Discipline is what enables us to follow through our day-to-day actions and behaviours. We know that if we go anyplace around the universe we have to be disciplined. Discipline is the lone manner to maintain us physically every bit good as mentally fit. The most of import subject of a individual is to be honest. ethical and confident in both place and in several premises. Discipline at school: * We have to come regular in the school. * We must come to school on clip. * We should demo regard to others and ourselves. * We should follow the regulations and ordinances of the school and should take duties of our action.

* We must non convey anything in school that can be harmful or non allowed. * We must obey our instructors. * We must convey our individuality card on a regular basis and must non maintain any classwork incomplete. * If we do non understand any lesson we must inquire the instructors to assist us one time once more. * We should assist others with their ain plants when asked. * We should maintain our school unvarying neat and clean. * We must make our prep on a regular basis. * We must set up the chairs and exchange off the fans and visible radiations at the terminal of the twenty-four hours of school. * In schoolroom we must listen to what our instructors say and stop them who disturbs in the category.

* We besides should assist the instructors with their undertaking whenever asked. * We must non upset the instructors or anyone in the category. * In school we must non dispute or contend about anything in the category or anyplace in school. If anything happens in the category or school even with a little issue. we should discourse it with the instructor. * If by error anyone else’s transcript or other material comes with us and we know that it is others’ transcript we must courteously return it back. * If we have done any error so we should apologise for the error to the instructor.

Last but non the least. we should ever be polite and show dissents. to the seniors. youngers and to our schoolmates. Disciplines at place: Home is the lone topographic point where we get to larn about the self-discipline and basic ethical motives. In place we besides have some duties to carry through. Those are: * The first responsibility which must be maintained at place is to esteem our parents and seniors. * It is our duty to maintain our house neat and clean. * We must take attention of our grandparents and everyone in our place and function them to whatever they need. * We should seek to make our plants by ourselves.

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* We must keep peace by collaborating with each other without disputing or contending. * At place we must dust the house cogwheel. * We besides should garden the workss and trees on a regular basis in the garden. * We must pick up the fresh things and maintain them in the proper topographic point. * We should assist our female parent to make the family inflictions. * We must rinse our ain fabrics decently. * We must assist the others with their work whenever asked. * We must clean up what we drop after eating. * If we make our room dirty and untidy. it is our concern to maintain it clean.

* Besides we should salvage H2O. electricity. gas and other natural militias every bit much as we can. To bask good wellness. to convey true felicity to one’s household. to convey peace to all. one must first subject and command one’s ain head. If a adult male can command his head he can happen the manner to direction. and all wisdom and virtuousness will of course come to him. We know that in place we represent our school and in school we represent our place. So it is of import to be disciplined everyplace. Discipline at school and at place Name: Tasnim Ferdous. Class: ViiRoll no: 24Sec: Blue| .


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