4.1 Introduction

System analysis is a major activity which takes topographic point when we are construction a latest system or altering one. Analysis will assist us to understand about the bing system and besides will cognize the demands necessary for the latest system. And if there is no accessible system so system analysis will specify merely the necessity.

In system analysis the most of import factor is to place and rectify jobs in system. A good apprehension of the system will enables interior decorator to understand and rectify the system jobs.

Existing Software

The package is implemented in the system difficult phonograph record to the waiter. The waiter plan runs invariably and delaies for a connexion to be recognized to it and will do available on line system to automatize different operations completed in the web.

2.1.1 Existing System

In past the company staff uses the bequest system of transporting interoffice mails by the couriers from one user to other user of the company or they can besides utilize the intercoms for call conference or even in some instances electronic mails are used for transmit of messages between the group community

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There are some disadvantages in bing system

* Boring message broadcast medium system.

* Communication is non instant.

* Message transportation is done through insecure communicating media.

* Communication holds.

* Keeping the individualities of all the members is non efficient. Like utilizing manual books, journals, etc. , for hive awaying of users information.

2.1.2 Proposed System

To get the better of the defects of the conventional systems, the undertaking aims at developing a multithreaded populace messaging system for airing messages to every member in the channel ; that allows multiple people ( users ) to interact with each other in a shared environment.

The proposed system aims to carry through the followers:

? Sharing of informations in a existent clip environment, i.e. , the informations broadcasted can be edited on-line and viewed at the same time.

? Providing fast, secure, dependable and cost effectual broadcast medium communicating medium between community members.

? Support for public and private channels of communicating.

? Multiple media transmittal support ; like voice, text, images, etc.

? Personal equal messaging service.

? A user-friendly interface

2.2 Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis provides package interior decorator with a theoretical account of:

O System information

O Function

O Behaviour

Model can be translated to informations, architectural, and component-level designs.

2.2.1 Analysis Aims

O Identification of the client ‘s demands.

O Evaluation of the system for feasibleness.

O Perform proficient analysis.

O Establish restraints.

O Create system definitions

2.3 Software Requirements Analysis Phases

Problem acknowledgment:

The bing system provides the information about merchandises in the signifier of Local Ads media and paper advertizements. This is non sufficient to make the terminal user decently. So, the company direction is willing to keep a web site which one accomplished all house in detailed.

Evaluation and synthesis:

After acquiring the clear job definition we focused on what to make but non how to make. Ways to work out the job and among the different ways we found and we selected the best manner to work out the job.


We made a unsmooth diagram of the proposed system and showed it to the clients to verify whether their specifications are wholly mentioned in that or non.


The package and hardware demands and complete specifications are known. The functional and non functional demands are known.


The restraints are known and a clear definition of the system is given.


A reappraisal of the whole procedure what we did and the consequence are shown to the clients.

2.4. Feasibility Study

Feasibility survey is conducted one time the job is clearly understood. It is a high degree capsule version of the full System Analysis and Design procedure. The chief aim is to find how to work out a job rapidly, at a minimal disbursal and to look into if the job is deserving work outing. This system has been tested for feasibleness in the undermentioned points:

O Operational Feasibility

O Technical Feasibility

O Economical Feasibility

2.4.1 Economic Feasibility

Economic feasibleness is the most often used method for measuring the effectivity of the proposed system. During survey costs are considered like costs of hardware, minimal constellation, system compatibility of H/W, etc. , the proposed system minimizes the clip attempt of the informations aggregation, replying questions and bring forthing studies which consequences in important economy. Therefore, the proposed system is economically executable.

2.4.2 Operational Feasibility

Proposed undertakings are good merely if they can be turned into information systems that will run into the demands. As current concern methods are non acceptable to the users in footings of velocity, seasonably and accurate consequences, users welcomed a alteration that will convey about a more operational and utile system. With the seldom engagement it reduced the opportunities of opposition to the system and alteration in general and increased the likeliness of the undertaking successfully.

2.4.3 Technical Feasibility

It centers on the bing computing machine system and to what extent it can back up the proposed system. The system can be expanded as the demand arises. With the obtained engineering there is guaranteed of truth, dependability, easiness of entree and security. Therefore, it is technically executable to plan and develop the proposed system.


3.1 Software Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP, LINUX

Languages: Java

Java compiler: J2sdk1.4

3.2 Hardware Requirements

Processor: Pentium III & A ; above

Random-access memory: 256MB

Difficult Disk: 20GB


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