1. Mention to the last page.

2. Arrow forcing mechanism:

3. Refluxing is when the reactants are boiled and the vapour that is produced is cooled. When the vapour is cooled it changes back to its liquid province and returns to the flask.

4. The ocular cue that allows you to find that the first measure of the reaction has gone to completion is the decelerating down and eventual fillet of reflux. A permutation reaction occurs and outputs Br. which poses a water-soluble group A anion.

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5. A ) The washes that are performed in portion B are necessary because the RTILs are frequently contaminated with halide splines such as KBr. which would do the RTIL to be cloudy. In order to take the halide taint washes must be performed until the H2O does non ensue in cloud cover and is pure.

B ) The compound that is doing the cloud cover in the methylene chloride and AgNO3 is the aqueous bed that was removed utilizing the separatory funnel. The compound that is precipitating from the aqueous solution is AgNO3.

C )

6. The toxic effects of 1-methylimidazole on worlds include ; harm to upper respiratory piece of land. eyes and tegument. Other toxic effects of 1-methylimidazole on worlds is that it can do skin Burnss. oculus Burnss. corneal harm. respiratory piece of land Burnss. digestive piece of land Burnss. and terrible harm to the digestive piece of land. The human toxicity of 1-bromohexane includes ; annoyance to eyes and clamber if contact occurs. annoyance to lungs and respiratory system if inhaled. and skin redness along with itchiness or vesiculation.

Some of the toxic effects that KPF6 has on worlds are devastation of tissues in the membrane of the upper respiratory piece of land if inhaled. and Burnss on tegument and eyes if contact occurs. Last. the human toxicity of methylene chloride includes ; annoyance of eyes. tegument and mucose membranes. It besides causes concern. sleepiness or other effects of the cardinal nervous system particularly in persons who smoke. In more terrible instances methylene chloride can do addition in carboxyhemoglobin degrees in the blood. which can take to respiratory failure and cardinal nervous system depression.


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