Passion fruit is one of the most alien tropical fruit because of the thaumaturgy of its olfactory property and the gustatory sensation of its fruit. It belongs to the household Passifloraceae and is estimated to hold about 500 species of Passiflora. Within this species, there are two distinguishable signifiers, the P. edulis f. flavicarpa i.e the xanthous passion fruit which is in Peru, Brazil and Ecuador, it is besides widely distributed in Guyana as good and the Passiflora edulis L which is widely known as the violet passion fruit. The violet passion fruit is cultivated in Africa and India. They both differ non merely in colour but in other plumes. The violet passion fruit has is less acidic, has a better olfactory property and spirit, and has somewhat higher juice content. The xanthous passion fruit on the other manus has a, ore vigorous vine ; the fruit is larger and has a thicker wall than the violet type. Therefore they both make an first-class juice blend. Passion fruit vine is a shallow-rooted woody, perennial, mounting by attaching its tendrils to objects. The foliages are evergreen, hairless and are alternately arranged, posses 3-lobed when mature, they are finely tooted, turn from 7.5-20 centimeter long, deep viridity and rubric above, paler and dull beneath, the roots and tendrils are tinged with ruddy or violet ( largely the roots and tendrils of xanthous passion fruit ) . Fragrant flower grow from 5-7.5 centimeter broad and is borne at each node. The bloom is clasped by 3 big green leaflike bracts, dwelling of 5 green-white sepals, 5-white petals, a digitate aureole of consecutive, white-tipped beams, rich purple at the base, 5 stamens with big anthers, the ovary and triple-branched manner forms a outstanding cardinal construction. The xanthous passion fruit flower grows slower with more intense colour than the violet passion fruit.

Taxonomic Classification of Passion Fruit

Kingdom: Plant kingdom

Division: Angiospermae

Class: Dicotyledones

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Order: Malpighiales

Family: Passionflower family

Genus: Passiflora

Speciess: Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa ( xanthous passion fruit ) and Passiflora edulis L. ( violet passion fruit ) .

Brief Origin of Passion Fruit

Passilflora spp, in peculiar the violet passion fruit is native to South America, from Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina ; better adapted to tropical upland countries and it is the most popular type to be exported. On the other manus the xanthous type is better adapted to tropical low land countries and is the rule type produced in Guyana. The fruit is widely distributed in the market and a little sum is exported to Barbados and Canada. It is one of the best tropical fruit to turn because it comes into production within a twelvemonth and is referred to as ‘fruit hard currency harvest ‘ . Its juice is rich in vitamin A, B5 and C.

“ Passionfruit acquired its name from Spanish missionaries who thought parts of the works ‘s flower resembled different spiritual symbols. The Jesuit missionaries who accompanied the Conquistadors to South America saw in its striking flower a agency of exemplifying the Crucifixion ; the 10 petals and sepals represented the apostles, the Crown of irritants was seen in the fibrils, the five anthers represent the five lesions, the three stigmas were allied with the nails used to pierce the custodies and pess of Jesus and the vine ‘s tendrils were equated with the whips. ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .

Medicative utilizations and belongingss of Passion Fruit

The passion fruit leaves together with a little part of the juice contain the alkaloids, including Harman which is used to take down blood force per unit area, ataractic and antispasmodic action.

The foliages are besides use in many states as medical specialty.

The flower of passion fruit has a mild ataractic and can be use to bring on slumber.

Passion fruit flowers have been use in intervention for the nervous system in easy aroused kids, bronchial asthma, insomnia, nervous GI upsets and menopausal jobs.

The flower is sometimes used as a mild psychedelic drug.

It provides a utile sum of fibers and Fe ; besides use to alleviate rheumatism or urarthritis.

It has been used for centuries by autochthonal folks as a ataractic or quieting tonic.

Used for urinary infections and as a mild diuretic.

The juice of passion fruit reduces malignant neoplastic disease cell growing ; the phytochemicals in this fruit juice is responsible for the suppression of the malignant neoplastic disease cell growing.

The phenolic acid ( known for its anti-microbial activity ) and flavanoids nowadays in the fruit are known to possess bosom protecting map.

Passion fruit is a good beginning of both H2O soluble and fat soluble antioxidants.

Passion fruit possesses antiseptic belongingss, anticancer consequence, and anti-clotting and antioxidant belongingss.

The fruit is high in saccharides and simple sugars, which improves energy public presentation.

Passion fruit contains works steroid alcohols, which help lowers the degree of cholesterin.

Some surveies say that the fruit is good for achieving optimal wellness and weight loss.

Herbalist used passion fruit flower to assistance in digestion, as a emphasis reducing agent and as an insomnia intervention ; the flowers can be use fresh or dried for usage in pills, teas and for extraction e.g. tinctures and extracts.

The flowers are besides used by Europeans as an effectual prescription medicine to alleviate anxiousness upset.

The flower can besides better symptoms such as shortness of breath after intervention for congestive bosom failure.

Plant parts use to fix addendum obtained from the foliages, flowers and fruit of Passiflora edulis and complaint encountered from addendums:

Plant parts use form medicative intents



Lower blood force per unit area


Induce slumber, assistance in digestion, as a emphasis reducing agent and as insomnia, relieve anxiousness upset, congestive bosom failure.

Treatment of nervous system, bronchial asthma, insomnia, nervous GI upsets and menopausal jobs.

Mild psychedelic drug, relieve rheumatism or urarthritis, ataractic or quieting tonic, mild diuretic.

Fruit juice

Inhibition of the malignant neoplastic disease cell growing, bosom protecting map, H2O soluble and fat soluble antioxidants, improves energy public presentation, lowers the degree of cholesterin, optimal wellness and weight loss.

Medicative utilizations of Passion fruit- Passiflora edulis as obtained from interviews of Herbal Medicine Practitioners at Bourda Market.

The foliages and flowers of passion fruit can be use as a nervus quinine water.

Passion fruit can be taken of course as a good appetiser.

The fruit can besides be usage to cleanse disquieted tummy.

The fruit has a good beginning of vitamin C and is assorted of course with H2O or sometimes added sugar to do a clenching thirst fruit juice.

Passion fruit seeds contains high sum of fibre that the organic structure needs to cleanse the colon, better digestion, and assist forestall bosom onslaught and shot.

Passion fruit is high in vitamin A which helps the organic structure to take free groups that causes tegument and tissue harm, and it besides help to better our vision.

Passion fruit can besides be use as hog nutrient.

Name of Bush Medicine Vendor: Mugabe Jawanza

Telephone # : 639-1552

Address: Lot 25 Lane Avenue, Georgetown

Date of interview: 23rd April, 2011.

Name of Bush Medicine Vendor: Sharmilla Mohammed

Telephone # : 220-7729

Address: 149 Broad Street, Better hope, Georgetown.

Date of Interview: 23rd April, 2011.

Method of Preparation for the Medicinal utilizations or utilizations of Passiflora edulis obtained from interviews:

The foliages and flowers are boiled with H2O and draw to do a nervus quinine water.

The fruit can be eaten natural, chopping the fruit in half and eaten ( seeds every bit good as the orange juicy pouch in the Centre ) .

Squash the juice from the fruit and imbibe of course to cleanse the tummy.

Chop of the top of the fruit, scope the mush into a bowl ; rub the mush through a screen to pull out the seeds ; squash gently to pull out the juice, which is in the signifier of a rich, natural infusion, can be diluted with H2O or other fruit juice additive and assorted with sugar to organize a refreshing drink. This quenches thirst boost up and better the organic structure ‘s energy.

The seed can be obtained by chopping the fruit and quaffing the mush into the oral cavity of course or obtaining it after it was strained to pull out the juice. This can be taken to cleanse colon, better digestion and prevent bosom onslaught and shot.

The rind of the fruit is chopped, dried and combined with molasses as cowss or hog nutrient.

Non-medicinal utilizations of Passion Fruit- Passiflora edulis

The fruit of Passiflora edulis can be use of course to do juice.

Passion fruit mousse is a common sweet, and passion fruit seed are used to adorn the tops of bars.

The fruit can be used in many states to do jams, gelatins and butter every bit good as sirup to utilize on shaven ice.

The fruit can besides be eaten natural with jimmiess of sugar.

The juice of passion fruit can be used to season ice-cream and other sweets such as bars, yoghurts, cocktails and cookies.

The juice can be boiled as a thick sirup and usage in pastries and can besides be added to fruit salads as a dressing or as a fruit.

The fruit is widely use as juice mixes.

Some Phytochemical effects obtained from literature reappraisal from devouring Passion fruit- Passiflora edulis.

Chemical Name

Plant portion


Chemical activities




No activity reported




Many activities known.






Many activities known







Citric- Acid



Many activities known.





Many activities known




5-Alpha-Reductase-Inhibitor ; Antialopecic ; Anitarteriosclerotic ; Antiarthritic, Antiinflammatory ; Cancer Preventitive ; Nematicide ; Propecic.




Antibacterial ; antiseptic ; Hemopoietic ; Mycobactericide ; Pesticide ; Sialogogue.




5-Alpha-Reductase Inhibitor ; Allergenic ; Antiinflammatory ; Cancer Preventive ; Insectifuge ; Perfumery ; Propecic.




Lubricant ; Pesticide ; Nematicide ; Propecic ; Soap ; Hemolytic.




Antibacterial ; Antitumor ; Antitussive ; Cancer-Preventative ; Chemopreventative ; Fungicide ; Antiulcers ; Peristaltic ; Pesticide ; Hemostat.

Pharmacological effects and hazards as obtained from literature hunt and interviews:

Effectss obtained from Literature Beginnings

Rapid bosom rate and beat, sickness, and purging have been reported as the rare but serious side consequence from obtaining addendums of the passion fruit or any portion of it. Side effects may besides include drowsiness/ sedation and mental deceleration. It is advice that individual runing or driving heavy machinery should take cautiousness when utilizing Passiflora edulis.

The passion fruit flower may increase the hazard of hemorrhage and alter blood trials that measure blood curdling.

Passion fruit flower can besides do the consequence of congestive bosom failure for the intervention of shortness of breath and trouble exercise.

Consequence obtained from Interviewers

No consequence was obtained from the interviews.


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