CAPS Mattson: Its main mission is to educate, train and continuously develop Oman youth in order to provide the labor market with highly needed managers, professionals, and business specialists who can contribute to the social and economic development of Oman. Improvement Area CAPS aims to promote student learning by the use of advanced computer and audio; visual technologies. In addition, it aims to enhance students’ experience by utilizing advanced educational technologies, such as Internet, business simulations and multi- media case studies.

Also, it strives to embrace the best faculty which utilizes modern methods and technology in the delivery of knowledge. These goals could be further achieved by acquiring advanced technologies that are not yet implemented. Current State of Technology Currently, there are many telecommunication and information technologies which are used to enhance the communication among the students, faculty and the admit by adapting the university E-mail system. Noting that every classroom Is supported with internet access and Wi-If is available in every corner in the college.

Moreover, everyone Is able to access CAPS share, a large database that contains all Instructor notes and documents. What Is more, the college utilizes a specialized portal that Is designed for the university to apply distance learning through E-Learning. Also, the college follows courses online registration provided by self Internet service where schedules are managed. These examples show the effort of the college to utilize modern methods and technology in the delivery of knowledge and enhance students’ experience by strengthening the communication.

In Dalton to International cosmologies, CAPS has Computer PC’s, Printers, Dictators and other educational software such as Oracle and Arena which are utilized by students. In CAPS Library, electronic books, journals and periodicals are kept in a large data base to serve academic requirements. This database is provided with an advances searching engine that helps to categorize the Information. Moreover, RIFF system Is used to The Technology Plan Vision: Provide Technology based education that sustains excellence of students academic performance that promotes personal growth and technology awareness.

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Mission: Provide an environment that is technology rich, along with advanced electronic educational tools to provide access to learning for all students and improve their skills. Provide opportunities for enhanced learning experience through multiple learning methods. Goals: 1 . Provide flexible and independent learning environment for students. 2. Effective use of advanced technology to gain knowledge through multiple methods of delivery of information 3.

Create a culture of data-driven decision making that relies on data for evaluation and decision making For the college to shift into a technology-based earning, more sophisticated technologies should be acquired and adapted by the college. E- Books should be adapted to create technology awareness and train students and faculty to use electronic devices to ease the learning process. This is expected to replace many textbooks and increase the flexibility of the instructors to teach students using multiple sources instead of being stricter to one book.

Many technology systems should be utilized in order to manage schedules instead of oral announcements to encourage students to utilize technology in managing their time. To be aligned with the college goals, academic faculty will be expected to provide more visuals and audios to enhance students’ experience rather than using textbooks and white boards. Which as a result, will help to accomplish the college’s mission through providing advanced educational technologies. In addition to this, it is suggested to provide research labs with fast networks to encourage students to research and solve business problems.

Furthermore, the college should provide software that are used in the real work environment and train students to use them. For example, instead of Arena, Flextime could be used. Professional Development Strategy The success of the suggested plans would depend on several strategies that will assure the effectiveness of the plan. First of all, the software should be tested prior the implementation in order to measure its functionality and effectiveness. Second, training courses should be provided to instructors, administrators, and support staff to assure their ability to utilize these software.

These courses will be mainly obtained from outside courses to engage the college with the real market, yet in souse training will be encouraged to enhance the college competency. Note that and integrating them with the technology. What is more, the college should encourage continuous learning and independent study by rewarding and promoting whoever seeks for developmental training and attend extra courses. The college can learn from E- Learning Universities experience in managing technology such as Sydney University, Cleveland State University, University of Liverpool and Florida University.

Also, students should be trained to use the advanced software by creating college requirement course that will guide them to use these software. Note that the process of shifting toward E-books should be gradual in order to reduce the percentage of technology rejection. Third, employees and students are supposed to be given subsidies to purchase tablets that will help them to adapt the new method of learning. Remarking that guidelines should be provided to them in order to ease the usage for them. New attitude should be practiced by instructors to encourage students who manage to learn new technologies or software independently.

A new bob should be created, Dean Assistant for Technology and Development, to be responsible to manage all technology development related issues to continuously monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the technologies implemented. Evaluation This plan should be updated every 3 years in order to keep current with technology. The Dean Assistant for Technology and Development team should be responsible for updating the plan and monitor its performance. The college should adapt Individual Development Profile (DIP), so all employees have to evaluate their work in a timely Asia in order to highlight and address the weaknesses.

The importance of this measure is to find areas of development in order to improve. Students performance will be measured and compared to the previous learning strategy to analyze the effectiveness of the technology. Also, employees will be interviewed to determine the benefits and limitations of the new plan. After implementing the new plan, the college will be able to achieve a new learning environment that encourages independent study using diverse methods of learning and create data-driven culture.


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