Organizational Behavior Dry. Laurie Barnes 28 February 2014 What is the focus for your project, and how is it relevant to the issues studied in this course? In the military we as leaders has very many missions that must be accomplished. We have missions from 2 different extremes but work to keep our organization prepared to face its many obstacles both peacetime and wartime.

Our peacetime mission is not as stressful as our wartime mission but nonetheless gives us our inundation on what we need to do as an organization to be successful In combat. I want to focus on implementing teamwork in your subordinates as a manager to help lead to overall organization mission accomplishment. As a commissioned Officer, or a manager of organizational behavior, I am in charge of all Soldiers assigned under me and ensuring our organization succeeds. Managing organizational behavior Is defined as “acquiring, developing, and applying the knowledge and skills of people” (Colonel, Hit, & Miller, 2011).

This is relevant to the issues studied in this course because I believe that we must institute these principals as leaders with all that we are In charge of. Why does this area of Organization Behavior Interest you? As a leader, I am charged to ensure we are focusing on the mission at hand and always doing the right thing. The Army has so many ethnic and cultural backgrounds 1 OFF thoughts into the overall schematics so that all feels they had something to do with the finished product. This area of Organization Behavior interests me because I see it s a challenge to bring everyone together to accomplish one goal.

I truly believe that teamwork and giving individuals a focus accomplishes missions to the fullest. According to Bill Taylor, “players wins games, teams win championships” and in the Army we have missions that multiply and never goes away. Promoting a team concept enables us as leaders to utilize our assets and embrace change and innovation for future operations. Conclusion The importance of teamwork and how it applies to overall organization success will be my focus on the final project.

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I will explain the advantages of team concept and how important it is to mission accomplishment in the Army. It is important that all leaders promote teamwork if we want to keep our staff and peers feel relevant in our organization’s overall vision. We, as Soldiers are all here to win multiple championships. References Colonel, A. , Hit, M. , & Miller, C. (2011). Organizational Behavior. Dancers: Wiley & Sons Inc. Taylor, B. (2013). The quotations page [Web log post]. Retrieved from http:// www. Sequestrations. Com/quote/39835. HTML.


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