Swift personality profiling system (SPPS) is a series of words that explain different characteristics in all types of personalities, and contestants circle either 1,2,3,4, or 5 depending on if this characteristic fits them or not. When I took this test I acquired a personality type of a peaceful person. This is accurate to my personality type because I am very laid back and easy to get along with. I can now better understand myself and my true identity, and I can now accept it and embrace it. Through the SPPS there are some characteristics that are consistent with mine and some that are inconsistent.

SPPS has helped me in many ways to understand myself and how others view me. The accuracy of this test was limited to my exact personality. Some of the similarities that the test had with my personality are easy going, kind-hearted, and composed. The best way to describe my overall personality is easy going and this test hit it on the nail by saying that. I have always just went with the flow and never made a shift in the current. A characteristic that I have in common with the test’s description is being kind-hearted and compassionate.

This part of the test was accurate in saying that I am good at finding what others are feeling and show compassion for them. This is one of the consistent characteristics that SPPS has brought before me. An inconsistent characteristic that I have encountered is my worldview. The worldview states that “Since one person cannot change the world, stay comfortable, and keep the peace”. I do not agree with this worldview because I feel that people change the world everyday with extraordinary acts. I also feel that I myself will one day change the world forever for the better of mankind.

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One of the ways that I want to help the world is by starting a chain of workout facilities for underprivileged athletes, and with all the money I make from that God will use me to bless others who do not make as much income. Another attribute to my worldview is trying to not judge people. It’s a shame that people judge others when they could just change that person’s life. This is my worldview and how it is inconsistent with what the test told me. In the relationship section I say’s that peacemakers are very attentive and they can since the needs of others very well.

I am very good at this and I also neglect my own needs for others. For example when I have a friend who is in need I see that and react, but when I am in need I push it aside and try to stay focused on whatever I am doing. This for me is a major struggle because I can’t even use others money to eat a meal when I know that I won’t have a meal all day. Yet if I’m down to my last few dollars and a friend is hungry I am the first to offer the money. I am good at blessing; I just need to work on being blessed. This is one of the things that I need to work on.

SPPS test has shown me a lot about myself and now I will take the information that I have learned and apply it to my life. The things that I learned have helped me to see the needs in my life and the desires in my life. The motives that it takes to change myself are in this reflection, and you might as well start with yourself to change the world. One person can change the world and if I keep my faith in God and lean on him I will change the world. This SPPS reflection is my own personal view and I will be a better person because of it.


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