What new information do we larn about Sweet Home in this chapter. specifically about Denver’s birth? In this chapter. we learn that Sethe was already pregnant with Denver when she ran off from Sweet Home. By the clip when Sethe collapsed her pess in the forests. a white miss Amy Denver had found Sethe. Due to Sethe’s fright about Sweet Home. she told Amy Denver a false name- “Lu” . because if she were caught. she would be returned to Sweet Home. and she would go on sing her old painful day-to-day life once more. Amy Denver helps Sethe by massaged her pess and let go of her hurting. Later. Sethe gave birth to her babe successfully with Amy’s aid and Sethe besides calling the kid after Amy Denver. 5. Recite the dark of Denver’s birth. from Amy’s point of position. That dark. when I escaped toward Boston from Mr. Buddy. I found a pregnant adult female in the forests. Her pess were collapsed and she seems prepared to decease. She told me that her name is Lu. but I feel that she was seeking to conceal something which can non state anyone. Subsequently. she gave birth to her babe successfully with my aid. and I can see how joyful she was. Possibly as thanks to my aid. she named her babe after my name- Denver. Journal Entry Chapter 1

Write a journal entry as Sethe or Denver. depicting how you feel about Paul D’s reaching. How do you believe it will alter life in 124? Paul D’s arrival brings negative impacts and feelings to Denver and accordingly alterations Denver’s day-to-day life from now on. As the youngest kid of her female parent Sethe. Denver was born in freedom. Even though Denver has no friends because the community knows that the house is to be haunted. but she still received all the loves from her female parent before Paul D came in to her family’s life. When Denver’s female parent introduces Paul D as a particular invitee to her. a feeling of green-eyed monster and choler comes straight into Denver’s head. because she clearly knows that she would non any longer be the “only one” for her female parent. likewise. Paul D plays a critical function and he besides takes an of import place in in her mother’s bosom.

What do you believe Baby Suggs means when she says. “What’d be the point [ of traveling? ] …Not a house in this state ain’t packed to the balk with some dead Negro’s heartache. We lucky this shade is a babe. ” ( 5 ) In my sentiment. I think Baby Sugg means that they are lucky that the shade is a babe which would non be able to ache the household in a immense and atrocious manner. Likewise. if the shade is non a babe but an grownup. so the shade might easy kill them when it got huffy. Therefore. Baby Sugg thinks that there is no point of traveling to another house because they baby has none of harmful impacts on them.

20-27. What do Paul D and Sethe retrieve about Sweet Home? Why do you believe Morrison gives us the information spot by small spot? Both Paul D and Sethe’s memories about Sweet Home are highly grieved. For an illustration. Sethe’s life as a slave in Sweet Home is painful. This quotation mark demonstrates that Sethe’s “chokecherry tree” cicatrix on her dorsum was resulted by the work forces who whipped her and tole her baby’s milk when she was still a slave. I think Morrison gives us the information spot by small spot because she wanted to conceal certain information for the center of the book. Besides. she might besides wanted to pull readers mind by utilizing this Strategy. Similarly. if an writer gives the readers all the information at one clip. so the readers might lose the involvement to go on reading the book because the reader had already what will go on subsequently on.

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