When holding graduated from high school. everyone wants to take a suited occupation for their hereafter. Some people want to hold a occupation which has a high wage while the others want to take a occupation which is celebrated. I myself want to be a instructor because of the undermentioned grounds. First. instruction is a stable occupation. As a instructor. I will acquire the same wage in every month though it is non really high. Therefore my life will non be affected by the alteration of economic system. Second. instruction is the occupation which can be respected by everybody.

No affair how celebrated a individual has become. he will ne’er disregard his instructor. Besides. whenever a instructor makes a determination to make something. he has to believe that he is a instructor. so he can non make the thing that is illegal or immoral. Furthermore. I choose learning because I love kids. I want to assist them larn what they do non cognize. I still retrieve when I was a student at simple school. I tried to be a instructor. I taught the kids in my vicinity to larn and compose the first letters.

At that clip. I thought I were truly a instructor. Up to now. I have ne’er thought I will non make anything but a instructor. Finally. I choose learning because both my male parent and my female parent are instructors. They have devoted all their life to this calling. And they want me to follow their occupation. In decision. being a instructor. I shall hold a stable life. be respected. carry through my childhood’s dream and follow my parents’ measure. Hope that I will be a good instructor in my hereafter.

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