This day in the book tells about the day the Fisher family moved from Texas to Tangerine, Florida. This part introduces the characters in the book; Paul, the main character, Erik, his big brother, and Mom and Dad. Because they Just moved in, Paul is not yet accustomed to the town Tangerine. In this day in the book, Paul is suddenly awaken by a loud sound of an explosion. He went back to sleep but was then awaken again by an even louder noise.

He scrambled to his feet and told his mother his smelled smoke. She immediately called the fire department. It took the fire fighters about twenty minutes to get to their house. The fire man stepped out of the truck and explained to Mom and Paul about the muck fire and how it was caused by lightning. Later that day, Paul was exploring the neighborhood by riding his bike around. When he came back he found his mom talking to a man called Mr.. Costello, and with him, was Mike Costello, his son. 1

In this day, Paul is taken to another part in Tangerine the he had never seen. His mom took him to a school called Lake Windsor Middle to enroll there. There, they met the principal of Lake Windsor Middle, Mrs.. Gates. His mom had told Mrs.. Gates that Paul had troubles with his eyesight. Paul was a little angry when his mom brought that up because he does not believe that he is legally blind. Paul was then asking Mrs.. Gates about the soccer team, but it seemed like Mrs.. Gates was trying to end the conversation quickly.


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