases. In add-on. by-products of fabrication can besides do unfortunate side effects. The creative activity of plastics. for illustration. emits toxic C monoxide and other unwanted organic compounds. In fact. many makers admit that the creative activity of packaging costs more than the creative activity of the point to be packaged. 1. 2 The impact of disposing of it in landfills Much waste about ever ends up in landfills. In fact. packaging is bad for environment chiefly because much of this packaging. including polystyrene and other plastics. is non biodegradable or does non interrupt down rapidly. This will make serious long-run environmental jobs. 2. The outgrowth and definition of sustainable packaging Global heating and some other environmental related issues are acquiring worse these old ages and in world. bundle waste play an indispensable function in the procedure of environment corruption. Scientists have already found this and so have consumers.

A recent study from Accenture. a transnational direction consulting company. found that 80 % of consumers believe clime alteration will impact their lives and they are looking for merchandises and packaging that offer sustainable solutions. In order to run into the demands of those consumers and support calls for environmental preservation. a new packaging scheme has emerged and it is called sustainable packaging. 2. 1 The definition of sustainable packaging Sustainable Packaging is the development and usage of packaging which consequences in improved sustainability. At the terminal phase of design it involves increased usage of life rhythm stock list ( LCI ) and life rhythm appraisal ( LCA ) to assist steer the usage of packaging which reduces the environmental impact and ecological footmark. but in the really first stairss requires a expression at the whole of the supply concatenation: from basic map. to selling. and so through to stop of life ( LCA ) and metempsychosis.

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The ends are to better the long-run viability and quality of life for worlds and the length of service of natural ecosystems. Sustainable packaging must run into the functional and economic demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. 2. 2 The 3R’s attack As for sustainable packaging. waste bar is a primary demand. Packaging should be used where needed. The original map of packaging was forestalling loss or harm to the packaged-product. Therefore. makers ought to plan their products’ bundles establishing on this map to incorporate the over-packaging. In add-on to blow bar. the traditional “3R’s” ( mentioning to cut down. reuse and recycle ) are besides a straightforward and effectual rating standards and attack of sustainable packaging. They are portion of a waste hierarchy. which may be considered in merchandise and bundle revolution and development.

2. 2. 1 Reduce Reduce means the act to cut down boxing stuff without impacting the merchandise public presentation during its production. conveyance. distribution and usage stages. It includes decreased packaging. decreased beds of packaging. lower mass ( merchandise to box ratio ) . lower volume. etc. By and large talking. waste minimisation and resource maximization for manufactured merchandises are the most direct manner and have the most singular consequence of environmental preservation and can most easy be done at the design phase. 2. 2. 2 Reuse The reuse of a bundle or constituent is besides encouraged. To recycle is to utilize an point more than one time. This includes conventional reuse where the point is used once more for the same map and new-life reuse where it is used for a different map. To some extant. reusability of the packaging normally depends on creativeness and imaginativeness of the interior decorators.

2. 2. 3 Recycle Recycling refers to the reprocessing of stuffs ( pre- and post-consumer ) into new merchandises. Emphasis is focused on recycling the largest primary constituents of a bundle: steel. aluminium. documents. plastics. etc. The recovery values lie on the usage of stuffs which are often and easy recycled. the decrease of stuffs which hinder recyclability of major constituents. etc. Packages can sometimes be designed to divide constituents to break facilitate recycling. 3. Some concrete representatives of sustainable packaging design As trade names continue to acknowledge the positive impact that sustainability has on longterm trade name value. they have been taking action to cut down packing waste based on the 3R’s attack of sustainable packaging.

Some far-sighted trade names like Ciclus. Puma and eBay are innovators in this field. 3. 1 Case One —- “Wine Box Lamp” by Ciclus When creativeness. ecology and invention collided. the gorgeous Wine Case Lamp was born. This sleek vino box can change over into a table lamp with no excess parts required. The packaging is made with wood from local. managed woods and recycled composition boards. Inside is a locally and ecologically produced bottle of Cava. a sort of Spanish scintillating vino. Designed as a corporate gift for Group Hera. an ecological waste and resource direction group in Spain. this vino box lamp is an elegant exercising in sustainable packaging. The construct is simple. The cava instance consists of two beds. The interior bed is the existent vino bearer while the outer one can turns into a lamp. The interior bed is separated into two bundles: one to keep the cava bottle and the other to keep the bulb and electric line. ( see Figure2 )

Over 70 % of the Cava bundle is converted into the lamp except for the vino. go forthing small to be discarded. Therefore. the Wine Box Lamp really provides a 2nd opportunity for the waste bundle and conveys a bran-new doctrine of sustainable packaging: From our waste we can bring forth life and psyche.


Wine Box Lamp
3. 2 Case Two —-“ Clever Little Bag” by Puma Compared with the Wine Box Lamp. the cougar Clever Little Bag is more practical for the populace and has a much larger market. It was designed to replace the criterion Puma shoeboxes in 2010. kicking off the brand’s following stage in its sustainability plan. The Clever Little Bag is made up of a reclaimable heat-woven bag and a flat-pack composition board tray. It uses 65 % less composition board than the typical shoebox. has no laminated printing and does non incorporate any tissue paper. ( What’s more. it takes up less infinite than common boxes and besides weighs less when transportation. It can besides function as a replacing to the retail bag and can be reused as a environmental shopping bag every bit good. Harmonizing to Fuse undertaking. all of this will ensue in Puma’s decrease in H2O. energy and diesel ingestion from fabrication by more than 60 % per twelvemonth. Judgment by these important Numberss and facts. this antic little bag meets all the 3R’s standards of sustainable packaging and the 21-month designing period is certain to acquire rewarded.

3. 3 Case Three —- “the eBay Box” by eBay The steps to work out the packaging waste and other environmental job finally are to transfuse environmental values into people’s day-to-day life and raise people’s environmental consciousness. Now that eBay is the largest international online auction and shopping web site. the eBay transportation boxes are an efficient channel to accomplish this end. The Box is made of 100 percent FSC-certified and recycled stuff. printed with water-based inks. and are designed to necessitate minimum tape and to last for multiple utilizations. Harmonizing to eBay. if each box gets used five times. the plan could protect about 4. 000 trees. salvage 2. 4 million gallons of H2O. and conserve adequate electricity to power 49 places for a twelvemonth. ” ( Matthew. 2010 )

Designed by San Francisco-based Office. the boxes non merely are sustainable themselves but besides engage Sellerss by stressing possible benefits to the planet with friendly illustrations and transcript. As shown in the image below ( Figure 4 ) . the interior of each Box contains a figure of resource-saving and -reusing tips. Tips for greener packing include happening “a new naming for old phone books. ” And a happy small bird asks. “Where to next? ” To track each box’s journey. there’s excess infinite to compose a note so the following individual to have it can see how far it’s come. And once it reaches the terminal of its utile transportation life. it’s to the full reclaimable. ( Lovely Package. 2010 )

4. Decision Along with the development of industry. maps of bundles are non merely restricted to protect the merchandise indoors. Packaging is of particularly high trade name importance when the packaging is portion of the aesthetic entreaty of the merchandise and trade name. ( Wikipedia. 2012 ) Nevertheless. the production of bundles has already affected the environment because of the immense sum of blowing resources and degrades troubles. To run into the demand of environmental protection. sustainable packaging design marked by recycling. recyclability and reusability has become the demand of trade names for future development tendency.

Some far-sighted makers and companies have dedicated to plan and bring forth bundles with minimum negative impact on the environment and have made a preliminary advancement. 5. Discussion The originative manager John Moes of the house John Moes Design one time said. “Packaging. like any other design job. will necessitate to be rethought with a sustainable systems attack. ” ( Partha Das Sharma. 2009 ) This is true in current state of affairs. Excessive packaging has already caused many terrible environmental jobs including resources waste and planetary heating. etc. Not merely makers but besides the populace should pay more attending to it and avoid making and utilizing unneeded bundles from now on.

It is a good phenomenon that many interior decorators dedicate to furthering environmental sustainability now and have started to work towards sustainable packaging. They cut down the sum of stuffs and beds of packaging. do the bundle easy and desirable to recycle and retrieve the stuffs used through recycling ( Laurel Saville. 2007 ) . Three innovators of sustainable packaging include Ciclus’ Wine Box Lamp. Puma’s Clever Little Bag and the eBay box proved that most of the bing packaging design couldn’t satisfy all the standards and have a long-run bring forthing value at the same clip. For case. the Wine Box Lamp does non a usual point and does non accommodate for everyone. Although some people like cava. they will non purchase a 2nd Wine Box Lamp because it will be useless. In that instance. this gorgeous merchandise might hard to obtain a big market. The remainder two instances besides have a job of missing long-run consumers. Compared with the above three instances. I prefer the following challenging toothpaste packaging design —- SavePaste. ( see Figure 5 )

Save Paste
SavePaste is a toothpaste tubing that can squash out every last bead assemblage near the top borders by the usage of zippable cap. It is made out of Tetra Pak. which can be extremely recycled. SavePaste reduces both material waste and transportation costs because it is a 3rd the size of traditional toothpaste packaging. which comes as a tubing inside of a box. With SavePaste. the tubing is the box. ( Suzanne. 2011 ) This smart design non merely fulfill the sustainable demands but besides really practical and has big market. To give it a higher capacity and use ratio. we can besides alter it to an oblong form and add a blade on the underside border. Particularly. we can publish the bundle with gradient to promote people that the more exhaustively they use the toothpaste. the less waste will be produced. ( Figure 6 )

In a word. although the sustainable packaging industry has made promotions. it’s still far from perfect. Both the makers and consumers should heighten their environmental consciousness and give support to the development of sustainable packaging.


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