Describe how a squad leader should pass on the team’s intent and objectives to its members. A team leader should pass on with squad members their purpose and aims for a undertaking utilizing the SMART theoretical account. This is an acronym and its significance is as follows ; Specific – marks are to be communicated every bit merely as possible. Measurable – marks are to be communicated so that they are mensurable in footings of success. This helps team members to stay motivated and focused on the undertaking in manus. Attainable – marks are to be communicated so that they are come-at-able. If a mark is impossible. ends will non be achieved and team members may go demotivated and disillusioned. Relevant – if aims are non relevant to a end or nonsubjective so this is a waste of resources and therefore. counterproductive. Time- edge – an nonsubjective must be communicated with a clip graduated table attached to it. It is imperative that this is a realistic clip graduated table. So. utilizing the SMART theoretical account for pass oning intent and aims is extremely recommended.

Explain how you as a squad leader would pass on these intents and aims to team members that promotes understanding. Purposes and aims must be communicated in a manner that every squad member understands. This is paramount as if a squad is clear on what responsibilities each member has been delegated. people can turn to the ends and aims efficaciously. Team treatments are the most common manner of pass oning aims in a manner which promotes understanding. Although. it may be a good thought to utilize flow diagrams. Explain how you would work towards holding with the squad objectives that are SMART. I would divide the undertaking into parts and manus duty for these parts to single members of the squad. I would besides pass on a deadline within each of the component parts. Besides. it would be a good thought to put up methods of how to describe back advancement to the remainder of the squad and the squad leader. Describe how you would develop a program with team members demoing how team aims will be met. A program can be developed by a squad treatment. You could besides convey in other people from outside the squad to assist develop a program.

This program should adhere to the above mnemonic ( SMART ) in footings of the aims set within it. Strengths and failings should be taken into history at this phase as this will assist in puting specific squad members on aims which they can be moderately expected to run into. Team objectives or overall aims are of utmost importance during the planning phase. This is so that all squad members are cognizant of their function within the squad. Describe three ways in which cultural differences can be valued and supported by you when working as a squad leader. 1. Guarantee the squad is cognizant of racial favoritism issues and jurisprudence relating to this topic. 2. Undertake appropriate preparation as a squad leader and as a squad when it is available. 3. Observe differences and adhere to statute law associating to equality and diverseness. For each minority group you have identified. sketch the statute law now covered under Equality Act 2010 associating to favoritism which applies to each group.

Minority cultural and race groups – it is prohibited under the equality act 2010 to below the belt handle anyone due to their race. Religious groups – it is besides prohibited to handle person below the belt. harass or victimise person due to their spiritual beliefs. Disability groups – the human rights act protects persons from disablement groups aswell as the equality act 2010. Older elderly people – it is a n offense under the equality act 2010 to know apart due to age. Q33 – For each minority group you have identified depict how you as squad leader can back up each group in the workplace. Minority and cultural groups – stomp out any favoritism toward these groups. Disability groups – offer a working environment where these groups are non disadvantaged due to disablement. Religious groups – guarantee torment or intimidation of these groups does non happen. Older elderly people – guaranting that chances are equal regardless of age.

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