Informal power structure: Ordain employees have the ability to lead, direct, or achieve without an official title such as (manager, leader, etc.. ) The formal structure would affect it by providing a structure for the flow of information and ideas, would make communication easier because you know who to go through and contact. Informal would allow employees the ability to assist in achieving the goal of one customer management system. Identify the most appropriate and effective organizational structures for Ordain Manufacturing that will help them accomplish their planned changes.

Organizational structures that will be helpful for Ordain would be; using a flow of information structure to facilitate lines of communication regarding the proposed customer management system. A division of work structure to divide up the work for the employees. A control over resources structure, so someone or a group is controlling the amount and use of resources. What are the potential effects of this selected structure on employee behavior? Some potential effects of the selected structures would be; organization, great delegation, and a clear objective. Identify characteristics of the company’s culture. What are the potential influences of the corporate culture on employee behavior in relation to the suggested change? Use Mission statement, focus, customer relationships, employees and culture (all listed on Radian’s resource) Identify a recommended approach to gain customer information and data using one customer management system. Purchasing Seta’s Alliance Sales software, it is a global system that consolidates customer information and streamlines it from beginning to end.

Here is the link to Seta’s Alliance Sales software http://www. Aster. Com/en/products/alliance-applications/alliance-sales/page . Asps Identify the potential sources of resistance to change and develop strategies to manage resistance to change. A potential source could be the sales team being resistant to change regarding how they are to maintain customer information Recommend a detailed strategy to implement the changes over the next 12 months. Month 1: communicate proposed customer management system to corporate -month 2: get approval of system -month 3: communicate new change to entire staff, give deadline for staff to and in customer records, train staff on new system, give date on the startup and use of new system. -month 4: Startup new system and transfer all current data and information to new system. -month 5: continue training staff on the new system, handle help calls, ask for feedback. Delegate “power users” in each department to assist. Month 6: monitor data to see if efficient, help employees adjust -month 7: contact customers and receive feedback from them as well. – month 8: meet with staff and corporate to speak about glitches, feedback, tips. – month 9: edit system with updates and fixes month 10: get new feedback on updated system -month 11: meet with corporate to see if system needs any further attention – month 12: evaluate systems success or failure Describe how you will evaluate the success or failure of the planned change. What measurement indicators would you use?

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Measure success or failure using feedback from staff, customers, and corporate. Ask customers specific questions regarding their information, data and orders to monitor efficacy. Measure all the information using a percentage scale, success should be above 75% Section II: Communication Plan Create a Communication Plan for the proposed change covered in the Change Management Plan above. In the Communication Plan, complete the following: Select the most appropriate channels to communicate the change to the employees, and explain why you selected these channels. SST channel should be an email to entire staff stating that “Ordain is in the process of creating a new customer information system” 2nd channel should be a face to face meeting with Directors, managers, leaders of effected departments at all 4 locations to introduce new system, train managers, give launch date, delegate “power users” rd channel should be a Director/management meeting face to face with departments communicating new system and how to use, they will then delegate “power users” Identify the potential barriers to effective communication and strategies for overcoming the barriers.

Barriers could be; language barrier (one location in China) Strategy can be; a translator, system in multiple languages Develop a sample message for one of the selected communication channels. In the message, complete the following: Identify those areas affected by the change. Custom Plastic Sales, Plastic Beverage Container Sales, Fan Sales, International Sales, Marketing Establish the need for the change.

Customer Information and Data has become unrecognized, there is a need for consistency of customer information Create a sense of urgency around the change. This inconsistency of information has resulted in an increase in the need for resources and loss of sales. (use mission statements found on Radian’s home page) Outline next steps in the change process. The next steps will be the construction of a new customer information system that will be used throughout the sales department and can link to our production systems.


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