SWOT analysis ( alternately SWOT Matrix ) is a strategic planning method used to measure the Strengths. Weaknesses/Limitations. Opportunities. and Threats involved in a undertaking or in a concern venture. It involves stipulating the aim of the concern venture or undertaking and placing the internal and external factors that are favourable and unfavourable to accomplish that aim. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey. who led a convention at the Stanford Research Institute ( now SRI International ) in the sixtiess and 1970s utilizing informations from Fortune 500 companies. Puting the aim should be done after the SWOT analysis has been performed. This would let accomplishable ends or aims to be set for the organisation.

* Strengths: features of the concern. or undertaking squad that give it an advantage over others * Weaknesses ( or Limitations ) : are features that place the squad at a disadvantage relation to others * Opportunities: external opportunities to better public presentation ( e. g. make greater net incomes ) in the environment * Menaces: external elements in the environment that could do problem for the concern or undertaking Identification of SWOTs is indispensable because subsequent stairss in the procedure of be aftering for accomplishment of the selected aim may be derived from the SWOTs. First. the determination shapers have to find whether the aim is come-at-able. given the SWOTs. If the aim is NOT come-at-able a different aim must be selected and the procedure repeated. Users of SWOT analysis demand to inquire and reply inquiries that generate meaningful information for each class ( strengths. failings. chances. and menaces ) in order to maximise the benefits of this rating and happen their competitory advantage.

2. Company Overview
Half a century of changeless invention. changeless value add-on. changeless success. Cadbury India Ltd. ( CIL ) . a portion of the Cadbury Schweppes group which is now taken over by US giant Kraft for a trade of 11. 9 billion dollars. is India’s taking confectionery maker with a 70 % volume portion of the cocoa market and is synonymous with cocoa in the heads of countless Indians – immature and old. The company is besides a cardinal participant in the malted nutrient drink and sugar confectionery markets in the state. Today. the regulating aim for Cadbury India is to present Superior Shareholder Value and to see the trade name in every pocket. in every place. The Cadbury narrative is a absorbing narrative of a household concern that grew into one of the biggest. most loved cocoa trade names in the universe. Founded in 1800’s. Cadbury has been a portion of England’s history with ties to the British monarchy.

The first Cadbury store was established by John Cadbury in Birmingham. England and grew through the difficult work and vision of his boies. the Cadbury brothers- Richard and George. The house was known as “Cadbury Schweppes plc” from 1969 until a May 2008 demerger. which saw the separation of its planetary confectionary concern from its U. S. drink unit. which has been renamed Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. Cadbury has grown from strength to strength with new engineerings being introduced to do the Cadbury confectionery concern one of the most efficient in the universe. The amalgamation in 1969 with Schweppes and the subsequent development of the concern have led to Cadbury Schweppes taking the lead in both the confectionery and soft drinks markets in the UK and going a major force in international markets. Cadbury Schweppes today industries merchandises in 60 states and trades in over a astonishing 120. Every successful company has its celebrated trade names and Dairy Milk. today one of the most popular molded cocoas in the universe. is one of the biggest Cadbury success narratives.

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3. Cadbury in India
is the market leader in the cocoa confectionary market in India with over 70 % market portion. The taking trade names in this class are Cadbury’s Diary Milk. Fruit & A ; Nut. Crackle. Temptations. 5 Star. Celebration Gift boxes. For more than six decennaries now. Cadbury has enjoyed leading place in the Indian cocoa market to the extent that ‘Cadbury’ has become a generic name for cocoa merchandises. Cadbury has taking trade names in all the sections viz bars ( Dairy Milk. Crackle. Temptations. Bournville ) . count lines ( 5 star ) . panned confectionary ( Gems ) and wafer cocoas ( Perk ) . eclairs ( Cadburys’ Eclairs ) . confects ( Halls ) . gum ( Bubbaloo ) . bites ( Bytes ) and freshly introduced section. biscuits ( Oreo ) . Kraft trade name Oreo and Tang were integrated in to the system in India following the acquisition of Kraft over Cadbury. Oreo biscuits are priced at Rs 5. Rs 11. Rs 22 while Tang is available in sachets ( Rs 4-5 each ) and pouches of 200gms ( Rs 35 ) and 500gms ( Rs 80 ) . They besides have a hereafter program to incorporate the Kraft trade name Toblerone into the system which is now available through the import path. The company has its presence in over 200 states worldwide and has made the name ‘Cadbury’ synonymous with chocolate merchandises in states across the planet. This is the trade name that came to India in 1947 – to a state that was in its babyhood. a market that was ready for the universe and a people that were unfastened to new thoughts. new merchandises.

Within a twelvemonth of being set up as a trading concern. Cadbury Fry India was incorporated as a Private Limited company. put up for processing imported cocoas and Bournvita. The same twelvemonth saw the launch of Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate – a trade name that till today defines the gustatory sensation of cocoa for 1000000s of Indians. Through 60 old ages of investing in capital and selling. the graduated table and range of their operations has expanded to cover a scope of trade names in the cocoa. sugar confectionery and malted nutrient drinks sections. They have a bulk portion in the Indian cocoa market and a important presence in sugar confectionery and nutrient drinks.

Today Cadbury India Ltd. employs over 2000 people across the state and operates in one of the fastest turning cocoa markets for the Cadbury Schweppes group across the Earth. Cadbury’s went in for intelligent variegation as any other successful company. Cadbury’s adopted homocentric variegation adding new but related merchandises to its bing merchandise line. The company has taking trade names in all sections i. e. 5 Star ( count lines ) . Dairy milk ( bars ) . Gems ( panned cocoas ) . Eclairs ( brittles ) . Perk ( wafer cocoa ) . Bournvita ( malted nutrient drinks ) . biscuits ( Oreo ) . gum ( Bubbaloo ) . Halls ( confect ) and Bytes ( bites ) . Industrial Production and Setup

Cadbury India’s foremost fabricating installation was set up at Thane ( Mumbai ) in 1966. Today. the mill has grown manifold and manufactures a scope of merchandises that include Cadbury Dairy Milk. 5 Star. Gems and Bournvita. The mill employs about 750 people and houses the R & A ; D and technology development installations of the company. In a move towards backward integrating. Cadbury bought Induri Diary farm in Pune in 1964. Recently. a major investing plan resulted in the installing of modern casting. crumb and cocoa devising installations. Today. the Induri Factory industries intermediate merchandises like milk crumb and a scope of finished cocoas. In 1989. they began operations in their newest and most modern works at Malanpur. Equipped with state-of-the-art engineering and backed by changeless investing. this unit manufactures Eclairs. Gems. Perk and Picnic. The intelligence trade name like Tang will be manufactured in Kraft works at Hyderabad while Oreo will be manufactured by Punjab based Bector nutrients which is a 3rd party maker. 4. Factors for Success

1. Extensive distribution web
Cadbury’s trade names are available in over a million mercantile establishments across the state. The distribution web straight covers about the full urban population. The company has invested significantly in edifice such an extended web. The company uses Information Technology to better its logistics and distribution fight. Cadbury has improved the distribution quality of its merchandises with the installing of iceboxs at several mercantile establishments. This helps in keeping merchandise quality in summer. when gross revenues normally dip due to the fact that the heat affects merchandise quality and thereby ingestion.

2. Creation of strong trade names
Cadbury owes its success to strong trade name equity and attendant consumer penchant that it enjoys in India. The company has built strong trade name equity through systematically high merchandise quality. relevant. insightful and entertaining communicating. Cadbury has developed new channels for marketing its trade names such as Gifting and Snacking. The company places great accent in guaranting show laterality at the point of purchase 3. Customization of merchandises for India

Cadbury India has spent clip in understanding the Indian consumers. Leveraging its 55 old ages of experience in India. the company has customized its merchandises to the Indian markets. It besides offers merchandises at low-cost monetary value points so as to increase its market incursion. 4. Leveraging the India Advantages

Though. India contributes to less than 5 per cent of the planetary grosss today. India is critical to the planetary scheme of the companies. 5. Managerial Talent Cadbury has begun enrolling direction alumnuss in India to function its planetary operations.

6. Huge market potency
India offers immense market potency and is a precedence market for Cadbury. The company besides leverages India as a fabrication base for bring forthing merchandises for the abroad market. Cadbury India has 4 company owned mills and every bit many 3rd party fabrication contractors. It besides has a broad Gross saless & A ; Distribution substructure dwelling of 33 terminals managed by 4 regional gross revenues subdivisions across India.


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