Team Name:    


” The Mavericks”

Team Mascot / Symbol:             

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Team Spirit Slogan:
      “Leadership is the
capacity to transform vision into reality”

Team Members:                              

Amardeep Sonia
Hercul Jose
Himavanth Reddy Bathula

Muskan Mendiratta

Team Values:

Clarity:-Everyone would be clear with
their responsibilities according to their tasks.
Empathy:-Every team member will try to understand their situations other
team member’s situation and put themself in someone’s shoes and
understand what they are going through.
Authority:-every team member has equal
authority to keep his opinion and if task leader is doing something
wrong then he can say him right away.
Respect:-every team member will
respect each other’s point of view where he is not agreeing with that
Honesty:-All team members will be
honest with each other and every member of our team will also be honest that
what we are doing and what we are planning to do


Team Objectives:

complete and submit all the assignments on time.
To learn about leadership
skills from NABU-334 while working in a group with maximum team efforts,
cooperation, and mutual understanding.
deal with different mindsets.
learn time management.


SMART Goals:
S: To achieve the A+ grade in NABU 334
with gaining all the desired knowledge and experience.
M: To be able to work in Canadian
culture and environment.
A: our goal is an attainable goal because
we have enough resources to achieve it. We have one full
       Semester time for the
R: the goal is relevant because leadership
skills are more important for an organization to lead the
      Workers to the success of the
T: WE have time until April, which is
the end of the semester.

Team Behavior:  Following behaviors would be acceptable

?       Active Participation     
?       Genuine
Problem not attending meetings can be listen
?       Open
?       Positive
?        Not taking responsibilities
?        Lack of Interest
?         Disrespect of  co-members
?        Any negative feedbacks
?        Unnecessary arguments

Qualities and Characteristics:
Team Member #1:Amardeep Sonia
?       Abilities and Skills:

Having an ability to tackle the difficult situation in a positive way.
?       Knowledge: – Well versed in English usage and understands human psychology
and behaviour.
?       Personal Traits:-Quick learner and a great team
?       Experience:-Having an experience of volunteer
ship and teaching pupils in different ways.

Qualities and Characteristics:
Team Member #2:Arshdeep

Abilities:- Flexibility, Responsibility,
Skills:- Analytical
Skills, Technical Skills, Leadership Skills
Technical and Marketing
Traits:-Dominance, Tough-mindedness,
Self Assurance, Punctual
years team lead experience.


Qualities and Characteristics:
Team Member #3: •  Hercul Jose

and Skills:- Project
management and Organizational skills, Problem-solving    

Technical plan execution

– Mechanical
engineer, project planning and management, scheduling.
Traits:- attention
to detail, ambient, motivational, positive thinker
– 2 years
experience as a mechanical engineer in Saudi Arabia refinery project. 1-year
quality controller in India


Qualities and Characteristics:
Team Member #4: •  Himavanth Reddy Bathula

Abilities and Skills:-Communication
skills, Team Player, Decision-making skills.
and accounting
Personal traits: Hardworking,
Quick learning and Grasping power, Positive thinker,         Adjusting nature.


Qualities and Characteristics:
Team Member #5: •  Muskan Mendiratta

and Operations
Traits:-Leadership qualities
projects in under graduation and internship


Extra Considerations :-
We will keep
personal and professional life both separate.

Team Names:                                                                       

•     Amardeep Sonia
•     Arshdeep

Hercul Jose
Himavanth Reddy Bathula
Muskan Mendiratta

Date:   22/01/2018      


Other than in class, when will we attempt to meet
(what time, how often)?

Other than our class we will plan to
meet on off days every week for at least 2 hours.


On average, how long should our meetings be?

Our meetings should be one hour rest
it depends upon necessity.


Where will our meetings take place?

Mainly in the university cafeteria,
Library or at any common place where everyone can reach easily.


When is it OK to miss a meeting?

If somebody has a genuine reason and
in case of emergency.



What are our communication method(s) and what
response time is expected?

1. Whatsapp group

2. via phone calls.

3. via emails.


As soon as possible.


How do we inform each other when we can’t be there
or are running late?

If we can’t be there or we are late
for the meeting it would be our responsibility to inform via phone call or


How will we deal with lateness to meetings?

If there is some serious issue and
we will get late for the meeting then we will stretch our meeting time till our
work is not finished.


What does “on time” mean?

For our team on time means no delay
on meeting time we all will try to come at least 5-10 minutes earlier so that
we can start our work without lateness.


What could be the chief sources of conflict in
the team?


      Main sources could be:-


completing assigned work on time

about strategy and execution.

Blame game

individual recognition

Not taking
care about team values and objectives.



How will the team manage these and other

We all will understand each and
everyone’s point of view and find better solution why this conflict has


What constitutes being excluded from the team?


Following reasons would be the cause
of termination from the team.

regarding meetings.

 Unacceptable behavior with team members.

 Delay and Laziness in assigned work.


What process will you follow in order to remove
team members (if necessary)?

If it would necessary to termination
of a team member than we will follow given process:-


Step 1:- will
communicate with him and listen to his problem and try to solve that

Step 2:-If again
happen will give him warning not to do this again.

Step 3:- Give him
last warning and inform him from next time, direct termination would be there without
prior information.

Step 4:-Will go to
the instructor for termination of that team member.


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