People have become too dependent on technology: In this essay I am going to be writing about I think people have become dependent on technology. I have thought about a few points and chose the ones that I think are most Important. Firstly I believe that people have become overly dependent on technology as everywhere you go; shops, work, homes, streets; everywhere, you get technology. In the modern world people wouldn’t be able to live without It. If someone were to click a button that would erase all technology the world would be in has.

People use technology for almost everything they do. They have so much of it that they have become addicted to it as well. People depend on technology for a lot of things. It would take people a lot longer to travel without the use of technology. People would have to write letters instead of Just taking auto laptop or cell phone and testing or emailing someone but that too would take a lot longer to get to people because the lack of fast, modern transport. Also many people are addicted to technology.

For example computer games: because they are so addicted to the game they sit there for hours on end eating and playing. Often staying for so long that they lose track of time and don’t have time to exercise which leads to obesity. Which can also lead to death If It gets really hectic. Also people can’t afford to get the newest and latest technology which can lead to people stealing to get what they want. This means, the more technology created the higher the crime rate gets. People don’t seem to notice this as they just seem to produce more technology.

Either that or they don’t seem to care. Lastly, people also can depend on technology as a social status. The people with the more latest technology which tends to make them higher up the social food chain. People that can’t afford or don’t have the latest stuff tend to be the more UN-cool people which can lead to them being bullied. I believe that people are too dependent on technology but I know that after having technology for so long and not knowing what It’s Like without it we wouldn’t do so well as a human species.

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