Technology in Montag’s universe is so distracting that female parents are so apathetic for their kids. Mrs. Bowles is a perfect illustration of how selfish society is. She does non care about her kids because she already has something to take up her clip ; like watching Television. Equally shortly as Montag comes place after sing the fire station he discovers Mildred and her ‘friends’ are discoursing their day-to-day play shows. He jumps into the conversation inquiring the adult females about their household and kids. Mrs. Phelps comments that she has no kids and people. who have kids. in her sentiment. are out of their heads. Mrs. Bowles. on the other manus. describes her kids with no self-respect or regard. She states. “No usage traveling through all that torment for a babe. The universe must reproduce ; you know the race must travel on…I plunk the kids nine yearss out of 10. You put up with them when they come place three says a month ; it’s non bad at all. You can heave them into the parlour and turn the switch. It’s like rinsing apparels: material wash in and bang the door” ( 95-96 ) .

Mrs. Bowles compares her kids to a duty. and a job. She has no thought what the significance of life is and she would non be able to understand with all the engineering. Besides. Mrs. Bowles does non like her kids. unlike most female parents. When Mrs. Bowles had her kids. she had them by Cesarean subdivision. even though the physician said it was non necessary. In this society. the lone ground kids are born is because they create a huge population. Today many people feel delighted to be a parent of kids that are brought into this universe. There may be a clip when some may experience angry. but ne’er one time had a parent stopped pass oning with their kid. Bradbury intentionally wanted the reader to detect that Mrs. Bowles had no compassion when stating ‘putting up’ with the kids when they come home nine yearss out of 10 each month.

Even so. she controls them. neglects them. and trivialise their presence. driving them towards the way of engineering. In other words. Mrs. Bowles puts her kids in school as if she is happy to acquire rid of them. There is no involvement for the kids acquiring instruction. Bradbury’s word pick ‘slam’ shows how much hatred she is transporting for her kids. The intense feeling when you would give up anything to protect their loved 1s. Mrs. Bowles does non hold it. She thinks that kids are “ruinous” . and is so distracted by the Television that she doesn’t lose the importance of a mother-child relationship. A family’s hapless relationship increased in society because of the ignorance to world. and less advantage to turn out something done is incorrect. As consequence. these kids will hold no raising and shortly lose the true importance of love.

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