An example of an “On Premise” establishment is
A restaurant that sells mixed drinks
In order to remain certified, I have to:
Complete a seller training course every 2 years
As a seller/server, if you sell alcohol to a minor, your employer could
lose their license/permit
pay fines
be held liable in civil court for damages
In which situation is it legal for a minor to possess alcohol
when working at an establishment as a seller/server
In Texas, a minor driver’s license has which of the following
States “Under 21 Driver License” on the front
Is presented in a vertical format
Provides an “Under 21 Until” date
When selling alcohol, a minor is defined as
A person under the age of 21
What is the best time to check the identification
Before you make the sale or serve the drink
In general, which of the following is legal for someone under the age of 21 to do
Buy an energy drink
All seller server training schools are owned and operated by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
What does the Dram Shop Act mean to a seller/server
If the seller/server sells an alcohol to an intoxicated person and they cause damage, injury or death, the seller/server can be held civilly liable by a court for their actions
In which situation will our seller server certification be revoked
If you sell to a minor
If you sell to an intoxicated person
If you provide false information to receive your certificate
When checking an ID for age, which of the following forms of Identification will NOT offer you some protection as a seller
A college ID card with no physical description
If you sell alcohol to a minor, you could receive a fine of
no more than $4,000
Common alcoholic beverages include
beer, wine coolers
Is it legal for a minor to even attempt to purchase alcohol
In which situation would it be legal to sell a minor alcohol
none of the above
How long is your TABC certification valid
2 years
The best way to determine if a person is of legal age to purchase alcohol is to
check their ID for birth
Is it illegal for a person to appear in a public place while intoxicated
If a customer presents an ID where the physical description does not match the photograph or the person
Do not accept the ID as proof of age because it may be a forged or altered ID
You could serve up to one year in jail for making alcohol available to a minor
A young woman approaches the counter wanting to buy a bottle of wine. You cannot tell by her physical appearance if she is a minor or not. You have asked for an ID but she left it in the car, what should you do in this situation
Put the wine behind the counter and wait for her to return with a valid ID before making the sale
An example of an “Off Premise” establishment is
a grocery store that sells wine
If a person does not have the normal use of mental or physical faculties because they have been drinking alcohol they would legally be considered
Who is legally responsible for the sale of alcohol to a minor

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