Trouble and covering with trouble are portion of the balance that makes up the human experience. Forced to cover on one side with the selfishness of other people and on the other side by a awful fright of what they do non cognize. there are two characters in Ernest Hemmingway’s 1927 narrative. Hills Like White Elephants. Here. the narrative shows us a adult male and adult female who are overcome by the personal things they are covering with. In order to cover with them. though. these characters are acting in a really degage manner that seems slightly defensive against these things.

In the female character. named Jig. Hemmingway shows a adult female who is ripe for experiences with symbolic significance. Implied throughout the narrative is the mute thought of a gestation. The adult male sharply tries to pull strings Jig into holding an abortion without of all time stating it out loud. This is the issue that beings to go more clear to the reader as the twosome negotiations. They speak with choler and resentment. and the reader can experience that there is a sense of something bad coming in the hereafter.

This is the feeling which is shown through Jig. who makes a statement with importance at the start of the narrative. She looks at the two white hills demoing in the distance with a waste brown piece of land in forepart of the them. She says that “they look like white elephants. ” ( 1 ) The angry conversation that comes afterwards between the two characters shows how they both respond otherwise to the simile. The adult female seems to see the hills with some sort of admiration and even with the consideration that they are of a antic nature.

This is particularly true by the manner they were so different looking from the brown Earth around them. For the adult male. the hills and the simile that his spouse provinces make the adult male a small hostile. He is defensive in a manner that says he is afraid or resentful. To him. the objects in the distances look like a challenge. This shows how he views the unknown. Another symbolic manner to look at the hills is to see them as symbolic of maternity or of gestation.

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This brace of hills can be seen as the conceited chests of a pregnant adult female. And with the brown land in forepart of them. they look fertile in a topographic point that largely can non back up life. This is a metaphor for the life of the adult female in the company of this selfish adult male. The dry and unforgiving manner that the adult male negotiations to Jig helps to demo why her life has this negative quality. In a really hard treatment where the twosome speaks with irony and disfavor. the are detached and argumentative.

This shows the sadness of the human status and how they try to conceal from themselves and each other. The conversation they have seems like it’s supposed to assist them be distracted from their hurting the effects of their lives. Specifically. when the adult female says that “That’s all we do. isn’t it – expression at things and seek new drinks. ” she shows how adrift she feels her life has become. ( 1 ) Even in the center of a atrocious determination like that of holding an abortion. the adult female tries to disregard the importance of her ain being.

The symbolic relationship between the hills. the affair of the woman’s gestation and the overall sadness felt over it do a short narrative that doesn’t province much deeply meaningful anyhow. If on the surface the characters conflict with each other in a manner to conceal from their ain feelings. they still portion the fright of the unknown that is now in their careless lives. Shadowing all of this exchange is the image of the hills and the negative promise which they seem to assure is waiting on the skyline for the tired and unhappy twosome.


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