Cambial Tattoos I came across an article that stated some interesting facts about people’s reaction after getting a tattoo, a survey in the article states “approximately one-third of people with tattoos regret it. This piece of information came to a surprise, but reading a long and coming across the reasons to people’s regrets made things a little more believable for me.

The article stated that many people regret there tattoos as they get older because they grow to be more mature and realize that the tattoo is stupid or they had one too many drinks and got a tattoo because of the heat of the moment, some also get tattoos to show their affection for someone else at the time ,the art of tattooing is often a memorable experience that sometimes leads to regret. For most people their tattoo tells a story about their life or something that happen in their life that they want to remember.

Some people find tattoos to be free spirited and inspirational. Some also find that by having there tattoo there sharing some part of their experience with the world. Interviews with people with numeral tattoos express that knowing that there tattoo is something only they have it makes them happy. Tattoos are also used to draw attraction and attention to people, most attention seekers would get tattoos not for the meaning but just to gain the attention they seek and in most cases that’s what leads to regretting a tattoo.

Tattoos are a growing trend that has some people concerned. These people often worry about the health risks that come with tattooing. Also most people see tattoos as having an image that is rebellious, immature, or unprofessional. Another common argument against getting inked is that the decision might one day be regretted since styles change over time. Some tattoos that people get are only appealing to them at the time but in some years they will start to question why they got it .

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Despite these arguments some people still feel that a tattoo is a form of art that expresses ones individuality and uniqueness. Some tattoos also have a deeper meaning behind them and stand for something that might remind someone of an important event or person in their life. When a tattoo has a special meaning that stands for something close to a person’s heart it is more than Just an ink stain on their skin. Tattooing can be considered a permanent and slightly painful art form r a senseless ink stain.

Everyone has their own opinion about others getting tattoos but at the end of the day the opinion that really matters is the ones that got it because they are the ones that are going to have to live with their tattoo for the rest of their life, Tattooing has changes a lot since the old days now people actually sit and get a tattoo at random in the old days it would have to mean something, a way to show loyalty or something you felt very powerful about , Times had really changed.

In today’s world I think people should really sit and think before getting a tattoo a tattoo is something that stays with you for the rest of your life its not something that can easily be removed so when I see or hear someone expressing how much they neat tenet tattoo I get a little upset Decease teen snouts AT tongue auto now teen like it in the present and also in the further. A tattoo should always mean something very important to the person getting it never to impress someone else because in the end its your body , people should start making smarter decisions about what they do with their body in today’s world it’s like they don’t care .


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