Teachers have great impact on the lives of students in many ways. In order to be a good teacher, one must have specific qualities and characteristics. First, a good teacher has the knowledge and information demanded by the students. Second, a good teacher shows care and concern through his supervision over students attempts. Third, a good teacher evaluates himself with the progress and advancement of his students. A gardener also has the same qualities within himself.

He has the knowledge of gardening, knows the treatment needed for different plants, and evaluates himself with the quality of the fruits picked at the end. Although gardening is a whole different occupation than teaching, but in many ways a gardener and a teacher act and influence, similarly. Teachers and gardeners, both have the knowledge required for their jobs. A teacher of a specific subject has proficiency over the subject he is teaching. His level of classical knowledge should reach the state that satisfies students scientific necessities and demands.

A gardener, likewise, needs to have the knowledge and experience of dealing with different situations and circumstances in the growth of different plants. He carries on the information about planting, trimming, picking, and exc. Another similar factor between a teacher and a gardener is that they both show continuous and extensive care and dedication in their work. A teacher shows his concern by helping out the students with their problems and mistakes, and by making sure the information is clear and usable for the student.

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He also guides and directs students toward the appropriate pathway of learning. The gardener also shows his care and dedication by the daily treatments toward his plants. Watering the plants, keeping the nutritional needs and the level of the moisture of the soil, and the amount of sun and shade for each plant, in balance, are few of which a gardener is concerned of. The third and the last similarity between a teacher and a gardener is the result of their work at the end.

A teacher evaluates himself and how helpful he has been in the process of learning, by considering the stability and the degree of knowledge of his students through their grades. For a gardener as well, factors like the quality and the quantity of fruits picked, the degree of health of the plants and the external beauty of the garden, which can be complimented by a viewer, can be considered as his evaluation points. Although, teachers and gardeners, do not seem similar at the first sight, but both effect their environment in extensive manners.

The plants for the gardener tantamount to the students for a teacher. As much as a gardener nourishes and watches over his plants, a teacher nourishes and directs the minds of his students. As much as the fertility of the garden and the quality of the fruits and the plants in a garden, reveals the efforts and the hard work of the gardener, the high grades of the students, shows the effects of the teacher on increasing students information, and can be considered the best evaluation factor. No doubt, in both cases, the level of knowledge and experience of the care holder is amazingly important.


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