SAP stands for Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It was Founded in 1972 by Wellenreuther. Hopp. Hector. Plattner and Tschira. SAP by definition is besides name of the ERP ( Enterprise Resource Planing ) package every bit good the name of the company. SAP system comprises of a figure of to the full incorporate faculties. which covers virtually every facet of the concern direction. SAP is # 1 in the ERP market. As of 2010. SAP has more than 140. 000 installings worldwide. over 25 industry-specific concern solutions and more than 75. 000 clients in 120 states Other Competitive merchandises in market are Oracle. Microsoft Dynamics etc. What is an SAP- ERP? Why it is Required?

Following Video will explicate the demand of an ERP package like SAP in an endeavor Video Transcript with Key Takeaways Highlighted:
* The really basic inquiry is why Enterprise Resource Planning besides called ERP is required? To reply this. lets examine this typical concern scenario * Gross saless Team approaches the Inventory section to look into for handiness of the merchandise. * In instance the merchandise is out of stock. the gross revenues squad approaches the Production Planning Department to fabricate the merchandise. The Production planning Team cheques with stock list section for handiness of natural stuff * If natural stuff is non available with stock list. the Production Planning squad buys the natural stuff from the Sellers so Production Planning forwards the natural stuffs to the Shop Floor Execution for existent production.

* Once ready. the Shop Floor Team forwards the goods to the Gross saless Team. who in bend deliver it to the client. The Gross saless Team updates the Finance with gross generated by sale of merchandise * Production planning Team update the finance with payments to be made to different sellers for natural stuffs. All sections approach the HR for any Human Resource related issue. * That is a typical concern procedure of in a fabrication company * Some Key Inferences one could deduce from the scenario would be. * A typical Enterprise has many Departments or Business Units. * These Departments or Business Units continuously communicate and exchange day of the month with each other. * The success of any organisation lies in effectual communicating. and informations exchange. within these sections. every bit good as associated Third Party such as Sellers. Outsourcers. and Customers. * Based on the mode in which communicating and informations exchanged is managed * Enterprise systems can be loosely classified as 1 ) Decentralized System. 2 ) Centralized System which are besides called as ERP. * Lets look at Decentralized system foremost

* In a company with Decentralized System of Data Management – Data is maintained locally at the single sections ; Departments do non hold entree to information or information of other Departments * To place jobs originating due to deconcentrate Enterprise direction system lets look at the same concern procedure once more. * The Customer approaches the gross revenues squad for a merchandise. but this clip around he needs the merchandise. on an pressing footing * The Gross saless Team do non hold real-time information entree to the merchandises stock list. * So they approach the Inventory section to look into the handiness of the merchandise. * This procedure takes clip and client chooses another seller * Loss of Revenue and Customer Dissatisfaction.

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* Now. say the merchandise is out of stock and the Gross saless Team approaches the Production Planning squad to fabricate the merchandise for future usage. * Production Planning Team checks the handiness of the natural stuffs required. * Raw Material Information is individually stored by Production Planning every bit good as Inventory Department. * Thus Data Maintenance Cost ( in this instance Raw Material ) goes up. * A peculiar natural stuff required to fabricate the merchandise is available in the stock list. but as per the database of the production planning squad. the natural stuff is out of stock. * So. they go in front and purchase the natural stuff.

Therefore. stuff every bit good stock list cost goes up. * Once the natural stuff is available. the store floor section all of a sudden realize they are short of workers * They approach the HR. who in bend hire impermanent employees at higher than market rates. Thus LABOR Cost Increases. * The production planning section fail to update the finance section on the stuffs they have purchased. * The finance section defaults the payment deadline set by the seller doing the company loss of its reputation and even contriving a possible legal action. * This is merely a few of many a jobs with decentralised systems. * Some Major jobs with the decentralised system are – * Numerous disparate information systems are developed separately over clip which are hard to keep * Integrating the information is clip and money consuming

* Incompatibilities and duplicate of informations
* Lack of timely information leads to client dissatisfaction. loss of gross and reputation * High Inventory. stuff and human resource cost. * These are some major drawbacks for which we need a solution. Well the Solution lies in Centralized Systems Internet Explorer. ERP. * In a company. with Centralized System of Information and Data Management 1 ) Data is maintained at a cardinal location and is shared with assorted Departments. 2 ) Departments have entree to information or information of other Departments. * Lets look at the same concern procedure once more to understand how a Centralized Enterprise System helps get the better ofing jobs posed by a Decentralized Enterprise System * In this Case. all sections update a Central Information System * When Customer approaches the gross revenues squad to purchase a merchandise on an pressing footing * The Gross saless Team has real-time information entree to the merchandises in stock list which is updated by the Inventory Department in the Centralized System * Gross saless Team respond on clip taking to Increased Gross and Customer Delight * In instance. fabrication is required. the Gross saless Team update the Centralized Database.

* Production Planning Department is car updated by the Centralized Database for demands. Production Planning Team checks the handiness of the natural stuffs required via Central Database which is updated by the Inventory Department * Thus Data Duplication is avoided and accurate informations is made available * The Shop Floor Team update their Man Power Status on a regular basis in the Central Database which can be accessed by the HR section. In instance of deficit of work force * HR squad starts recruitment procedure with considerable lead clip to engage a suited campaigner at market monetary value. Thus labour cost goes down * Sellers can straight subject their bills to the Central Enterprise System which can be accessed by the Finance Department. Thus payments are made on clip and possible legal actions are avoided * The cardinal benefits of the centralised system are

* It Eliminates the duplicate. discontinuity and redundancy in informations * Provides information across sections in existent clip.
* Provides control over assorted concern procedures
* Increases productiveness. better stock list direction. promotes quality. reduced stuff cost. effectual human resources direction. reduced overheads encouragements net incomes * Better Customer Interaction. increased throughput. Improves Customer Service * Hence. a Centralized Enterprise Management System is required. * SAP is a Centralized Enterprise Management System besides know as Enterprise Resource Planning.

A SAP ERP system requires a batch of support and pre-planning
The SAP ERP system was developed by SAP AG. a company founded by five former IBM employees in 1972 who wanted to make a real-time “Systems. Applications and Products” concern system. SAP was one of the first major endeavor resource planning package companies to develop the construct of single plans that can be purchased. installed. and run individually while pull outing informations from a common database. In 2005 SAP launched its ERP Central Component ( ECC ) 6. 0 to redefine endeavor resource planning – presenting role-based entree to important information. applications. and analytical tools. The SAP ERP system is traditionally implemented by really big corporations or turning midsized companies. They have. nevertheless. introduced the “SAP Starter Pack” for little concerns. The execution undertaking can be really expensive. In 2009. several UK beginnings reported that “for a Fortune 500 company. package. hardware. and confer withing costs can easy transcend $ 100 million ( around $ 50 million to $ 500 million ) .

Large companies can besides pass $ 50 million to $ 100 million on ascents. Full execution of all faculties can take old ages. ” which besides adds to the terminal monetary value. Midsized companies ( fewer than 1. 000 employees ) are more likely to pass around $ 10 million to $ 20 million at most. The SAP ERP system website has the slogan “the best tally concerns run SAP” and there is a batch of truth in the expression. However. it has to be a “best tally business” in footings of operating as a group of cohesive units before implementing a SAP ERP system in order for the execution to be successful. I have said this many times to many different companies – the jobs that arise in an execution undertaking are related to people and procedure. non package issues. If a company has non to the full defined the aims for their operation and if there is non a strong committedness or a positive attack to alter. the undertaking will laminitis. Extensive pre-planning is indispensable

Systems such as SAP ERP are designed to incorporate all sections and maps across a company onto a individual computing machine system to function all those different departments’ peculiar demands. This is such a major project that it may necessitate months or even old ages of pre-planning and extended ERP execution support. particularly if there are a figure of organisational differences. I worked on the pre planning procedure for six months with one really big corporation and at the terminal of six months they cancelled the SAP ERP undertaking to concentrate on covering with their internal organisational issues. This was a wise determination on their portion. The company recognized that they were improbable to recognize a return on such a big investing unless internally they had their house in order. Here is my advice as a adviser who has managed many ERP undertakings from the initial planning to the execution.

When measuring the characteristics of SAP ERP. make it with your organisation steadfastly in head. As a first measure. analyze the following nucleus maps ( as described by SAP ) and measure how hard it would be to to the full implement each of them: Financials – Ensure conformity and predictability of concern public presentation – so your organisation can derive a deeper fiscal penetration across the endeavor and fasten control of fundss. SAP ERP Financials automates fiscal and direction accounting and fiscal supply concatenation direction. The solution besides provides strict support for corporate-governance authorizations such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley. Human Capital Management – Optimize your HR processes with a complete. integrated. and planetary human capital direction ( HCM ) solution. SAP ERP provides this HCM solution for organisations of all sizes and in all industries. You can maximise the potency of your work force. while back uping invention. growing. and flexibleness.

The SAP ERP HCM solution automates talent direction. nucleus HR processes. and workforce deployment – enabling increased efficiency and better conformity with altering planetary and local ordinances. Operationss – Manage end-to-end procurance and logistics concern procedures for complete concern rhythms – from self-service requisitioning to flexible invoicing and payment – optimising the flow of stuffs. SAP ERP Operations besides helps distinct and procedure makers manage the full life rhythm of merchandise development and fabrication. The solution automates the full fabrication procedure and reduces costs by commanding and accommodating the fabrication procedure in existent clip – and increases client satisfaction by presenting higher-quality merchandises. Corporate services – Helps organisations manage their most cost-intensive corporate maps by back uping and streamlining administrative procedures in the countries of existent estate ; enterprise assets ; undertaking portfolios ; corporate travel ; environment. wellness. and safety conformity ; quality ; and planetary trade services. SAP ERP Corporate Services is a complete and incorporate solution that maximizes transparence and control. while cut downing fiscal and environmental hazards and heightening safety of employees. Are you ready for SAP ERP?

Given the above. are you confident that your undertaking contrivers will be able to joint how to put to death a SAP ERP execution for your organisation? If the reply is yes. so this will be a worthwhile project with a mensurable ROI. If the reply is no. your organisation has some work to make before contemplating a SAP ERP investing.

SAP. started in 1972 by five former IBM employees in Mannheim. Germany. provinces that it is the world’s largest inter-enterprise package company and the world’s fourth-largest independent package provider. overall. The original name for SAP was German: Systeme. Anwendungen. Produkte. German for “Systems Applications and Products. ” The original SAP thought was to supply clients with the ability to interact with a common corporate database for a comprehensive scope of applications. Gradually. the applications have been assembled and today many corporations. including IBM and Microsoft. are utilizing SAP merchandises to run their ain concerns.

SAP applications. built around their latest R/3 system. supply the capableness to pull off fiscal. plus. and cost accounting. production operations and stuffs. forces. workss. and archived paperss. The R/3 system runs on a figure of platforms including Windows 2000 and uses the client/server theoretical account. The latest version of R/3 includes a comprehensive Internet-enabled bundle. SAP has late recast its merchandise offerings under a comprehensive Web interface. called mySAP. com. and added new e-business applications. including client relationship direction ( CRM ) and supply concatenation direction ( SCM ) . As of January 2007. SAP. a publically traded company. had over 38. 4000 employees in over 50 states. and more than 36. 200 clients around the universe. SAP is turning its attending to small- and-medium sized concerns ( SMB ) . A recent R/3 version was provided for IBM’s AS/400 platform.


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