They say fonts can describe someone, they also say tattoos can tell you a lot about a person, So combing the two Just makes sense. Typography integrated into tattoos when drawings and pictures didn’t speak loud enough. As a result of global development, tattoos have been seen throughout cultures and religions. The mixing of curious practices has brought typographic tattoos Many events influenced artist and tattooist to have the idea of typography onto skin, such as hieroglyphics of Egyptians and calligraphy.

With hieroglyphics being a font and drawings all in themselves, it gave the idea to use fonts as the picture in tattooing. Comparing and contrasting the fonts we use in our everyday lives and what we choose to put on our skin are completely different. Essay used fonts versus Typographic tattoos are relatively distinct to one another. They are used in completely different settings first of all, one on skin and one for the readability of the world. Tattoos are marks made n a person or body with the indelible design of inserting pigment into skin.

While Typography is the art and craft of composing type and printing it into publication. Fonts of all sorts are individually different from one another, but particularly, Tattooed fonts are very decorative and meant to dress up and illuminate. Whatever the type, lettering, and saying of the tattoo, it is still typography. Fonts for reading and fonts for decorative reasoning vary in form, kerning, weight and many other aspects. Tattoo fonts are meant to be ascetic to the eye, draw in the attention of the observer.

Most typographic tattoos consist of old school and Celtic related fonts. The traditional type keep into retrospect of the authenticity of tattooing. Along with the western style with the thick outlines and dark colors, they draw in the attention of the tattoo. Typographic tattoos differ in embellishment, they can be simple and plain to exaggerated and pronounce.

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