In the play Tamburlaine the Great, Tamburlaine is portrayed as a romantic hero; a passionate man obsessed with war and whose love goes far beyond what is conceivable for most people (Bookrags). Marlow reveals that with his tremendous capacity for violence and intense passion for his wife represents a shocking new type of hero (Bookrags). Tamburlaine is celebrated as a hero through his victories and power. His ambition to attain power leads him to conquer many empires; Persia, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Africa.

Before Tamburlaine’s sudden increase of power, Bajazeth, the ruler of Turkey warns him before attacking that, “Ambitious pride shall make thee fall” (Tamburlaine, act 4). Tamburlaine enjoys his enemy’s curses for his pleasure comes from (Gerald Pincess)”…To turn them all upon their proper heads’’ (Tamburlaine, act 4). This quote reveals how his ego controls him by proving that he will defeat their empire, his enemy’s warning mostly drives him instead of stopping him.

After all, Tamburlaine’s army was able to conquer Turkey and subdue Bajazeth as well as his wife. He cannot compromise his desire to rule the world (Gerald Pincess). Tamburlaine is a cruel man where remorse and power are two inseparable qualities for his ambitious character (Gerald Pincess). The governor of Damascus, threatened by his power, sends a group of three virgin women to plea for mercy. By nature, Tamburlaine has them slaughtered and hoisted on city walls (Gerald Pincess).

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Marlow is revealing the true essence of men by representing Tamburlaine’s nature that men by definition are quarrelsome and fighting animals (Gerald Pincess). This re-enforces Tamburlaine’s cruel nature. Tamburlaine tortures Bajazeth and his wife after conquering Turkey. Later on, Bajazeth commits suicide after hearing Tamburlaine’s army won the battle against Greece and Africa, allies of Turkey, by beating his head against the bars of his cell. Zabina also commits this act after finding the body of her dead husband.

This reflects on Tamburlaine’s evil nature since he purposely captured them knowing it would be more painful than killing them. He unconsciously uses the excuse of “being a man” as permission to commit violent acts. He is a man where, vitality, and insatiability describes the essence of his life (Gerald Pincess), he is unable to become contended with what he possesses which explains his ongoing desire for always wanting more and achieving success. Tamburlaine was able to capture Zenocrate, the Egyptian princess.

He instantly fell in love with her, but this wasn’t the case with Zenocrate, her love for him was acknowledged when she defended Tamburlaine against the insults of Zabina, Bajazeth’s wife. Also, Tamburlaine’s ferocity and invincibility seems equally appealing to her (Gerald Pincess). With unshakable confidence he declared that Zenocrate will marry him and will rule the world (Gerald Pincess). Now that he possesses a beautiful Egyptian woman by his side, he feels manly and empowered.

Tamburlaine loves the concept of ruling the world, his love for Zenocrate spurs his ambition (Gerald Pincess). It is what encouraged him to try his fortunes against the all-powerful Bajazeth. The love for Zenocrate makes Tamburlaine more compassionate and considerate (Gerald Pincess). After winning battle against Egypt, she begs Tamburlaine to spare her father’s life. Seeing her torment causes him so much agony, it makes it impossible for him to kill her father(Gerald Pincess).

Zenocrate, the embodiment of all that is beautiful holds so much power over him(Gerald Pincess), he explains his love for her as “one thought, one grace, one wonder”(Tamburlaine, act 5). He announces that for her love he takes truce with all the world. Her beauty and love have a great effect on him after all (Gerald Pincess). The precise relationship between beauty, love and heroism is evident that they are influential to Tamburlaine’s character (Gerald Pincess). Marlow successfully portrays Tamburlaine as a romantic hero through his military achievements but overcoming’s his true evil nature.


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